Apollo 8 and Apollo 16 Photos of Earth, validates  Hollow Earth Theories.

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These Images Now  Show a Circular Opening at the North Pole!. Something that all Hollow Earth Theorists have been waiting
for! How long these photos will remain on the web is anyone's guess. Apparently for some mysterious reasons they have been
getting deleted from other people's sites. I recommend that you right click images and save them in a file...just in case the worst
scenerio happens. Apollo 8 photos have been out since 1967 but up until now we haven't had any colored photos for the public
to view.

From looking at these colored  photos some questions can finally be answered. Off the black and whites you can not see it, but
the  blackness was merely an effect. The inside of the hole seems white. More important is this: BOTH photos show the ICE
CAP clearly. The ICE CAP can been seen to be SMOOTH & SOLID. In EACH CASE, the hole lies on the EDGE of the ICE CAP.
This  strongly hints at NORTH MAGNETIC POLE!!!

In spite of the totally different angles, each image seems to contain EXACTLY the same features inside the polar entrance.
That's fascinating for me. I'd sort of expected the hole to be round - but it seems to deviate a little from that - not that I see it as a
problem. I'm just curious as to WHY. The first thing is the "V" shape on the northern edge of the hole, where it meets with the
Arctic ice pack. It's as if there's a huge accumulation of ice covering the northern rim and jutting inwards.

The next thing is the somewhat irregular shape on the "eastern side" of the rim. The South and Western edges seem
PERFECTLY CIRCULAR. Then there's the issue of the strange "whiteness" lying on the inside in the South-Western corner. Is it
cloud? This whiteness, seems to be the only thing that varies between the two pictures - again, seeming to suggest cloud.

Looking at these pictures it seems as if the centre of the hole actually contains atmosphere? Or are we seeing light reflecting off
of clouds inside the hole/tunnel? - perhaps that's more of a possibility.

It seems as though the hole is pretty well hidden by way of this whiteness inside it.
Images organized by Jan Lamprecht from South Africa 2002
North Pole
3-D of N. Pole
Earth N. Pole
Apollo 10 photo of earth North
Pole--Counter-clockwise arrangement of
clouds indicate a northern hemisphere.
Question: Why is this?
A Complete Aurora
North Pole
Pole Aura
If you look close, there
is a little white circle
dead center in photo.  
This is the cloud
formation offset to left
of North Pole. This
also suggests an
Earthlim North Pole

Could this bright spot
shown on the picture to the
left be the source for
Auroras? What urban area
at North Pole would shine
that bright?
Pictures from www.planet earth
Are these clouds being sucked
The Disappearance of a Viking Greenland Colony.
(World Top Secret...Our Earth is Hollow  .source material)

In 985 A.D., Eric the Red discovered Greenland and subsequently settled it with Viking residents of Iceland.  The Greenland colony
thrived for several centuries, but then as Europe became embroiled in war and the disease of the plague, the Norwegians lost
contact with their Arctic colonies in Iceland and Greenland.  The last ship known to have returned from their Arctic colonies to
Norway was in 1410.  When the Dark Ages had past and Greenland was once again rediscovered with Hans Egede establishing
the first modern settlement there in 1721, all that could be found of the original Viking settlers was their ruins and some of their
animals.  Even the Arctic author Vilhajalmur Stefansson in his book, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES OF THE ARCTIC, concluded that the
disappearance of the lost Viking colony in Greenland was a mystery.  The Viking colonists had apparently migrated further and
further north where they found wild life and fish more plentiful, until they disappeared.

