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Here is the information I have on our Alien Description Site concerning some of the  Inner Earth Races.


Beneath our Earth's surface is the 'Inner World' with  seemingly endless natural caverns and artificial tunnels spreading out and down into the earth. These passages
have their own peculiar underground ecology of water-dwellers and lichens, mosses and fungi. In its upper levels, this dark realm is inhabited by humanoids of every
sort. Farther down are stranger races, most hostile to surface-dwellers.  The Tero and Dero are only two of these entities living in Inner Earth.  

The Tero are more friendly and help keep the Dero in line , who are of reptilian nature, demented from having excessive power. The stunted dwarf-like Derro are
among the worst of the Inner Earth races. They crave magic, power and slaves. They are hated and distrusted even by other evil races, who avoid them. Every twenty
years, the Derro explode outward through the underworld, attacking anything they encounter and destroying or enslaving weaker races.

Drow, the evil dark elves, thrive in ''Inner Earth'. They trade with or war on other races and are re-known for spell casting.

Duergar, the gray dwarves, inhabit deep regions and seldom venture to the surface. Organized and intelligent, they easily hold their own against other
subterranean races. They are masters of stone- and metalworking, but hate their cousins, the hill and mountain dwarfs.

Jermlaine look like miniature humans that stand twelve to eighteen inches high. These troublesome gremlins love to swarm and rob larger beings, leaving the
stripped victims for monsters to find. Jermlaine like rats,and share their lairs with them.

Troglodytes are manlike reptiles that dwell underground.  In battle, these creatures emit a nasty musk which disables humans, demi-humans and humanoids,
allowing the Trogs to kill quickly and take the bodies back to their lair for a feast.
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Kuo-toa are fish-men, the descendants of an ancient race almost completely destroyed by humanity. The few survivors found refugemin the waters  beneath the
earth. Now they struggle to hold their own against smarter, faster, more powerful races.

Were-rats are frequently seen in the upper levels of the Inner Earth, particularly beneath the Hell furnaces and in the sewers of cities and towns they have infiltrated
in their human forms. They conduct trade with other races, both under-and above ground.

Beholders may have come to Earth from another world or dimensional plane. A beholder resembles a sphere about four to six feet across, with a single huge eye, a
fang-filled mouth and ten eyestalks crowning the sphere. A beholder can levitate to any height, floating at the speed of a slowly walking human. Xenophobic and cruel,
beholders cast powerful magical rays from their eyestalks; the central eye can cancel out magic used against the beholder. Very few people have ever seen a
Beholder and fewer still will ever live to tell their tale if they do see them.

Mind flayers, also known as illithids, are human size and vaguely humanoid in appearance. Their slimy skin is violet-colored and each hand has three fingers and
a thumb. The mind flayer's head resembles an octopus: four tentacles hang around its lamprey-like mouth, and its two huge eyes have no visible pupils. The mind
flayer uses the tentacles to grasp a victims head and flays open the unfortunate's skull, eating the brain. Many mind flayers can cast magical spells, but some also
have dramatic mental powers called psionics, with which they can enslave or brainwash others. Mind flayers live in great underground cities; one such city apparently
exists beneath the Hell furnaces. They are not believed native to Earth.

Svirfneblin, the deep gnomes, are a  good underworld race. These hairless, hunched gnomes defend themselves against the hordes of evil.
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