In Search of Shambhala

Mary Sutherland
author of
Living in the Light

There Lies a World Hidden

There Lies a World Hidden,
Mysterious, unknown, and forbidden.
Where dwells entities with technologies beyond our comprehension,
And knowledge kept hidden from us, in this other dimension.

Will the truth ever be revealed?
Earthly forces of power and greed want forever sealed,
Forbidden knowledge for warfare to wield.

When humankind understands,
To use the knowledge aquired from these strange lands.
For the benefit of humankind,
Then entrance into their world we will find.

                            Frank Scassellatii

Free Reading of the First Chapters of 'In Search of Shambhala' by Mary Sutherland


Never feeling quite at home here on the earth plane, our souls stir up restless feelings from within, ever pushing us forward on a life quest for the illusive Shambhalla or what the Western World
call El Dorado or Shangri La.

Shambhalla is a paradise where our own dreams can come true. Most laugh the idea of the mythological kingdom of Shambhalla off as a fairy tale or myth, but there are others, myself
included, that consider the possibility that this idea of paradise may actually exist.

This magical kingdom will only reveal itself to believers, pure in heart. What does this mean? It means that the reader must shed all their past traditional beliefs and open their minds and
hearts to the possibilities of the invisible worlds beyond our senses of reality . The Western World has been conditioned to "see first, then believe", but in the Search for Shambhala you must
"believe" first.

The Golden Age is upon us now. The secrets and prophecies of Shambhala will open our eyes to what is ahead for us. These secrets and prophecies shall constitute the theme behind
upcoming book, 'In Search of Shambhala'.  Mary Sutherland

Chapter One

Prophesies of Shambhala

Shambhala is part of our soul's memory , thus it is imbedded in our collective consciousness. Through the Ages, around the world, stories have been passed down about this mythological

The mythical paradise of Shambahla, sometimes thought to be in a parallel world or dimension , is a land of a thousand names. The Hindu call it "Paradesha" or "Aryavarsha", the land from
which the Vedas came from; the Buddhists "Shambahla"; the Chinese know it as " Hsi Tien", the Western Paradise of Hsi Wang Mu, the Royal Mother of the West; the Russians knew it as
"Belovodye" and "Janaidar", the Christians and the Jews the "Garden of Eden". In the esoteric literature it has become known as "Shangri-La", "Agartha" or "the Land of the Living".It has the
name of "Forbidden Land"; "the Land of White Waters"; the "Land of Radiant Spirits"; the "Land of Living Fire"; the "Land of the Living Gods" and the "Land of Wonders".

It is regarded by most esoteric traditions as the true center of the planet, as the world's spiritual powerhouse and the heartland of a brotherhood of adepts. Call it what you will, but let it be
described as the home for immortals; a place where the Will of God is known;  a celestial kingdom that holds our very destiny. It is our past - our future - yet exists in our present.

What is above so shall it be below. Just as we are dual in nature so is our beautiful Shambahla.  It exists in our physical realm, in our spiritual realm and hidden in a parallel dimension.

Shambhala is  known by the Celtics as the mystical  Avalon, hidden in the mists of illusion. Once our home, now mostly forgotten except in our dreams, our soul still goes there for healing and
revitalization. It is a land without time, full of power and mystery, offering enlightenment to the traveler that is fortunate enough to enter  its gates.

Maya, the Goddess of Illusion gave us our clue as to unlocking its door.   "First you must remember, find the key, and then escape" The world is a labyrinth and few will find the egress, but for
the seeker of truth the entrance to Shambhahla is possible. Its path is archaic, but tried, tested and true.
We first need to remember  why we are here. That our existence on this earth plane is nothing but an illusion...a alchemical laboratory of transmutations.   It is here that we prepare ourselves for
our  destiny..a destiny outside the illusion of Maya. Use your time wisely on this plane, burn off the old karma and learn to appreciate life's lessons.

The people of Tibet and Mongolia  believe that Shambhala is a hidden kingdom  where perfect and semiperfect beings live, guiding the evolution of mankind. It is the gateway between the
physical and spiritual world, hidden from the non believer  by a psychic barrier. Beneath the land of Shambhala  lies a cavernous underworld.. Its summit aligns to the wheeling constellation of
Ursa Major, the Seven Stars that circle the Pole.

Through our history,  people of the world have sought to find this realm of cosmic harmony hidden within the veils of Avalon. They literally tried to bring heaven to earth by building temples and
pyramids in the center of their cities to function as patterns of this paradise.

