Time/space/dimension doors. These places allow an easy entry of extraterrestrial craft into our atmosphere.
Two such large natural doorways were reported to be just northeast of Seattle, Washington and south of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior...

"An interesting possible correlation with the predicted natural time/space windows can be found in studying patterns on special energy maps. One such map is the Bouguer
gravity anomaly map. Oddly enough A FAIRLY LOCAL low gravity area can be found at... the locations mentioned by Oscar (Not only near Seattle and the Apostle Islands, but
also in Missouri where Oscar claimed to have had most of his subsequent contacts-meetings with the Tau Cetians - Branton)... My research is finding some interesting
patterns emerging by comparing the location of gravity anomalies, Indian reservations, military bases and cavern entrances. These specialty maps can be purchased at great
prices from GEOSCIENCE RESOURCES., 2990 Anthony Rd., Burlington, NC 27215..."
The State of Wisconsin has excellent gravity coverage, made possible by its rectilinear network of roads. The map is preliminary because several completed surveys in the
southeast part of the state have yet to be processed.  The present preliminary Bouguer gravity anomaly grid for the state of Wisconsin was compiled using data from  37,529
gravity stations  from 12 sources.  Data north of 44 degrees latitude come mostly from Ervin and Thompson, (1991a, 1991b) and Ervin (1991, 1993, 1996). Most stations
south of 44 degrees are from Geister (USGS, unpublished), Aiken and others (1983), and an unpublished Masters thesis (Brukardt, 1983; Sverdrup and others, 1997; written
communication by William Kean, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 2001) . The station locations for the 12 surveys are shown in a station index map.

Observed gravity values, relative to the IGSN-71 datum, were reduced to the Bouguer anomaly using the 1967 gravity formula and a reduction density of 2.67 g/cc.  The data
were converted to a 1-km grid using minimum curvature techniques. The preliminary Bouguer anomaly grid  for the above map may be downloaded. This project was
supported by the Mineral Resources Program of the USGS.
Minerals found in
Burlington Area
azurite and
pyrite crystal.
Granite's, Gneisse's, Sand Stone's, and Gravel's. All of which contain heavy contents of Quartz.

Many people believe that Quartz Crystals are only found in certain areas of the World. Not true.  Quartz is located throughout the Earth's Crust, in many parts where we can
neither detect, nor retrieve it. Crystals are grown through Lattices, these Lattices are formed based on the arrangement between their Atoms. The Atoms are arranged in
a pattern, these patterns repeat at regular intervals, millions of times in all directions of space.

Quartz, Sand Stone, Granite, and Gravel pits around the World are important Power Point locations, because their chief constitute is "Quartz Crystal". The Quartz is the
evident Crystal of the Atomic/Ionic Crystal Lattice Growth, which is caused by the Harmonic Waves . These locations around the World are "Earth's Power Point

"Earth Power Points" and "Special Places of Worship" have also been passed down by the Ancients. These may have been  plotted and constructed by Ancient
extraterrestrial Races from Planets Eons Ago. Every Earth Civilization "thereafter" has marked these Power Point locations and constructed their Places of Worship on the
very same locations.

As the millenniums passed countless Earth Civilizations mimiced this practice. But as time when by, each generation lost more of the true knowledge behind it.

By the time of the ancient "Atlantean's" most of the ancient knowledge was lost, but enough of it was retained to achieve their famed Atlantean Technology.

The Atlantean's main Structures were their Pyramids, they are responsible for the construction of the Great Pyramids of Earth (the ones that date back before 10,000
B.C.). This construction includes the Great Pyramids of Egypt, because the Egyptian Civilization was descendant from the Atlantean Civilization. Just like we are the
Human descendants of theirs, and others civilizations like theirs.

Before the ancient knowledge was lost those civilizations stored the information, to be unlocked by a future generation. Evidence of their decline is seen in the
construction of the Pyramids themselves. They went from the perfection of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, to the Dirt Mounds of the World, and Mounds are only mimics of

The Mound locations such as we see in Mayville, are the most numerous of all the Sites, because they were the easiest to construct. Many of them conceal, or rest above
structures that were built long before their time. As history has proven, every civilization builds on top of another (older) civilization, this is also true for today's civilization. In
addition to the building, the natural process of the Earth also conceals Ancient Civilizations.

As the years pass, more and more of the Earth's Surface Layers are covered-up by new layers of soil, vegetation, and water. This is a natural process that has continued
since the Earth was born. If there were Ancient Civilizations that existed on Earth millions of years ago, their structure would more that likely have all been covered with
natural layers of soil and/or water.

This is not the entire explanation why so many Great Structures are discovered buried beneath the Earth's Surface, and/or underneath the sea levels, but it is one of them.
The ancients understood Earth's natural growth process (such as Quartz Crystal) and utilized it, they knew how the Mountain Peaks, the Hills, and the Buttes grew.

This is why they aligned their Temples, Pyramids, Megaliths, and Mounds, in-line with the Mountain Peaks, Hills, and Buttes. Of course these peoples were capable of
flight  because in order to complete such alignments, perfect and stable flight was required.
Looking for Multi-Dimensional Doorways
by Mary Sutherland

Photographing and
Investigating the Invisible

Brad and Mary Sutherland
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Winslow, Illinois 61089
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Phase-shifting & Portals
Phase shifting Photos
Portals 2
Portals 3
Altered Realities
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Vortices 2
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Science no longer identifies reality with the physical
universe, for mind and consciousness belong to the
unseen world.
Sir Arthur Eddington
Portals...Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds
19.99  120 pages
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Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds
Believe in the Magic Series

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Spread throughout its pages, are photos my husband Brad and I have taken through the years of the invisible worlds, filled with multiple
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This book promises you not only ‘understanding’ but ‘photographic proof’ that Multi-dimensional realities do exist! When you understand the
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‘Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds’ will teach you to not only communicate with the multi-dimensional worlds, but to
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In this book and throughout the ‘Believe in the Magic series’, I will teach you how the mind interprets your reality and how you can use this
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Zones, alternative realities, frequencies and vibrations.

It is my purpose to help you, once again, believe in your own multi-dimensional capabilities and the magic that lies within!