Corral Gayle and myself decided to go out there around 3 A.M. We wanted to see if we
couldn't find any more evidence of UFO activity out there.
We were thrilled to find 'alot' of activity and that they came down so close that we were
able to get these great shots which we want to share with you - the believers - To the
non-believers - I couldn't show or tell you anything that would change your mind.

What the following photos show me is that they are
multi-demensional crafts and the
people of these crafts have learned how to manipulate space to their advantage. This is
quite important based on the fact that it shows me that there is enough space for all on
this planet - whether it be in our 3 D space or another dimension - whether it be on this
reality plane or another alternate reality -.  This is our greatest frontier to explore and I think
that these people, if we would listen, have a lot to give us in the knowledge of reality


Now after shooting four photos with no real action from the ufo (see sequence of frames
home page) .  Upon the fifth try we captured the following. . Again notice the powerline  
wires . A partial  of the ufo is seen to the right of the photo and an illuminated  object  to
the left of it  'appearing' to be shooting upwards.   Notice the
power line wires and you can
see there is no camera jerk. What blurs you see and trails is caused from the moving ufo
and object.

We then take two more photos and capture nothing on camera except the dawning blue
After that - on the third try we capture the following on camera.  You can barely make out
the p
ower line  wires on the following photo but they are there to the left of the light and
you can also see more of the ufo to the right of the light

We have stepped in further towards the p
ower line wires and were shooting upwards to
catch this part of the ufo.
As you see, now the ufo has manipulated space so as to be in this position without
interfering with the 3rd dimension of the wires.  We have found that this type of ufo has the
ability to not only cloak itself to the human eye, but to go through solid objects without
creating any damage to itself or the object it is going through.  Oh if we only knew what
they knew about physics!
In this next photo the center of the base of the ufo is directly above us.
We had to hold the camera above our head and shoot upwards.
The blackness you see within the orange and red colors is part of the ufo.  - I believe we are
looking at the 'eye' or center of its base . It would be of course the under carriage area. . Notice
also something like a green orb seems to coming towards us out of this black hole.
The following is one of my favorites as it shows  archetectual designs of the craft and with the proper
equipment I think that one would be able to actually see hieroglphs  or some other form of writing on its
structures.  This photo was taken approximately 6 seconds after the above photo.  Again compare position by
using the wires.  The bottom only shows one wire.  You can only imagine how close this was to us as we
were photographing it. (smiles) . Another thing that interests me is the lower left portion of this photo. Could
these be 'visitors or off-worlders' gathered together looking down at Corral and I?  Could the bright spots
above the black be illuminated heads with the black being black robes?  --or another possibility is that this
section photographed is a landing dock and that is a ufo going in to the larger ship.
Celestial City of Voree Wisconsin
by Mary Sutherland

Photographing and
Investigating the Invisible

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Science no longer identifies reality with the physical
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unseen world.
Sir Arthur Eddington
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It is my purpose to help you, once again, believe in your own multi-dimensional capabilities and the magic that lies within!
Celestial City of Voree Wisconsin by Mary Sutherland