The Sumerians built a temple which was called The House of the Mountain and knew it as 'the bond of heaven and earth'. The central hub bound the heavens, underworld and human world
together. Seven tiers led up to the shrine on its summit, which mirrored the legend of the seven gated underworld below. "What is above, so shall be below".

Glastonbury in southwest England was once one of these cosmic centers. The  summit on the strange shaped hill of Glastonbury Tor  is the site of a holy shrine predating any medieval church.
Local legends have it that  an entrance to Annwn, the British/Welshname for the Underworld is located here. In recent years evidence of a seven-tiered labyrinth encircling the Tor , from base to
summit, has been uncovered. This area has been frequented as a place of power going back as far as the Bronze Age or  beyond.

Shambhala is considered to be the source of the Kalacakra, which is the highest and most esoteric branch of Tibetan mysticism. According to the Kalachakra Tantra Prophecy, a line of
enlightened kings guard the highest wisdoms for the time when all spiritual values in the outside world are lost in wars and destruction. At that time, a great king will come out of the Shambhala
kingdom to defeat the forces of evil and establish the Golden Age.

The prophecy of Shambhala gives us a hint of the coming Golden Age. There will be 32 kings, each reigning for a 100 years.  As their reigns pass, conditions of the world will deteriorate. Wars
will break out in the pursuant of power. Materialism will overcome spiritualism and spread over the world. Then the 'barbarians' who follow this ideology of power and materialism are united
under one evil king , assuming there is nothing left to conquer. When this time comes, the mists will then lift to reveal the icy mountains of Shambhala. Seeing the promised lands of
Shambhala, the barbarians will then attack Shambhala with a huge army equipped with terrible weapons. The 32nd king of Shambhala, Rudra Cakrin, 'The Wrathful One with the Wheel' will
rise from his throne and lead a mighty host against the invaders destroying the army of barbarians. After the battle has been won, the rule of Shambhala will cover the world, bringing in the
greatest Age of all times. Food will grow without work, there will be no disease or poverty, hatred and jealousies will be replaced with love and the great  saints and sages of the past will return
to life to teach true wisdom of the Ages.

Rudka Cakrin is known as 'the Cakravartin' or 'the possessor of the wheel'.  This wheel supposedly is a wheel of iron that falls from the sky to mark the beginning of his reign. Some may see
this 'wheel of iron'  falling from the sky as a metaphor where others may view this quite literally as an Alien Craft.

n the Kalachkra, one can find the necessary teaching provided for preparation of the prophesized war. We find in it '
The Psychology of Invasions' and detailed instructions on how to build
various machines to ward off the invaders. The sacred texts go on to say the Dark Age will last until the year 2424 AD, when a great war will begin in India. The human race will be rescued from  
total destruction by the
armies of Shambhala riding flying horses and boats that fly in the air.  Again these could be metaphors, but I lean more to the texts describing ufos.

There are sacred texts also called 'mind termas' which are hidden within the minds of mankind. I suspect they are imbedded in our DNA, as untapped memories.

The 'mind termas' will be released to us through meditation and/or states of sleep.  It has been prophesized that some of the discoverers of these texts will actually wake up from sleep with
pages physically in their hands. Anyone that has knowledge of the apportation phenomenon will realize that this does happen.
*I experienced an apportation   when I lived in Arizona. I awoke
from my sleep one morning  holding  a small crystal quartz , which I physically brought out of a dream where i was in the Great Hall of Wisdom.
 There are similar tales telling us that individuals
capable of visiting Shambhala in a meditative state will similarly return with physical objects  previously unknown on earth.

Chapter Two

The Location of Shambhala

Although some will make claim that Shambhala exists only within your heart and mind there are those that will argue that viewpoint. The idea that Shambhala is located in the material world is
firmly rooted in Tibetan tradition. However the opinions as to its location differ considerably.

Tibetan texts show historical facts about Shambhala. The data recorded in these texts give names, dates and corresponding events occurring in the outside world. The Hindu and Buddhist
alike regard Mount Meru, located in the Himalayas, as the location of Shambhala. It is the center of the cosmos, having its roots in hell and its summit in heaven. The mountain peak houses a
magnificent central palace radiating a powerful, diamond like light, which is the home of Indra, King of Hindu gods.

Legends tell of her slopes being studded with glittering gemstones and thick with trees heavy with delicious fruit. She is circled by seven rings of golden mountains, each separated from the
other by one of seven circular oceans . This entire superstructure rises from an outer ocean, and is flanked by four main continents, each with two subcontinents. The southern continent,
Jambudvipa, corresponds to the physical earth. Each of the other continents represents a nearby planet upon which transmigrating souls following the yellow light-path may be reborn.

