Portal Jumping in the Burlington Vortex
Photos provided by Burlington Research Center, Brad and Mary Sutherland
Explanation as to how Phase Shifting Works
Nichole walking 'in front' of herself in the woods   7-14-07
3D Dennis is sitting on stone to the far left..but AD (Alternate Dimensional)  Dennis
sits in front of Jason, with Jason's arms wrapped around around his neck and
chest area.  7-14-7
Nichole, Jason and Dennis sitting with their AD Selves. Notice that the AD Selves are
positioned differently than the 3D Self.   7-14-07
Here we find the AD Dennis coming back from another realm and soon to step back
into 3C Dennis's body.    7-14-07
Notice that the AD Selves are positioned differently than the 3D Self.   7-10-07
AD Selves positioned behind the 3D Selves  7-7-07
AD Selves positioned beside and in front of the 3D Selves  7-7-07
These girls were having a great time portal jumping, while Brad was trying to keep
up to their 3D and AD Selves!  6-30-07
Oh...Ya-hoo Brad - Look at Me..'Iam up in the Tree' !  Catch me if you can!
Portal Jumping

We live in a multi-dimensional reality and many of us, consciously or unconsciously, shift in and out of various dimensions all the time. These other dimensions co-exist in the same physical 'space'
as ours. The separation between these different dimensions is quite simply vibration: with each dimension operating and existing at a different vibratory rate.

The study of portals or doorways into the multi dimensioanl worlds is fascinating, but due to the nature of these portals, one should proceed with caution and give the unknown its due respect. We
have had people disappear and reappear, experience the parallel  universes and perform the walk of the shaman by being in several timelines simultaneously.

In the beginning, I only knew that I had portal jumped after reviewing the photos we had taken while walking through the area. Now I instantly feel the changes in the subtle energies when time and
space becomes distorted.

Many times the sound of the woods seems to change. It reminds me of what one would hear. or not hear,  if  walking in a void.
The air pressure changes and the experiencer speaks of  ringing in the ears and third eye pulsation. Others have experienced headaches and blurred vision, along with a loss of equilibrium.

Time loops are experienced with the observer noting repetition of a singular event.  Sometimes we find ourselves walking by one place twice - knowing full well we only walked by it once.

Some portal areas are found to be extremely warm  while others seem to be just the opposite, dropping temperature by sometimes 20 to 30 degrees. Emotions and judgement are off as well. Some
experiencers feel exhilarated while others feel depressed.  Brad Sutherland feels the original attitude of the person becomes intensified while in the portal.

I feel that the Burlington Vortex is creating a 'tear' in the fabric of our reality, with the tear becoming greater as time goes by.
This tear has created a distortion in our space-time continuum, allowing us a window into the invisible worlds around us and a chance to see another aspect of our reality and ourselves.

Because the phenomenon in this area is consistent and repetitive , we are given the rare opportunity for indepth study. Based on approximately 10 years of research I have determined that there is
a interconnection created between the energies of the area, the energies of the people in search of a para-normal experience and the energies and expectation of the photographer. When
frequencies or vibrations of the observer intertwine with the frequencies or vibrations of the area, windows or doorways open to allow the observer to become the experiencer. I contend that the
observer experiences multi-dimensional worlds that exist within our own world and that the total of our dimension and the multi-dimensions make up a holographic universe. I further contend that
this holographic universe is controlled through the 'collective consciousness' of a partial biological 'holographic computer'. This holographic computer is our 'collective brain' which puts forth signals
to create realities, both on a quantum level as well as a physical level, macro and cosmo.

