The Mound Builders of  Wisconsin
By Mary Sutherland Copyright 2004 - 2019

"Mop-up operations are what engage most scientists throughout their careers. This paradigm-based research is "an attempt to force nature into the pre-formed and relatively inflexible box that the
paradigm supplies. No effort is made to call forth new sorts of phenomena, no effort to discover anomalies. When anomalies pop up, they are usually discarded or ignored. Anomalies are usually
not even noticed and no effort is made to invent a new theory - and there is no tolerance for those who try." The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, by Thomas S. Kuhn

Wisconsin Earthen Mounds

There were more mounds in Wisconsin than in any other region of North America.  At one time, Wisconsin had between 15,000 and 20,000 mounds. Now only approximately 4,000 remain and
with the amount of highway and new home construction going on the remaining mounds are being drastically reduced. The effigy mounds in Wisconsin were sometimes over a thousand feet
long, and were found in the forms of birds, dogs, snakes, bears, panthers, buffalo, men, fish, turtles and --- the elephant and  horse.

Portals to the Underworld

In Celtic mythology, the ancient mounds or sidhe were portals to the other world, accessed by astral flight or perhaps  - in the case of TIME TRAVEL ..actual travel within an electromagnetic field  
where  the ley lines converge creating powerful vortices. The mound builders placed monoliths, dolmens and henges (gateways) at locations that form interlocking grids.


Chambered mounds, comprised of alternating rock (inorganic) and soil, (organic) are ‘orgone’ accumulators and concentrate energy, some emit sound waves, while others blank them
out. These frequencies may have a positive effect on the bio-rhythms of someone within the chamber or enhance altered states of consciousness. The key energy meridians, were employed by
ancient priest-scientists as a musical system to stabilize the tectonic plates of the planet... From the mother earth "the way of the Word" or "the power of the Word", the ancient priests used the
language of Light to tune the planet like a giant harmonic bell.

Nikola Tesla stated, "All matter comes from a primary substance, the luminiferous ether." He sensed the universe was composed of a symphony of alternating currents with the harmonies
played on a vast range of octaves. To explore the whole range of electrical vibration , he believed, would bring one closer to an understanding of the cosmic symphony. The bible gives us a clue
to Tesla's theory in Genesis , In the beginning was the Word   Sages are very aware of the cosmic symphony and meditate on the universal sound.

Inner Earth and the Tuatha De Danaan
The Mound People

When the Tuatha De Dannan were defeated by the Gaels and exiled beneath the mounds the Good God, the Daghda, assigned each one a sidhe. (pronounced 'She')  These sidhe, barrows or
hillocks, were each a doorway to an underground realm of inexhaustible splendour and delight. Beneath lay fairy palaces and Dagda's was Brugh na Boyne, (Newgrange) Llyr was given, sidh
Fionnachaidh, Bodb Derg received Sidh Bodb, south of Galway and so on, the spots are still known to the Irish. It was from this time that the Gaelic gods received the name Aes Sidhe, the
'People of the Hills' . Every god, or fairy is a Fer-Sidhe, a 'man of the hill,' and every goddess a Bean-Sidhe, a 'woman of the hills.'

Admiral Richard E. Byrd, famous for his legendary flight to the 'Land beyond the Pole" claimed that the higher beings (Arianni) reside in the Inner-Earth and are capable of interstellar flight and
must be in communication with others of their kind on hollow planets in the solar system. He believed that the ones we now call 'gods'  the ancient ones, are in fact the highly technically
advanced and civilized race living within our earth today.

An Extinct Race

History of Wisconsin, by C.W. Butterfield, Wisconsin Antiquities Copyright 1879 , The Western Historical Company, Office of the Librarian of Congress, Washington D.C.

The first explorers of the valleys of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi and its tributaries seem not to have noticed, to any considerable extent, the existence within these vast areas of
monuments of an extinct race.  Gradually, however, as the tide of emigration broke through the barriers of the Alleghanies and spread in a widely extended flow over what are now the states of
the Northwest, these prehistoric vestiges attracted more and more the attention of the curious and the learned, until, at the present time, almost every person is presumed to have some general
knowledge, not only of their existence, but of some of their striking peculiarities. Unfortunately, these signs of a long since departed people are fast disappearing by the never ceasing operations
of the elements, and the constant encroachments of civilization. The earliest notices of the animal and vegetable kingdom of this region are to be found in its rocks; but Wisconsin's earliest
records of men can only be traced in here and there a crumbing earth-work, in the fragment of a skeleton, or in a few stone and copper implements - dim and shadowy relics of their handicraft.

The ancient dwellers in these valleys, whose history is lost in the lapse of ages, are designated, usually, as the MOUND BUILDERS; not that building mounds was probably their distinctive
employment, but that such artificial elevations of the earth are, to a great extent, the only evidences remaining of their actually occupation of the country. As to the origin of these people, all
knowledge must, possibly, continue to rest upon conjecture alone. Nor were the habitations of this race confined to the territory of which Wisconsin now forms a part. At one time, they must have
been located in many ulterior regions. The earth-works , tumuli, or ˜mounds', as they are generally designated, are usually symmetrically raised and often enclosed in mathematical figures, such
as the square, the octagon, and the circle, with long lines of circumvalation.

