Red Haired Mummies of China

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red haired mummies  red haired mummies  red haired mummies  red haired mummies   red haired mummies

There were the blue-bloods of Ancient Times which
extended into European Times. . They actually did have
blue blood, and it was not hemoglobin based but copper
based. They were semi-human. There are still to this day,
some animal species in South America that have copper
based blood systems. There was a problem with
hemophilia, and not because of intermarrying. The
problem was that they started to marry outside of the
copper based blood system. Hemoglobin and copper
systems don't mix. That's where the laws against
marrying commoners originated.
Red Haired Mummies of China

Recent excavations in the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang province have uncovered more than 100 naturally mummified corpses of people who lived
there between 4,000 and 2,400 years ago, indicating that the Aryan race of red and blonde hair with blue eyes lived in this area at one time. The
bodies were amazingly well preserved by the arid climate, and according to the New York Times "...archaeologists could hardly believe what they

The mummies had long noses and skulls, blond or red hair, thin lips, deepset eyes, and other unmistakably Aryan features. Dr. Victor H. Mair of
the University of Pennsylvania said, "Because the Tarim Basin Caucasoid corpses are almost certainly representatives of the Indo-European
family, and because they date from a time period early enough to have a bearing on the expansion of the Indo-European people from their
homeland, it is thought that they will play a crucial role in determining just where that might have been."  
( Personally I believe that the opposite is
true. I believe that  the European Man came out of  or was part of this pre-existing culture that has been found around the world...including China.

One such mummy is of a teenage girl with blond hair and blue eyes. Her remains was found  in a cave and has become quite a tourist attraction
in Beijing. She has been given the name,  "The Lady of Tarim" and  is on display at the museum. It is believed that she was someone of
importance who lived over 3,000 years ago. She was found buried in  fine embroidered garments of wool and leather, along with beautiful
jewelry, jars and ornaments of gold, silver, jade and onyx. Her remains are in such a remarkable state of preservation that she looks as if she
was sleeping.

A Tocharian man with red-blond
hair; his clear European
features still visible after lying
nearly 3,500 years in his desert
grave in China.
A Tocharian female mummy with long
flaxen blonde hair, perfectly perserved
in braided hair. Items of weaved
material, identical to Celtic Cloth
One of the most famous Tocharian mummies found is the "Beauty of
Loulan" - Her face depicted on the right was reconstructed by an artist.
Tocharian male mummy. To his  right is a swastika decoration found on his helmet
recovered from the Tocharian grave sites.
The swastika was part of the original Indo-European language, meaning "well
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