In an attempt at determining where the lost Viking Greenland colony went, Lt. Green , U.S. Navy (early 1900's) says he reviewed the
Eskimo traditions.  The Eskimos say the Vikings had migrated further and further north, then one day their men found a paradise in
the north -- a place the Eskimo had always known about but stayed away from because they believed it to be inhabited by evil
spirits.  The Viking explorer parties had came back and had told the rest of their Greenland colony of their wonderful discovery.  All
promptly packed their bags, and singing songs, departed suddenly northward and never returned.  The eskimo tradition is that over
the ice towards the northwest, in the direction Admiral Peary sighted Crocker land and Cook sighted Bradley land, is a ..."land that is
warm; is clothed in summer verdure the year around; is populated by fat caribou and musk-ox.  It lies," they say even to this day, "in
the direction of the coastal trail-route north."  Lt. Green shows that trail on his map.  It is located on west side of Greenland, and
goes up around Ellesmere Island, and out over the pack ice in a northwest direction towards the land he claimed exists in the
"Unexplored Area."  That is the same area I have estimate the North Polar Opening is located.

Jan Lamprecht has a map on page 193 of his book, HOLLOW PLANETS, showing the location and directions of sightings of
mirages of anomalous lands in the arctic, which are not found on any current day maps.  Taking these sightings and triangulating
them towards the points towards which they were observed and from the locations in which they were sighted, gives us another
indication where the center of the North Polar Opening most likely is located.   North from the New Siberian Islands the Russians
sighted the mirage of Sannikov land.  Northwest of Ellesmere Island was the sighting of Crocker land  by Admiral Peary, Lt. Green
and MacMillan.  Bradley land was also sighted in that same general direction by Polar explorer Dr. Cook on his way to discover the
pole.  From Alaska, from Harrison Bay, was sighted land also towards the north west by Captain Keenan.  If we draw a line from
each of these locations towards their respective directions in which anomalous land was
sighted, we arrive once again at the location. I have determined must be the location of the
North Polar Opening centered on 141 E Longitude, 84.4 deg N Latitude.
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Is the True History of Man Being Covered Up?

Egyptian Artifacts in the Grand Canyon
The Phoenix Gazette - April 5, 1909

Remarkable Finds Indicate Ancient People Migrated From Orient:

The latest news of the progress of the explorations or what is now regarded by scientists as not only the oldest archaeological discovery in the United States, but one of the most valuable in the world, which was mentioned
some time ago in the Gazette (see photo at left), was brought to the city yesterday by G.E. Kinkaid, the explorer who found the great underground citadel of the Grand Canyon during a trip from Green River, Wyoming, down the
Colorado, in a wooden boat, to Yuma, several months ago.

According to the story related to the Gazette by Mr. Kinkaid, the archaeologists of the Smithsonian Institute, which is financing the expeditions, have made discoveries which almost conclusively prove that the race which
inhabited this mysterious cavern, hewn in solid rock by human hands, was of oriental origin, possibly from Egypt, tracing back to Ramses. If their theories are borne out by the

translation of the tablets engraved with hieroglyphics, the mystery of the prehistoric peoples of North America, their ancient arts, who they were and whence they came will be solved.

Egypt and the Nile, and Arizona and the Colorado will be linked by a historical chain running back to ages, which staggers the wildest fancy of the fictionist. Under the direction of Professor S.A. Jordan, the Smithsonian Institute
is now prosecuting the most thorough explorations, which will be continued until the last link in the chain is forged.

Nearly a mile underground, about 1480 feet below the surface, the long main passage has been delved into, to find another mammoth chamber from which radiates scores of passageways, like the spokes of a wheel. Several
hundred rooms have been discovered, reached by passageways running from the main passage, one of them having been explored are 854 feet and another 634 feet. The recent finds include articles, which have never been
known as native to this country and doubtless they had their origin in the orient.

War weapons, copper instruments, sharp - edged and hard as steel, indicate the high state of civilization reached by these strange people. So interested have the scientists become that preparations are being made to equip
the camp for extensive studies, and the force will be increased to thirty or forty persons.