In his book
The Five Bodies,  first described in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, Dr. J.J. Hurtak refers to the Eka Body, a Higher Consciousness Body...which is a collection of many
plus and minus relativities..., a consciousness vehicle used for time travel while sustaining a direct relationship to the physical vehicle. This third of the five vehicles is a body of consciousness that
transcends our spacetime reality

Long before modern science knew anything about the processes of perception or the structure of matter, the eighteenth-century German philosopher Immanuel Kant had drawn a clear distinction
between our perception of reality and the actual object of perception. He argued that all we ever know is how reality appears to us what he referred to as the phenomenon of our experience, "that
which appears to be". The underlying reality he called the noumenon, meaning "that which is apprehended", the thing perceived.

At the time, Kant's arguments were a watershed in Western thinking. They were, as Kant himself saw, the equivalent of a Copernican Revolution in philosophy. Whereas Copernicus had effectively
turned the physical universe inside out, showing that the movements of the stars are determined by the movement of the earth, Kant had turned the epistemological world inside out, putting the self
firmly back at the center of things. We are not passive experiencers of the world; we are the creators of the world we experience.

Because all we ever know is the product of the mind operating on the raw sensory data, Kant reasoned that our experience is as much a reflection of the nature of the mind as it is of the physical
world. This led him to one of his boldest and, at the time, most astonishing, conclusions of all. Time and space, he argued, are not inherent qualities of the physical world; they are a reflection of the
way the mind operates. They are part of the perceptual framework within which our experience of the world is constructed.

It seems absolutely obvious to us that time and space are real and fundamental qualities of the physical world, entirely independent of my or your consciousness as obvious as it seemed to people
five hundred years ago that the sun moves round the earth. This, said Kant, is only because we cannot see the world any other way. The human mind is so constituted that it is forced to impose the
framework of space and time on the raw sensory data in order to make any sense of it all.
Strange as Kants proposal may have seemed then, and strange as it may still seem to many of us today, contemporary science is proving him right.

The Khemitians (Ancient Egyptians) believed that we all have the capacity for 360 senses, rather than the five senses that we acknowledge. These other senses are re-awakened by self-
empowerment activities including positive intent, meditation, healing energies, attunements and by pilgrimages to key sacred sites. All of these activities raise our vibratory rate and therefore act as
triggers for clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and much more that cannot be readily identified by current levels of understanding. These senses can also be empowered by the elements.

Mary Sutherland  -  
For further information on the Holographic Computer Click Here

PHASE SHIFTING  ---Shifting into other realities - Mary Sutherland  

The key element in this process is an increased application of energy caused from the activated vortex. Due to the conditions in the vortex, you, as a solid matter, absorb the additional energy. As your body absorbs this energy,
the molecules increase in speed and start to vibrate more rapidly, causing the molecules to move apart from one another or shift.  Being that your vaporous body is no longer restrained to the 3D physical world it  moves through
the veil into the higher dimensions, which we call 'phase shifting'.  

I like to use the three states of water to demonstrate what happens during a phase shift.
Ice represents the solid or crystalline state .
Put ice in a pan and apply heat (energy) to the ice . As the ice absorbs the heat (energy) the bonds that hold the molecules together start moving faster, allowing them to break free of their  crystalline state and turn in to water or
Turn the heat up even more on the pan of water, the molecules start moving even  faster . You will now  see steam moving up from the water and disappearing into the air.
Although you can no longer see the 'original' components of water they still exist , just  as they did prior to the increase of energy.
Simply slow the molecules down and the reverse happens... the  gaseous matter  will turn back into water and by putting the water back into the freezer (slowing down the molecules even more)  it will form ice.

The Vortex mirrors what is already happening to you and the world we live in right now.  During this Age of Ascention, we are entering a time  in which increasing energy is being absorbed by the molecules that make up our
physical reality. They are moving faster and faster, which means that their rate of vibration (frequency) is also increasing. The basic vibratory rate of the planet is increasing. Meaning -  All of the forms that we are familiar with are
undergoing a phase shift!

