Red Haired Race -
The People of the Serpent
Mary Sutherland 2003-5

Shortly after arriving in Scandinavia from Thrace, ODIN embarked on a venture that was to take him, along with his followers, thousands of
miles across the ocean to a mystical land shrouded in legend.
This was a result of the descendants of the original migrants seeking to establish their
kingdom and authority over the people:
"And then they remembered what had been said about THE EAST. This is when they remembered the
instructions of their fathers
. The ancient things received from their fathers were not lost. The tribes gave them their wives, becoming their fathers-in-law
as they took wives. And there were THREE OF THEM who said, as they were about to go away: 'We are GOING TO THE EAST, WHERE OUR FATHERS
CAME FROM,' they said, then they followed their road...There were only THREE [who went across the sea], but they had skill and knowledge....They advised
all their brothers, elder and younger, who were left behind. They were glad to go: 'We're not dying. We're coming back,' they said when they went, yet it was
The Mayan Book of the Dawn of Life, translated by Dennis Tedlock. A Touchstone Book, published by Simon & Schuster. N.Y. 1986. P. 203).

"SONS [descendants] OF THE PRIEST-KINGS RETURNED TO THE EAST, where they received from the KING OF THE EAST the insignia and symbols of
ROYALTY, including the canopy and throne. They then RETURNED TO RULE THE TRIBES" (ibid.,).

Where did these Quiche Maya journey to? From what line of great kings in the EAST did they receive their royal authority?
From a descendant of the
GREAT TOLTEC RULER who conducted their ancestors to TULA IN MEXICO shortly after the Exodus!

In The Two Babylons, compiled by Alexander Hislop, the author tells us that "from the researches of Humboldt we find that THE MEXICANS CELEBRATED
WODAN AS THE FOUNDER OF THEIR RACE, just as our own ancestors did. The  ODIN OF SCANDINAVIA can be proven to be the SAME AS THE WODAN
.." Continues Hislop: "...the fact that that name had been borne by some illustrious hero among the supposed ANCESTORS OF THE MEXICAN
RACE, is put BEYOND ALL DOUBT by the singular circumstance that THE MEXICANS HAD ONE OF THEIR DAYS CALLED WODANSDAY, exactly as we
ourselves have" (Loizeaux Brothers, N.J. 1959. Pp. 133-134).

The MAYAS claim that their kingdom was founded by a great EASTERN RULER NAMED ODEN OR VOTAN OR DAN by some of their tribes. And according to
legend he was a WHITE MAN who CAME BY SEA FROM THE EAST, bringing an infusion of new people to their land - TEN CENTURIES BEFORE THE TIME
OF CHRIST, notes the historian Ordonez!

This VOTAN -- who was also worshipped as a god -- was famous for having himself journeyed to a land where a great TEMPLE was being built.

Do we have a king in Europe, living at the time SOLOMON'S TEMPLE was being built (around 1000 B.C.), who had dominion OVER THE SEAS, who was
worshipped as a God, and whose name sounded like Votan? Yes -  WODEN or ODIN, KING OF DENMARK from 1040-999 B.C.. He was worshipped later as a
great god. Scandinavian literature is replete with accounts of his DISTANT JOURNEYS which took him away from his homeland for many months, sometimes
years. -- Compendium of World History, Vol. II. P. 91.

In the Native Races of the Pacific States, by Hubert H. Bancroft, we find that ODIN gave his name to the "FOREST OF DAN" in the land of the QUICHE
INDIANS -- just as KING ODIN or DANUS gave his name to DENMARK (DANMARK) (Pp. 163 & 549 -- Vol. V). Also, "DAN...founded a monarchy on the
GUATEMALAN PLATEAU" (Vol. I, p. 789). Odin's capital in Mesoamerica -- built for the Canaanites he brought from the east -- was called AMAG-DAN.

The book
Fingerprints of the Gods mentions that "there were other gods, among the Maya..., whose identities seemed to merge closely with those of
Quetzalcoatl. One was VOTAN, a great civilizer, who was described as pale-skinned, bearded and wearing a long robe. Scholars could offer no translation for
his name but his principal symbol, like that of Quetzalcoatl, was a serpent." (By Graham Hanthingy. Crown Trade Paperbacks, N.Y. 1995. P. 103.)

VOTAN  was also known as ITZAMANA; and the Mayan religious texts known as the
Books of Chilam Balaam, reported that "the first inhabitants of Yucatan
were the 'People of the Serpent.' They came from the EAST in boats across the water with their leader ITZAMANA, 'Serpent of the East,' a healer who could
cure by laying on hands, and who revived the dead."

