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On this plate I will note the similarities I have found with other artifacts of an ancient race in North America and add some personal
notes.   Mary Sutherland

First Photo is of the Voree Wisconsin Plate #2
The Michigan artifact below you can see twelve verticle marks.
The Voree also uses 12 *  showing 6 with the moon and six belonging to the sun.

Also note that the ancient one in the voree plate is holding the wand in his left hand which is pointing
upwards to the eye of Ra or the All Seeing Eye. Being that he stands above the constellations it
implies he ws a priest
This was an egyptian/israelite artifact found
in a north american mound.
Note similarity of hooked nose. to the voree
These people also introduced wearing of the
feathers in the hair to the native american
tribes  as well as the mohawk haircut
In the Plates that Joseph Smith found which he claimed came from Moroni and the Battle of Kumarah we find that these plates are burial plates...apparently giving the information of the
person in the grave and of his religion and people.  It also seems that only the priests may have had the honor of the burial plates.

Looking up the root words I discovered the following:
Root Word for KU
Ku - "Definitions: the first man created by Kane (Hawaiian Mythology).
Ku - "Definitions: Sacred; God; pyramid; feather (Mayan).
kumu or kuma  - Hula  priest;  teacher;  waves ; reason (Hawaiian). Associated spellings/words: kumulipo ['Hawaiian chant to celebrate the deification of a young chief']."
Rah - Deity
Kumarah -Prince; Your/His Highness." (Sanskrit)
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The Voree Plates  Plate Two
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