At the present, we are moving from the 3D solid state to a more fluid 4D reality. By 2012,  this reality will be more like the 5th and 6th dimensional reality.  A tip off to this 4D reality and the  upward shifting is in your awareness that
things 'seem' to feel like they are moving faster - including time.   The reason you may be sensing this is because - they really are!  We are going through a profound phase shift that will take us to the next level in the reality

To help you understand this concept a little better, let's review what light is and how it affects our reality.
'Visible' light is energy vibrating within the frequency range that can be detected by the receptor cells in the retina of our eyes. The frequency of vibration of a form of energy is in an inverse relationship to its wavelength. In other
words, the  shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency. Very long waves have a very low (or "slow") frequency.

Our physical eyes can "see" or detect energy in a frequency range that corresponds to a wavelength of 4000 to 7500 angstroms. (An angstrom is a very small unit (1 hundred-millionth of a centimeter) used to measure the
extremely short wavelengths found in various forms of radiant energy.)

Visible light (light we can see)  ranges from the color red to the color violet.
Invisible light is Infrared ("below" red) and ultraviolet ("beyond" violet) light . This we can not normally see without the use of  special equipment that extends the range of our vision.  There are entities and even worlds that exist in
this invisible spectrum, very real but vibrating beyond the  range of light that our physical eyes can see. Inhabiting these ethereal  worlds  are entities, elemental beings , souls and astral shells of the dead.

Objects , including ourselves, will become invisible to others - after we have increased the speed of vibration past their spectrum of vision.  To them we have disappeared or  simply are not there, but   while we are in this
increased vibrational state, not only do we see ourselves and physical experience , but we also see them. After we have slowed down our frequency we once again become visible to those operating in a lower frequency band.
Following is an example of the increased vibration , change in frequency and a phase shift.

Everything is made up of vibrating light which  carries its own vibration and frequency. Colors, emotions, substances, sound, thought forms all have an energetic "signature."
Emotions of  fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, and greed  are the 'lower' emotions and carry a lower vibrational frequency. The 'higher' emotions carry a higher frequency and are emotions of  peace, love, happiness and compassion.


H. Spencer Lewis, the founder of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis in San Jose, California, stated that one can gain invisibility with the use of clouds. He says that clouds or bodies of mist can be called out of
the invisible to surround a person and thus shut him out of the sight of others. According to Lewis, this secret practice is still taught in the mystical schools of today. The written literature on this subject supports the
statement that the cloud is the basis of the Rosicrucian invisibility secret.

Interestingly, a man named John Macky, who was an early Masonic leader (the early Masons were believed to be an offshoot of the Rosicrucians) taught a method whereby any man could render himself invisible.

Another offshoot of the Rosicrucian fraternity, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, left manuscripts describing the Ritual of Invisibility. These manuscripts talk about surrounding yourself with a shroud, which is
described as looking like "a cloud."

It is said that Madame Blavatsky, of the Theosophical Society, witnessed this invisibility for herself and was actually given the secret, thereafter accomplishing this for herself on several occasions in front of witnesses.
The literature on the Spiritualists in the U.S. shows that there is no doubt they, too, knew about the cloud and its creation.

So, just what is this cloud?

We are looking for something that is between empty space and actual physical matter, something unseen by the naked eye but very much in existence.

The Rosicrucian manual tells us that the first form into which spirit essence concentrates preparatory to material manifestation is electrons. When spiritual essence gathers into very minute focal points of electrical
charge (due to certain conditions), we have the creation of electrons. Science reports that such a cloud of free electrons will absorb all light entering it; it will not reflect nor refract light waves, nor are light waves able to
pass through a human being. Consequently the observer’s eye sees nothing there and the person surrounded by such a cloud is invisible. Since light is necessary for human sight, when there are no reflected or
refracted light waves bouncing off a person and hitting the observer’s retina, the person is not able to be seen and is not visible under normal circumstances.
Photos taken of  greys cloaking themselves within a cloud of invisiblity.  Note the cloud swirling around the entities . They were invisible to me, but I was able to photograph some of their essence via my digital camera  - Photo
by Mary Sutherland taken in Burlington WI  
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