The foremost symbol of the Israelite tribe of DAN was the SERPENT; and McClintock and Strong, in their
Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, tell us that
the standard of three Israelite tribes -- DAN, NAPHTALI and ASHER -- was a serpent  - with the motto: "Return, O Jehovah, unto the many thousands of
Israel." Yair Davidy, in his work
The Tribes, states that "the TRIBE OF DAN was represented by a SNAKE...and the symbol of a snake was once worshipped
in Ireland" (p. 211) *
Remember the Irish folklore speaking of "driving the serpents out of Ireland"


In the beginning, the people knew only one God who created heaven and earth and everything, and that his seat of government was in heaven. A temple was
erected to their God and cared for by the priests. The people brought to the temple presents and alms which was their manner of worship ---UNTIL a GREAT
LORD called RURULCAN ( KUKULCAN)  came from OUTSIDE THEIR  LAND with his own people, who  worshipped idols...and from these strangers and their
god began the  worship of idols.

Relacion de Quinacama o Moxpipe, Sautillana and Xiu narrated: "The old  ones of this province say that before the Mexicans conquered their lands they did
not worship idols. The leader of the Mexicans, known as   QUETZALCOATL  INTRODUCED IDOLATRY, Their idols of the gods was make from wood, clay and
stone and the people were forced to worship them and offer them  things of the hunt, merchandise and above all BLOOD from their noses and ears and THE
HEARTS OF SOME WHOM THEY SACRIFICED in their service. They perfumed them with smokes of copal, which is the incense of this land; and this custom
remained until the Spanish conquistadores conquered them.

Mayan and Aztec texts state that A GREAT LEADER arrived from the Gulf of Mexico with a complement of astronomers, architects and priests , claiming his
descent from the sun. The  Aztecs called the man/god QUETZALCOATL and the Mayans called him KUKULCAN. His men wore sandals and robes and taught
the natives to read and write, build, weave and worship the sun.

This of course was
ODIN OR VOTAN OF SCANDINAVIA (The Third Quetzalcoatl) who   introduced idolatry and human sacrifice into Mesoamerica.

So here we have the records of a DANISH KING sailing across the ocean to Mesoamerica and planting COLONIES OF RED MEN FROM EUROPE and Thrace
in the YUCATAN and GUATEMALAN HIGHLANDS.   After vesting the visiting descendants of the priest-kings who founded Tula with the symbols of royalty
and rulership, Odin traveled back to Mesoamerica with them, planting new colonies of Canaanites in the Yucatan and Guatemalan highlands. The newly
vested priest-kings were placed in rulership over them. It is a FACT that Mesoamerican traditions universally assigned WHITE LEADERS to every major
recorded historic migration of the AMERICAN INDIAN from northwestern Europe

The Books of Chilam Balaam, reported that "the first inhabitants of Yucatan were the 'People of the Serpent.' It is more than interesting to note that the
foremost symbol of the Israelite tribe of DAN was the SERPENT; and McClintock and Strong, in their encyclopedia of religious knowledge, tell us that the
standard of three Israelite tribes -- DAN, NAPHTALI and ASHER -- was a serpent or basilisk.

" I Shall Return"

Shortly after the group arrived in the valley of Mexico the leaders, according to the traditions, either left for home or continued  on their quest. Those
voyagers who remained in the region settled near the highest mountains they could find and built the city of Tula in an easily defensible location. Eventually
they married into the local population, teaching the arts of civilization. According to the Popul Vuh, when their leaders returned, the settlers decided  not to
return to their homeland, but to stay.

When the Spaniard Cortez invated Montezuma, the Aztec leader  reminded his ministers and high dignitaries:

"You know, as I do, that our ancestors did not hail from this country we live in, but came here from a far distant land, led by a GREAT PRINCE. This prince
then left the country again with only a few of his followers, but returned a long time afterwards. He saw that our ancestors, his subjects, had built towns, had
chosen wives from the daughters of the country, and had had children by them; that they had settled in their new land and would not go back with him.  Since
they no longer wanted him as their ruler, he left,   announcing that he would  return  with an immense army or send someone in his name to take back what
was his due.: (Recorded in "In Search of the Roots of Ancient American Civilization," New Dawn, April/May 1994. Number 24)

Upon meeting Cortez face-to-face, Montezuma told the interloper:

"For a long time and by means of our writings, we have possessed a knowledge, transmitted from our ancestors, that neither I nor any of us who inhabit this
land are of native origin. We are FOREIGNERS and came here from very remote parts. We possess information that our lineage was led to this land by a
PRINCE to whom we all owed allegiance"  

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