Besides these earth-works, there are pits dug in the solid rock; rubbish heaps formed in the prosecution of mining operations; and a variety of implements and utensils, wrought in copper or
stone, or molded in clay. Whence came the inhabitants who left these evidences to succeeding generations? In other words, who were the Mound Builders? Did they migrate from the Old World,
or is their origin to be sought for elsewhere? And as to their manners and customs and civilizations - what of these things? Was the race finally swept from the New World to give place to the Red
men, or was it the one from which the latter descended? These momentous questions are left for the ethnologist, the archaeologist and the antiquarian of the future to answer - if they can.

In closures and mounds of the prehistoric people, it is generally believed, constituted but parts of one system; the former being , in the main, intended for purposes of defense or religion; the
latter, for sacrifice, for temple sites, for burial places, or for observatories. In selecting sites for many of these earth-works, the Mound Builders appear to have been influenced by motives which
prompt civilized men to choose localities for their great marts; hence, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee and other cities of the West are founded on the ruins of pre-existing structures.

River terraces and river bottoms seem to have been the favorite places for these earth works. In such localities the natural advantages of the country could be made available with much less
trouble than in portions of the country lying at a distance from water courses.  In Wisconsin, therefore, as in other parts, the same general idea of selecting points contiguous to the principal
natural thoroughfares is found to have prevailed with the Mound Builders; for their works are seen in the basin of the Fox River of the Illinois, in that of Rock River and its branches, in the valley of
Fox River of Green Bay , in that of Wisconsin, as well as near the waters of the Mississippi.

While a few circumvallations and immense mounds, such as are common to certain other portions of the United States, are discoverable in Wisconsin, yet by far the largest number of
earthworks have one peculiarity not observable, except in a few instances, outside the State. This characteristic is a very striking one. The fact is revealed that they are imitative in form - under the
general name of animal mounds although some are in the similitude of trees, some of war clubs, others of tobacco pipes. Generally, these figures are in groups, though sometimes they are
seen alone. For what purpose these earth works were heaped up - they rise above the surface two, four and sometimes six feet - or what particular uses they were intended to serve, is unknown.
It is, however, safe to affirm that they had some significance. A number resemble the bear; a few, the buffalo; others, the raccoon. Lizards, turtles and even tadpoles, are outlined in the forms of
some. The war eagle, and the war club has each its representative. All this, of course, could not have been a mere happening - the work of chance.  The sizes of these mounds are as various as
their forms. One near
Cassville, in Grant County, very complete in its representation of an animal, supposed to be of the elephant species, was found, upon measurement, to have a total length
of one hundred and thirty-five feet.
Another in Sauk County, quite perfect in its resemblance to the form of a man, was of equal length, a veritable colossus; prone, it is true, and soon to
disappear, if it has not already been destroyed, by ravages of a superior civilization.

In portions of Wisconsin, as well as in a few places outside the State, are found earth works of another kind, but quite as remarkable as the animal mounds which, for their supposed use, have
been styled garden beds  They are ridges, or beds, about six inches in height and four feet in width, ranged, with much apparent method, in parallel rows, sometimes rectangular in shape,
sometimes of various but regular and symmetrical curves, and occupying fields of tent to a hundred acres.

The Mound Builders have left many relics, besides their earthworks, to attest their presence in Wisconsin in the ages past. Scattered widely are found stone and copper axes, spear-heads, and
arrow-heads, also various other implements - evidently their handiwork. As these articles are frequently discovered many feet beneath the surface, it argues a high antiquity for the artificers.  
Whether they had the skill to mold their copper implements is doubtful. Such as plainly show the work of hammering, indicate an art beyond that possessed by the Red men who peopled
America upon its first discovery by the Europeans. In a few instances, fragments of human skulls have been found so well preserved as to enable a comparison to be drawn between the crania
of the ancient race and those of modern ones; the results, however, of these comparisons throw little, if any, light upon the dark backward and abys of mound building times.

The evidences of an extinct people of superior intelligence is very strikingly exhibited in the ancient copper mines of the Lake Superior region. Here are to be found excavations in the solid rock;
heaps of rubble and dirt; copper utensils fashioned into knives, chisels, and spear and arrow-heads; stone hammers; wooden bowls and shovels; props and levers for raising and supporting
the mass copper; and ladders for ascending and descending the pits. These mines were probably worked by people not only inhabiting what is now the State of Wisconsin, but found in many
places, even as far away as the north shore of the Gulf of Mexico, wrought into various implements and utensils.

The Menomonie Indian tradition also speaks of fair skinned mariners who had come in the past to dig out the shiny bones of the Earth Mother.

Wisconsin author and editor-in-chief  of Ancient American Magazine , Frank Joseph, in his book, Survivors of Atlantis proposes that these people were Atlanteans, which would fit with my theory..if
you take into consideration that these same Atlanteans were the ones that brought the technology and knowledge to the Egyptians.

In Survivors of Atlantis Frank Joseph provides an in-depth study of the Atlantean war and the intimate connections it had with the last of four great cosmic catastrophes generated by the cyclical
return of a comet and its debris. This quartet of natural disasters was followed by mass migrations recorded in the histories of such diverse peoples as the Incas of Peru, the Celtic Irish, the
Classical Greeks, and the Aztecs of Mexico. These cosmic catastrophes could be the reason for the underground tunnels and cities that are found around the world. It only makes sense to me
that to protect ourselves from these type of disasters, going underground would be the logical measures taken for safety.

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