Tibetan religious texts tell us that the technology of Shambhala is supposed to be highly advanced; the palace contains special skylights made of lenses which serve as high-powered
telescopes to study extraterrestrial life, and for hundreds of years Shambhala's inhabitants have been using aircraft and cars that shuttle through a network of underground tunnels. On the way
to enlightenment, Shambhalans acquire such powers as clairvoyance, the ability to move at great speeds, and the ability to materialize and disappear at will.

Andrew Tomas, author of 'Shambhalla, Oasis of Light', writes,  This remarkable kingdom reputedly exists both above and below ground, with a network of tunnels hundreds of miles long. Cars
of strange design flash along their length and they are illumined by a brilliant, artificial light which affords growth to the grains and vegetables and long life without disease to the people.

Hebrew legends speak of a place called Luz which is described as an underground city near a sacred mountain called the 'abode of immortality'.

Some Tibetans think Shambhala  might be in Tibet, perhaps in the Kunlun mountains; others point toward the region around Mongolia and Sinkiang province of China. Others believe it to in
Siberia or some other part of Russia. Some lamas claim that  it is hidden in the frozen Artic. Others believe Shambhala only exists in an parallel universe or higher dimension.

In the years between 1923 and 1928, Nicholas Roerich, led an expedition across the Gobi Desert to the Atlai mountain , a journey which covered 15,500 miles across 35 of the world's highest
mountain passes. It is rumored that he may have been on a mission to find and return what was said to be part of the sacred 'Chintamani Stone, which was believed to be part of a magical
meteorite from the solar system in the constellation of Orion. According to Lamaist legend, a fragment of this stone from what may be the star Sirius,  is sent wherever a spiritual mission vital to
humanity is set up, and is returned when that mission is completed. The stone is said possess occult properties, capable of giving telepathic  inner guidance and effecting a transformation of
consciousness to those in contact with it.

Whether he retrieved the stone or not is not known, but what we do know for certain is that he was sent in search of it by the League of Nations. Just in the fact that he was sent on this
expedition lends credibility to the existence of the Shambhala legends.

Roerich was a man of great creditability. To his credit, he was a philosopher, author, explorer, member of the Theosophical Society, member of the League of Nations, influential in the FDR
administration and was the pivotal force behind placing the Great Seal of the United States on the American dollar.  He also produced hundred of paintings capturing the essence of the area
and its people.

Roerich strove to link all scientific and creative disciplines to advance true culture and international peace, citing the power of art and beauty to accomplish such a feat. In honor of his efforts, in
1935 The Roerich Peace Pact was established, which obligated nations to respect museums, cathedrals, universities and libraries as they did hospitals, and became part of the United
Nations organizational charter.

In his travels through China and Mongolia to the borders of Tibet, Roerich met with a lama that described Shambhala to him. According to this famous explorer, Roerich was told  'Great
Shambhala is far beyond the ocean. It is the mighty heavenly domain. It has nothing to do with our Earth. . . . Only in some places, in the Far North, can you discern the resplendent rays of
Shambhala.'  Going on, the lama  described it as a 'far-off valley', hidden in the midst of high mountains, with hot springs and rich vegetation. Then he stated  the ruler of Shambhalla is ever
vigilant in the cause of mankind. He sees all the events of earth in his 'magic mirror' and 'the might of his thought penetrates into far-off lands'. Continuing, he goes on to say,  'Uncountable are
the inhabitants of Shambhalla. Numerous are the splendid new forces and achievements which are being prepared there for humanity.' This lama confirmed that messengers from
Shambhalla are at work in the world, and that even the ruler of this great kingdom  sometimes appears, in a human form, to mankind . He stressed that the secrets of Shambhala are well
guarded, and that it is impossible for anybody to reach Shambhala unless their karma is ready and they are called . Although Roerich may have only heard the legend of Shambhalla from the
lama, the explorer later went on to report that he discovered a subterranean society of Aghartians. Aghartians was a civilization of over 20 million people living throughout all the subterranean
passages of the world.

According to David Pratt, Mysteries of the Inner Earth, Roerich spent a time examining the inner kingdoms, caverns and empty lavachambers through the studying the local folk lore and talking
to those familiar with the area and these legends which included tales of lost tribes and subterranean dwellers.  He came to realize that the attributes assigned to the underworld ranged from
heavenly to hellish, and its inhabitants from super to sub human. With all the stories he was able to collect, it came to him that one story seemed quite common . The same story kept surfacing
about people abandoning the surface finding refuge in the subterranean world where they found passageways leading to inner earth kingdoms. Many of these people still live there, coming to
the surface rarely.