"Before going further into the cavern, better facilities for lighting will have to be installed, for the darkness is dense and quite impenetrable for the average flashlight. In order to avoid being lost, wires are being strung from the
entrance to all passageways leading directly to large chambers. How far this cavern extends no one can guess, but it is now the belief of many that what has already been explored is merely the "barracks", to use an American
term, for the soldiers, and that far into the underworld will be found the main communal dwellings of the families. The perfect ventilation of the cavern, the steady draught that blows through, indicates that it has another outlet to
the surface."

Mr. Kinkaid was the first white child born in Idaho and has been an explorer and hunter all his life, thirty years having been in the service of the Smithsonian Institute. Even briefly recounted, his history sounds fabulous, almost

"First, I would impress that the cavern is nearly inaccessible. The entrance is 1,486 feet down the sheer canyon wall. It is located on government land and no visitor will be allowed there under penalty of trespass."

The scientist's wish to work unmolested, without fear of the archaeological discoveries being disturbed by curio or relic hunters. A trip there would be fruitless, and the visitor would be sent on his way.

"The story of how I found the cavern has been related, but in a paragraph: I was journeying down the Colorado River in a boat, alone, looking for minerals. Some forty two miles up the river from the El Tovar Crystal canyon, I saw
on the east wall, stains in the sedimentary formation about 2,000 feet above the river bed. There was no trail to this point, but I finally reached it with great difficulty. Above a shelf, which hid it from view from the river, was the
mouth of the cave."

"There are steps leading from this entrance some thirty yards to what was, at the time the cavern was inhabited, the level of the river. When I saw the chisel marks on the wall inside the entrance, I became interested, securing
my gun and went in."

"During that trip, I went back several hundred feet along the main passage till I came to the crypt in which I discovered the mummies. One of these I stood up and photographed by flashlight. I gathered a number of relics, which I
carried down the Colorado to Yuma, from whence I shipped them to Washington with details of the discovery. Following this, the explorations were undertaken."

"The main passageway is about 12 feet wide, narrowing to nine feet toward the farther end. About 57 feet from the entrance, the first side-passages branch off to the right and left, along which, on both sides, are a number of
rooms about the size of ordinary living rooms of today, though some are 30 by 40 feet square. These are entered by oval-shaped doors and are ventilated by round air spaces through the walls into the passages. The walls are
about three feet six inches in thickness. The passages are chiseled or hewn as straight as could be laid out by an engineer. The ceilings of many of the rooms converge to a center."

"The side-passages near the entrance run at a sharp angle from the main hall, but toward the rear, they gradually reach a right angle in direction."


"Over a hundred feet from the entrance is the cross-hall, several hundred feet long in which is found the idol, or image, of the people's god, sitting cross-legged, with lotus flower or lily in each hand. The cast of the face is
oriental, the carving shows a skillful hand, and the entire object is remarkably well preserved, as is everything in this cavern."

"The idol almost resembles Buddha, though the scientists are not certain as to what religious worship it represents. Taking into consideration everything found thus far, it is possible that this worship most resembles the
ancient people of Tibet."

"Surrounding this idol are smaller images, some very beautiful in form; others crooked-necked and distorted shapes, symbolical probably, of good and evil. There are two large cactus with protruding arms, one on each side of
the dais on which the God squats. All this is carved out of hard rock resembling marble. In the opposite corner of this cross-hall were found tools of all descriptions, made of copper."

"These people undoubtedly knew the lost art of hardening this metal, which has been sought by chemists for centuries without result. On a bench running around the workroom was some charcoal and other material probably
used in the process. There is also slag and stuff similar to matte, showing that these ancients smelted ores, but so far, no trace of where or how this was done has been discovered, nor the origin of the ore."

"Among the other finds are vases or urns and cups of copper and gold, made very artistic in design. The pottery work includes enameled ware and glazed vessels. Another passageway leads to granaries such as are found in
the oriental temples. They contain seeds of various kinds. One very large storehouse has not yet been entered, as it is twelve feet high and can be reached only from above. Two copper hooks extend on the edge, which
indicates that some sort of ladder was attached. These grannies are rounded, as the materials of which they are constructed, I think is a very hard cement. A Gray metal is also found in this cavern, which puzzles the scientists,
for its identity has not been established. It resembles platinum."

