Shape Shifting UFOs -  Sky
Creature ?
This object was taken above a 3 story building at 532 N. Pine Street.  
Taken approximately 4:30 a.m.  8 -14-04
Here is photo taken of an object in the Burlington Skies after 3 a.m.
8-10-04 - For viewing Photo has been  cropped and enlarged.
Alien Energy
uts forward the theory that unknown aerial phenomena and other sustained lightforms are the outer manifestations of a more
primary energy, scientifically isolated in the 1930's by Austrian born physicist Wilhelm Reich and recognised today by quantum
physicists as the multi-dimensional superforce or unified field. It also demonstrates how these atmospheric and ground based
energy forms appear to possess an independent consciousness and intelligence accessible to non-local communication through the
intervention of human archetypes and symbols.

Furthermore, the book argues that the presence of this pre-atomic energy continuum, or matrix, is responsible for the many strange
effects so often reported in connection with ancient and sacred sites, crop circles (whether man-made or otherwise) and Reich's
orgone energy accumulator. Such energetic states provide a perfect garden, or gateway, in which trans-dimensional intelligences
can penetrate space-time and catalyse psycho-interactive confrontations, including the so-called alien abduction experience.

In addition to this, 'Alien Energy' demonstrates that the ceremonial landscape around Alton Barnes, Avebury and Silbury hill - home
to so many prehistoric monuments and, since 1989, literally to dozens of crop formations - has become the focus of unknown aerial
and ground based phenomena in recent years. It also reviews the Orgone 93 and Orgone 94 research projects initiated by the
author to test the inter-relationship between unseen energy forms, ritual lanscapes and the human mind.

The results of this ground-breaking work show how focused human attention can not only affect scientific apparatus and
environmental energy fields, but how it can also produce photographic anomalies that may well record the presence of unseen
energy fields......'


most of page 19) 'Trevor James Constable found a greater understanding of the etheric sciences inthe teachings of Rudolf Steiner,
the founder of the Anthroposophical Society, and during this same period he became acquainted with the work of Wilhelm Reich as
well as with the energy healing formulated by Dr Albert Abrams and developed by Dr Ruth Beynar Drown under the title radionics;
this also brought him into contact with Reich's daughter Eva who was also an avid supporter of Drown's teachings. Gradually
Constable was able to align his own views of UFOs as ether ships with Reich's concept of orgone energy, particularly its association
with both the ORANUR experiment of 1951-2 and the flying saucer mystery. This convinced him even further of the existence of
invisible lifeforms living in the upper atmosphere so-called 'Critters' or 'sky creatures' as he decided to christen them.

During the summer of 1957, the year of Reich's tragic death, Constable teamed up with a colleague named Jim X. Woods for the
purposes of trying to obtain photographic evidence of his 'critters'. Having chosen a suitable location in the Californian desert
between Yucca Valley and Old Woman Springs, the two men set up their camera equipment loaded with infrared-sensitive black and
white film. The agreed plan was for Constable to stand on a slight eminence and conduct a meditational practice known as the Star
Exercise. This was believed to align his body with the earth's magnetic field, while setting himself up as a 'bioenergetic beacon' in the
hope that it would attract inquisitive critters' into the recordable ranges of the IR (infrared) spectrum.

At the same time Woods would take up position a little way away and photograph the empty sky against background features,
generally with Constable in the lower part of the frame. The experiments would normally take place in the pre-dawn desert air - the
time they decided most conducive for this kind of psychic experiment.

By mid 1958 the results of the two men's photographic sessions were clear to see. In just one year they had captured over 100
anomalous images on film. Some showed dark objects, others showed extraordinary ellipses looking like living cells. while still others
resembled more classic UFOs. All appeared to be of considerable size and were framed by physical features such as desert
landscapes, hills and people.

The potency of what Constable and Woods had achieved can he judged by the remarkable series of images recordeon an IR motion
film in the Mojave Desert on an unspecified date. The sequence. shot at 24 frames per second and reproduced in his 1976 book
'The Cosmic Pulse of Life', shows six consecutive pictures in which Constable stands some distance away with his hands raised in
the air. Descending into frame is a clear amoeba-like anomaly that, in a mere quarter second of exposure. divides in two. joins back
together, before finally ascending out of frame.

Constable came to believe that his photographs showed 'aerial fauna' - conscious'bioforms' of etheric energy of the sort believed in
by followers of Rudolf Steiner and studied scientifically by Wilhelm Reich. In the years that followed Constable constructed a
cloudbuster and used it not just for weather control operations, but also to draw alleged bioforms' into manifestation (in contrast to
Reich who used the device to make them fade from appearance). By employing this process, Constable and Woods were able to
obtain many more photographic anomalies to support their case. To Constable it eventually became clear that whether he used the
Star Exercise or a cloudhuster they both appeared to produce exactly the same results.

By far the most intrigueing of the photographic anomalies recorded by Constable were the dark elliptical shapes captured on
IR-sensitive, black and white film, often set against a suitable backdrop such as a distant horizon, a hill summit, or, on occasions. the
upright tubes of the cloudbuster. These amorphous images were believed to represent invisible bioforms encroaching the very
fringes of the IR frequency range, hence their appearance only on IR-sensitive film. Constable noted that Reich had achieved
almost identical black 'dots' when attempting to photograph microscopic bion cultures. Although minute, these black and white
photographs taken in 1944 showed sharply defined circles with a less sharp periphery or 'field'..................'
Linda Moulton Howe believes these creatures may be UFOs attempting to communicate
with us through sky writing, using ancient symbology.
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What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that
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awareness. Readers who complete this dizzying journey may find
they can no longer look at Burlington in exactly the same way.
Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and
whether or not it actually transports you to another place, it will
certainly draw you in."
Linda Godfrey , award winning author on strange creatures, people
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