Great is the belief in the Kingdom of the subterranean people.  There is rumoured to be a vast underground network of caves and tunnels under the whole of Central Asia, with many passages
radiating out from the spiritual hub of Shambhala . According to popular belief, there are numerous secret subterranean passages beneath India, whose entrances are guarded by elementals
which assume the shape of rocks or other natural features.

According to H.P Blavatsky, Mesoamerica and South America are  honeycombed with long, mysterious tunnels, some of them running for hundreds of miles, from Columbia in the north through
Peru and Bolivia to Chile in the south, and to the Amazon jungle in the east. Only a few sections of these tunnels have so far been discovered . She goes on to say that there is  an immense
tunnel running from Cuzco to Lima in Peru, and then extending south into Bolivia . In Egypt, a vast subterranean world is traditionally believed to extend from the catacombs of Alexandria to
Thebes' Valley of the Kings. The subterranean crypts of Thebes were known as the serpent's catacombs, the serpent representing the ancient wisdom  religions.

The Native American believe that  their ancestors came out of the earth, after they had  taken  refuge in caverns to escape past cataclysms. The Cherokee Indians speak of a subterranean world
much like our own, with mountains, rivers, trees, and people. The Aztecs said their ancestors came from a land called Aztlan, and that after escaping its destruction they ended up in a cavern
called Chicomoztoc, or the Seven Cavern Cities of Gold, where they lived before emerging to the surface world . The Mexican demi-god Votan describes a subterranean passage, a 'snake's
hole', which runs underground and terminates at the root of the heavens; he himself was allowed to enter it because he was a 'son of the snakes'

The Hopi Indians hold their rituals in an underground chamber known as the kiva in honor of their ancestors life in the inner world. They believe  there has been a succession of four worlds.
The first world was destroyed by fire, the second by a poleshift, and the third by flooding. Some chosen people were saved from the disasters that destroyed the first two worlds by taking refuge
underground, and some survived the destruction of the third world by being sealed inside hollow reeds. The Pima Indians also speak of the emergence into our world through a spiral hole that
was bored up to the earth's surface

Legends of ancestral origins in subterranean lands are also found in Africa and Australia. Australian aborigines believe their ancestors came up out of the ground, travelled about the country
and created new tribes, then 'ultimately journeyed away beyond the confines of their territory, or went down into the ground again'. According to the native traditions of the Caroline Islands,
Papua New Guinea, and Malaysia, a subterranean race of giants went underground in ancient times. Once inhabitants of the lost continent of Chamat, they will one day 'emerge and remake the
world'. Natives of the Trobiand Islands believe that their ancestors emerged from a subterranean existence through a special hole. Tribes in Bengal and Burma also believe their ancestors
emerged from a subterranean world.

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Hitler also made attempts to locate and enter the gates of Shambhala. . The idea of Shambhalla and its occult knowledge was an obsession to him., The roots of his occult desires can be
traced far back into his youth where he studied the occult and yoga in Vienna. The young  Hitler received initiation into the American Indian Peyote Cult. After he was introduced to The Secret
Doctrine, he then turned his attention more to Theosophy. Later he joined the occult group in Germany called Ultima Thulli, out of which the Nazi Party was born.

Upon assuming power, Hitler established the ministry of Ancestral Memories, headed by the Chairman of the Sanskrit Department at Munich University. Through this connection with Sanskrit
studies, the Nazis adopted the swastika, an ancient symbol of good luck and well being. Although many believe that Hitler designed this emblem it is a fact that the Hindu , Buddhist and Jain
worlds had honored this symbol for thousands of years prior to the Nazi movement.

With the help of the explorer Sven Hedlin, Hitler sent several expeditions to Tibet. The Nazis claimed that although Shambhala was inaccessible to them, they made contact and gained help
from the mystical kingdom of Agartha . It was reported that the  leaders held a ceremony led by a man with the keys to Argatha
The Theosophists Society believes Shambhala to be the seat for the Brotherhood of Adepts.  Shambhala sends forth messengers and teachers to work among mankind for the advancement of
spiritual growth. Surrounded by an akashic veil, the theosophists claim it has several locations here on earth. One location is 'situated in the highlands of Asia, somewhere to the westward of
the meridian line passing through Lhassa' . Long ago, this locality was a sacred island in a vast Central Asian inland sea, known as the 'abyss of learning' or 'sea of knowledge', and was
accessible via subterranean passages. According to tradition, this place exists to this day as an oasis surrounded by the Gobi desert. The second location is Mount Meru or Sumeru. It is the
north pole of the earth, so chosen not for its geographical qualities, but because of its astrological  position. It is the mystical north pole, geographically identical with the north pole of the earth,
but mystically quite different. Theosophical literature also states that there is an even higher Shambhala located in the sun, and that all these different localities are inhabited by classes of
entities with which the human race is spiritually and intellectually interconnected.