"Strewn promiscuously over the floor everywhere are what people call 'cats eyes,' a yellow stone of no great value. Each one is engraved with the head of the Malay type."


"On all the urns, or walls over doorways, and tablets of stone which were found by the image are the mysterious hieroglyphics, the key to which the Smithsonian Institute hopes yet to discover. The engraving on the tablets
probably has something to do with the religion of the people. Similar hieroglyphics have been found in southern Arizona. Among the pictorial writings, only two animals are found. One is of prehistoric type."


"The tomb or crypt in which the mummies were found is one of the largest of the chambers, the walls slanting back at an angle of about 35 degrees. On these are tiers of mummies, each one occupying a separate hewn shelf.
At the bead of each is a small bench, on which is found copper cups and pieces of broken swords. Some of the mummies are covered with clay, and all are wrapped in a bark fabric. The urns or cups on the lower tiers are
crude, while as the higher shelves are reached, the urns are finer in design, showing a later stage of civilization."

"It is worthy of note that all the mummies examined so far have proved to be male, no children or females being buried here. This leads to the belief that this exterior section was the warriors' barracks. Among the discoveries,
no bones of animals have been found, no skins, no clothing, no bedding. Many of the rooms are bare but for water vessels. One room, about 40 by 700 feet, was probably the main dining hall, for cooking utensils are found

"What these people lived on is a problem, though it is presumed that they came south in the winter and farmed in the valleys, going back north in the summer. Upwards of 50,000 people could have lived in the caverns
comfortably. One theory is that the present Indian tribes found in Arizona are descendants of the serfs or slaves of the people, which inhabited the cave. Undoubtedly a good many thousand of years before the Christian era a
people lived here which reached a high stage of civilization. The chronology of human history is full of gaps."

Professor Jordan much enthused over the discoveries and believes that the find will prove of incalculable value in archaeological work.

"One thing I have not spoken of, may be of interest. There is one chamber, the passageway to which is not ventilated, and when we approached it a deadly, snaky smell struck us. Our light would not penetrate the gloom, and
until stronger ones are available, we will not know what the chamber contains. Some say snakes, but other boo-hoo'd this idea and think it may contain a deadly gas or chemicals used by the ancients. No sounds are heard, but
it smells snaky just the same."

"The whole underground installation gives one of shaky nerves the creeps. The gloom is like a weight on one's shoulders, and our flashlights and candles only make the darkness blacker. Imagination can revel in conjectures
and ungodly daydreams back through the ages that have elapsed till the mind reels dizzily in space."


In connection with this story, it is notable that among the Hopi Indians the tradition is told that their ancestors once lived in an underworld in the Grand Canyon till dissension arose between the good and the bad, the people of
one heart and people of two hearts.

Machetto, who was their chief, counseled them to leave the under world, but there was no way out. The chief then caused a tree to grow up and pierce the roof of the underworld, and then the people of one heart climbed out.
They tarried by Paisisvai (Red River), which is the Colorado, and grew grain and corn. They sent out a message to the Temple of the Sun, asking the blessing of peace, good will and rain for people of one heart. That
messenger never returned, but today at the Hopi villages at sundown can be seen the old men of the tribe out on the housetops gazing toward the sun, looking for the messenger. When he returns, their lands and ancient
dwelling place will be restored to them. That is the tradition.

Among the engravings of animals in the cave is seen the image of a heart over the spot where it is located. The legend was learned by W.E. Rollins the artist, during a year spent with the Hopi Indians. There are two theories of
the origin of the Egyptians. One is that they came from Asia; another that the racial cradle was in the upper Nile region. Heeren, an Egyptologist, believed in the Indian origin of the Egyptians. The discoveries in the Grand Canyon
may throw further light on human evolution and prehistoric ages.

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