In Hindu mythology Meru is the mystical mountain at the center of the world, where Indra, king of the gods, resides. However, so as not to get confused, Meru actually has several different
meanings, including a Mount Meru in Asia, the north geographical pole, the north celestrial pole, the earth's spin axis, the world axis connecting earth to higher realms, and the cerebrospinal
axis of the human body.. The Egyptians, Akkadians and Indians also believe that Meru has its opposite. The Artic Meru, known as Sumeru , is the dwelling place of the gods and the Antartic
Meru, known as Kumeru is the dwelling place of demons.

Meru, the Olympus of the Indians, is said to be situated in the center of the earth. It is guarded by serpents, which 'watched the entrance to the realm of Secret Knowledge'. It is the 'land of bliss'
of the earliest Vedic times. Occult teachings 'place it in the very center of the North Pole, pointing it out as the site of the first continent on our earth, after the solidification of the globe. In the
ancient astronomical text Surya-Siddhanta , Meru is described as 'passing through the middle of the earth-globe, and protruding on either side.' That other side, the  Southwestern American
Hopi Indians believe  is their sacred Black Mesa.

H.P. Blavatsky says that 'Meru is not "the fabulous mountain in the navel or center of the earth," but its roots and foundations are in that navel, though it is in the far north itself. This connects it
with the "central" land "that never perishes" . . .' She continues, 'According to Tibetan tradition the White Island is the only locality which escapes the general fate of other Dwipas and can be
destroyed by neither fire nor water, for -- it is the "eternal land"

The earth is powered by a life source giving off  electro-magnetic energy. This energy(blood of mother earth)  is destributed through ther body through  veins which we call ley lines, giving life to
everything. The heart which pumps the blood is found in the 'centre' or 'navel' of the earth. .
The Caretaker of Earth, Shambhala, has been described as  a main power center with auxiliary centers scattered about the globe, linked by subterranean passageways.

Unknown to the surface people lives humans that the 'gods' created. According to the Chaldean Account of Genesis . ’Human beings . . . the great gods created, and in the earth the gods
created for them a dwelling. In the midst of the earth they grew up and became great, and increased in number, Seven kings, brothers of the same family . . .'
Iranian, Indian, Chinese, Scandinavian, Native American Indian, Mayan and Aztec literature also make references to Inner Earth civilizations of Shambhalla.

The Japanese also have a Shambhala which they have named ‘Island of the Congealed Drop’. It is situated ‘on the top of the globe' but at the same time 'at the center of the earth'. Its
first roof-pillar was the earth's axis, and over it was the pivot of the vault of heaven.

The Chinese actually describe their idea of Shambhala as the Center of the Earth, directly under Shang-te's heavenly palace, declaring it to be in the polestar. They also call it,  â€˜The Palace of
the Center’.

The Egyptians located their Ta Neter, or Land of the Gods, in the extreme North.

Let's take into consideration the Legend of Santa Claus or Saint Nick. Although long forgotten the reasoning behind it, our children still send letters to Santa addressed to the  North Pole .

North of the Himalayas is a version of Shambhalla, Uttarakuru or northern Kuru. It is described as the blissful land of the sages towards which Arjuna, the warrior prince of the Bhagavad-Gita,
travelled in search of enlightenment. Magic fruit trees yielded the nectar of immortality. It is one of four regions surrounding Mount Meru and is the homeland of the Siddhas, enlightened yogis
famed for their miraculous powers.

Greek mythology has their own version of Shambhala as well. Greek mythology introduces us to what is known as  Hyperborean Land. The land of eternal summer and favorite home of Apollo. .

According to the Orphics, the Island of Electris, the seat of the gods, lies under the polestar in the furthest waters of Tethys .

The Mandean Gnostics believed that an ideal earth with eternal light was the home of a divine race of super humans. This was reported to be located in the North, separated from our world by a
high mountain of Ice.

The Avestan term 'Airyanem Vaejah' designates the cradle land of the Aryan-Iranians. It supposed to be located not in any of the earth's seven climates, but at the center of the central zone, the
eighth climate. It was there that the 'first man', received the command to construct a vara, or enclosure, where the most highly developed humans, animals, and plants would be gathered in
order to save them from the deadly winter unleashed by the demonic powers (nucleur winter brought on by atomic warfare) so that they might one day rebuild the world. This vara or paradise
had a gate and luminescent windows which secreted an inner light within. It was illuminated by both uncreated and created lights. This vara in most likelihood is a space craft.

Chapter Three

Shambhalla and the Hollow Earth

Our Earth is honeycombed with vast networks of natural and unnatural (man and alien made) tunnels and caves .

Seismic sonar instruments have detected what we now call ‘The Great Road’ , located miles beneath the earth’s surface. This is a gigantic, globe-spanning ‘ribbon’ around
the earth , made of a series of caves. Thousands of meters wide and hundreds thick, this ribbon encircles earth horizontally at the equator and vertically around the poles. Mobil Oil geologists
found Cyclopean underground cities at two intersections, located beneath the jungles of equatorial Ecuador and an ocean trench off the southern coast of Malaysia. These highly advanced
cities , complete with hieroglyphics and pictographs , predate not only dinosaurs but even the vertebrates.

Even deeper within  the  Earths interior is found the cities of Agharti , Shambhala and the Caesars . While few have come back to tell the stories of Shambhalla, there have been expeditions that
have penetrated Agharta,  an initiatory center for Shambhala.

The Buddhist describe Agharta  as a great kingdom of peace and tranquility with a population reaching into the millions. A world of astonishing beauty, with inner suns, underground lakes and
palaces made from the purest crystal. Crops are irrigated by special waters and the powerful rays of the Great Light produced by a secret machine given to them by gods thousands of years

The idea of underground worlds is nothing new. Even Columbus believed that all waters flowed towards the poles where they became replenished and redirected in their course.

The earliest account we have of this land of mystery and illusion dates back to  year 4 BC. Apollonius of Tyana, a mystic Greek physician,  was given a secret map of what was called The City of
the Gods by a priest. Not wasting any time and despite the dangers, Apollonius immediately set of in search of this kingdom.   .

Traveling through Mesopotamia and Babylon, he reached India where he employed the services of a local guide to take him deep into the Himalayan mountains. Suddenly after fifteen days of
arduous walking the scenery around them changed dramatically. In his book 'We Are Not The First', author Andrew Thomas sets the scene: “The path by which they had come disappeared
after them. The countryside shifted its position and they seemed to be in a place preserved by illusion. Met by a boy who answered them in Greek the pair were then presented to the ruler of this
amazing land. With a warm welcome he bade them to  accompany him on a tour of his kingdom, and completely spell bound, the pair were shown incredible marvels of a world few outsiders
had ever seen or imagined. Majestic pillars of light shot skywards, and radiant stones provided constant light. Philostratus, who was Apollonius biographer describes feats of levitation and
complicated robot-like machines serving food and drink as they sat down to eat. As they did so the ruler proudly announced: You have come to men who know everything.

According to Philostratus these men were living on the Earth and at the same time not on it.

Upon his return to the west Apollonius immediately set about challenging the Roman authorities. This placed him on a dangerous footing. Nero was now Emperor, and dissenters were harshly
dealt with. On several occasions Apollonius was only saved by the strange powers he now seemed to have acquired. Summoned before a tribunal in Rome the chief prosecutor was about to
read from the scroll outlining Apolloniusoffences when suddenly the page turned blank. Terrified this was some sort of divine portent the authorities immediately dropped all charges and
Apollonius was allowed to go free.

On another occasion Apollonius was ordered before the Emperor Domitian, charged with un-Roman activities.Seemingly nonchalant to his fate Apollonius stood before the crowded court of
three hundred witnesses and confidently proclaimed: You can detain my body, but not my soul, and I will add, not even my body. Suddenly there was a bright flash and Apollonius vanished from

Nicholas Roerich claimed that he was aware of caves in the Himalayan foothills with subterranean passages leading to these subterrain cities. . Found in one of these passages is a stone
door shall remain sealed until a future time. What lies behind that door only a 'selected few' know and they are not about to give away its secret.

People have been searching for the legendary Shambhala for ages. Some have ventured into the unknown never to return. Either these people had found the ultimate happiness and chose to
stay or they may have been destroyed in their search. There are perils that obstruct the path to this city of promise. Many have lost their lives by being swallowed by crevasses , caught in
avalanches , killed by wild animals or maybe even something sub-human or supernatural.  We find references from various religions, myths, legends and folklore pointing out that the path to
paradise is sabotaged with perils.  Its inhabitants range from superhuman to subhuman and the underworld is a maze of multiple dimensions.

In Central Asia,  a vast  network of caves and tunnels are rumored to be running under its ground.  Many subterranean passages run beneath India. Varanasi (Benares), ancient name of Kashi,
is said to be connect by a tunnel to Gupta Kashi (gupta meaning secret or hidden),an underground city in the Himalayans. The people of India believe these passageways are guarded by the
elementals that assume the shape of rocks or other natural features. The Native American Indians commonly believe that these same type of elementals guard the underground passageways
found in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona.

Mesoamerica and South America are honeycombed with tunnels, some of them running for hundreds of miles, from Columbia in the north through Peru and Bolivia to Chile in the south, and to
the Amazon Jungle in the east. H.P. Blavatsky mentions an immense tunnel running from Cuzco to Lima in Peru, and then extending south into Bolivia

In Egypt, a large subterranean world is traditionally believed to extend from the catacombs of Alexandria to Thebes' Valley of the Kings.

Many Native American peoples believe that their ancestors came from the womb of Mother Earth, where they were sent by the gods to escape past cataclysms that were taking place on the
earth's surface. They later resurfaced through a hole in the Earth. These emergence places on earth are called 'cenotes.' A cenote is a very very deep hole filled with water. In the Yucatan there
is one of these found at Chichen Itza. Another one can be found outside Sedona, Arizona, USA, at Montezuma's Well.

The Mandans of the northwestern United States, some of whom has blue eyes and silky hair, tell the story of the first man to emerge from the tunnels in their area. They were called the
Histoppa or 'tattooed ones.' Having left safety too soon, they perished. The rest remained below until a bright light broke the darkness on the surface.

The Hopi believe that the world we live in is the Fourth World and the other three are inside the earth. In stages, and through many hardships, they emerged from a hole called Sipapu. This
emergence site, found at the bottom of the Canyon of the Little Colorado above its junction with the Colorado River, is a sacred place of pilgrimage for the Hopi. It lies in the Four Corners Area.

Another Hopi legend tells of them also emerging from a world beneath the earth through a tunnel located at the base of the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, Arizona. The Hopi legends say
that their ancestors were driven to the surface by another faction of their own kind who turned on their own and was practicing sorcery. A clue to who that factor of their own kind was may be
found in the Apache legends which state that the Two Hearts or the Children of the Lizard drove the Pueblos to the surface after they invaded their underground domain.

The Lakota Tribes in the US Central Plains also believe they came up out of the Earth at a location named Harney Peak in the Black Hills.

The Pajaritan Pueblo Indians have a Legend that they emerged from earths womb near the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. They then traveled down the Rio Grande, setting up Pueblos. The
area now known as Los Alamos, was considered evil. It was the home of the underworld Little People, as known by ufologists as Deros. From these people would come the curse of The Gourd
of Death.

The Navajo legends state they once lived Underground, together with the Coyoteros and the White people, below a mountain near Silverton, Colorado. After coming to the surface they went
south and settled in the canyons of the Dinetah area, near Navaho Dam, between Aztec and Dulce, New Mexico.

According to New Mexican Myth, Montezuma was born near Tao and allegedly trained by beings who lived in caverns, inside Pueblo Peak.

The Aztecs tell of their ancestors coming from a land called Aztlan. After escaping its destruction they ended up in a cavern called Chicomoztoc, or the Seven Cavern Cities of Gold. This is where
they lived before emerging to the surface

Australian aborigines believe their ancestors came up out of the ground and  traveled about the country creating new tribes. This belief also lies with the tribes Bengal, Burma, Caroline Islands,
Papua New Guinea and Malaysia.

Plato tells us of many cavities and 'wonderful regions' in the earth, and of subterranean flows of water, mud, and fire. He says, "One of the cavities in the earth is not only larger than the rest, but
pierces right through from one side to the other." It is of this that Homer speaks when he says 'Far, far away, where lies earth's deepest chasm'. He and other poets refer to it as Tartarus, the
land of the dead.

The Greeks believed that the lands of the living were divided from Tartarus by fierce obstacles, rivers, and bodies of water or fire. The greatest of these was Oceanus, which not only comprised
all the seas of the world, but was also the largest of the 'rivers' which the Greeks believed swept into and through Tartarus, emerging from the underworld on the opposite side of the earth.
Other subterranean torrents included Lethe, the river of forgetfulness, and the Styx, the river of death. Tartarus was said to 'sink twice as far below the earth as the earth was beneath the sky',
and to be bounded by many perils. Tartaras was also the home of the dethroned gods, the Titans. It contained a variety of regions or kingdoms, ranging from the Elysian Fields to the many
grottoes, caverns, and pits of torment reserved for the damned .

The Scandinavian and Germans seen the world as a large yew or ash tree with it's limbs and roots spreading into many planes of existence. The World Tree's, Yggdrasil, roots went deep down
into subterranean kingdoms, all of which  bordered a vast primordial void called Ginnungagap. One root of Yggdrasil led into Niflheim, the land of the dead. Similar to the Greeks belief, many
waters flowed out from the depths and into the human world; in Niflheim it was the spring/river Hvergelmir which boiled and churned relentlessly. The 11 tributaries of the Hvergelmir emptied
into the central void of Ginnungagap. The second of Yggdrasil's roots found its way into the lands of the gods, Asgard and Vanaheim. While often pictured as a land high in Yggdrasil's
branches, this realm was also subterranean. In fact, the only world of Norse cosmology that is not subterranean is that of Midgard (middle earth), the surface world. Bifrost, the 'rainbow bridge',
stretched from Midgard across Ginnungagap into Asgard

In the Sumerian, Epic of Gilgamesh, the underworld was filled with a wide range of beings, including spirits, the undead, humanoids, and savage guardians. In his search for everlasting life,
Gilgamesh first had to reach the mountain of Mashu, connected with the heavens above and the netherworld below. Having been allowed to enter the 'gate', he descended into the bowels of the
earth through 12 double-hours of darkness before reaching 'an enclosure as of the gods', filled with brilliance and a garden made entirely of precious stones.

The Bible makes many references to the Inner Worlds :
Philippians 2:10, Revised Standard Version:  â€™ . . at the name of Jesus  every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth . . . ‘
Revelation 5:3: ˜And no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth was  able to open the scroll or look into it . . .
Matthew 12:40:  For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly  of the whale, so will the son of man be three days and three nights in the  heart of the earth.

In the Book of Enoch, Enoch speaks of proceeding to 'the middle of the earth', where he beheld a 'blessed land', 'happy and fertile' (25:1, 26:1). An angel shows him 'the first and last secrets in
heaven above, and in the depths of the earth: In the extremities of heaven, and in the foundations of it, and in the receptacle of the winds' (59:2-3). There are said to be cavities in the earth and
'mighty waters' under it (65:1, 87:5, 95:2).

Following is the Persian Legend of the Koh-Kaf Mountains taken from the pages of Blavotskys book, ˜The Secret Doctrine˜:

Whatever they may be in their geographical status, whether they are the Caucasian or Central Asian mountains, it is far beyond these mountains to the North, that legend places the Daevas
[giants] and Peris; the latter the remote ancestors of the Parsis or Farsis. Oriental tradition is ever referring to an unknown glacial, gloomy sea, and to a dark region, within which, nevertheless,
are situated the Fortunate Islands, wherein bubbles, from the beginning of life on earth, the fountain of life. But the legend asserts, moreover, that a portion of the first dry island (continent),
having detached itself from the main body, has remained, since then, beyond the mountains of Koh-Kaf, 'the stony girdle that surrounds the world.' A journey of seven months' duration will bring
him who is possessed of 'Sulayman's ring' to that 'fountain,' if he keeps on journeying North straight before him as the bird flies. Journeying therefore from Persia straight north, will bring one
along the sixtieth degree of longitude, holding to the west, to Novaya Zemlya; and from the Caucasus to the eternal ice beyond the Arctic circle would land one between 60 and 45 degrees of
longitude, or between Novaya Zemlya and Spitzbergen. This, of course, if one has the dodecapedian horse of [King] Hoshang or the winged Simurgh [a marvellous bird, the Persian phoenix] of
Tahmurath (or Taimuraz) [third king of Persia], upon which to cross over the Arctic Ocean.*

Nevertheless, the wandering songsters of Persia and the Caucasus will maintain, to this day, that far beyond the snow-capped summits of Kap, or Caucasus, there is a great continent now
concealed from all. That it is reached by those who can secure the services of the twelve-legged progeny of the crocodile and the female hippopotamus, whose legs become at
will twelve wings*; or by those who have the patience to wait for the good pleasure of Simurgh-anke, who promised that before she dies she will reveal the hidden continent to all, and make it
once more visible and within easy reach, by means of a bridge, which the Ocean Daevas will build between that portion of the 'dry island' and its severed parts.* This relates, of course, to the
seventh race, Simurgh being the Manvantaric cycle.�
*Bailey thought she saw in this horse as a twelve-oared ship. . .

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