Water On Mars  05-27-02
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NASA Takes Risk; Announces Large Quantities of Water On Mars

NASA Takes Risk; Announces Large Quantities of Water On Mars...05/27/02
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)
Late yesterday, Nasa made a public announcement, quietly on a Sunday holiday, that water in "vast amounts" have been located on Mars. There are sources close to the case
which have disclosed Nasa has know of this for sometime. I would agree with this statement. Like with most things Nasa does in the way of 'public relations', appears to remain
antiquated but is showing improvements.

No doubt in large part, this announcement is to gain public support, and request a larger budget for the space program from Congress. Here's the twist; in a 'no surprise' manner,
a source close to the case states "some in Congress have also know this for sometime". The key word is "some". This fits a pattern we have witnessed in current 'public relations'
battles to win the hearts and minds of the tax payers of the United States.

The US space agency will make the dramatic announcement about the water-ice next Thursday. And full disclosure of the findings will come in the journal Science later that day.

So what to do? Well, nothing really. Let us watch and see what comes forward. As a 'sometime' investigative reporter, I often look for distractions which take place in and around
times (or announcements) like this. It is a 'not uncommon tactic', to filter bits of news like this among larger more tantalizing news. Something like "Pakistan Aims Nukes At India".
Although I certainly do not minimize the severe consequences of such events, I watch closely at the periphery of simultaneous events.

Having stated the above, a reminder to our loyal ECTV audience, I will remain dedicated to tangible evidence. There is far too much "conjecture" running around the internet and
local news to feed the fire. I would suggest 99% of what has been reported regarding asteroids, secret planets, exploding moons, and a half a dozen other oddities are shear
bunk without a shred of evidence. Herein lies the danger...with so much fabrication running around the internet, one could dismiss factual data. Perhaps that was/is the plan. Who

In such light of fast paced unfolding events, let us all remember "follow your truth not mine, or anyone else. Seek and you shall find. Find What?  Your Truth!  As stated time and
again, there will be many coming forward with profound statements of 'magical mystical truths' that only they know. Watch for buzz words like "channeled, secret information,
Russian Scientist say, predications which appear unfounded (Always look for track records. The vast majority are pathetic failures with less than half the luck of a simple coin
toss). Above all, watch for those who in some fashion call out "follow me...follow me".
Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV
Scale Model of the Cydonia Region in the British Isles........

Certain researchers, such as David Percy, have identified an area in the British Isles that appears to represent a scale model of the Cydonia region.  I know this place only too well, as it is
located in the county of Wiltshire, England. At the start of the 20th century, the village of Avebury, Wiltshire, was a farming community.  Restoration, conducted in later decades,
cleared away much of that community and its buildings, to reveal an ancient site.  There were many strange stones positioned on the site that dated-back thousands of years,
combined with an equally ancient, bizarre, circular ditch.

What do these stones represent?  I, for one, haven't got the answer.  However, the ditch around the village does appear to have a meaning that I can relate to.  As a defence
against invading hordes, the Avebury ditch is far too shallow to be effective.  If not a defence, then what?  As things turned-out, it was aerial shots that would reveal the crater-like
nature of Avebury.

David Percy and others compared these shots with those that had been taken by the Viking probes.  They not only found a Martian Crater that matched with the Avebury aerial photos, but they
also found matches to other features.  Avebury, it appeared, was scaled-down fourteen-to-one, when compared with its likeness on Mars, and many other Martian features could also be
identified.  Each one was correctly positioned, according to the same 14:1 scale.
There is clearly something significant about this place, and that significance includes an extraterrestrial

Steve Clementson
To: burlingtonnews@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 2:12 AM
Evidence Indicates Water on Mars
Tue May 28, 5:02 PM ET
Science Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - Evidence of vast deposits of water frozen under the rocky soil of Mars suggests a source of drinking water and rocket fuel for explorers and boosts the
possibility that life once existed on the Red Planet.

Scientists using instruments on NASA (news - web sites)'s Mars Odyssey spacecraft have found strong signals that ice — perhaps enough to twice fill Lake Michigan — lies just
beneath the red surface of Mars.

"The subsurface ice detected by Odyssey instruments represents only the tip of an iceberg frozen underground," Jim Bell, an astronomer at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., and
author of a report in the journal Science. Two other papers giving details of the Odyssey probes of Mars also will appear in the journal next Friday.

In a study led by William Boynton of the University of Arizona, researchers reported that a gamma ray spectrometer detected a high concentration of hydrogen in the top three feet of
Mars in large areas around the planet's poles.

"This is the best direct evidence we have of subsurface water ice on Mars," Boynton said in a statement. "We were hopeful that we could find evidence of ice, but what we found is
much more ice than we ever expected."

Planetary experts have long believed Mars once had lakes, ponds and rivers and was more Earthlike. The water disappeared early in the planet's history, and researchers have
been puzzled about where the water went. Now, the new studies suggest the water filtered into the soil and became trapped as ice.

Odyssey's instruments detect the signature of water in the soil by measuring the reaction of cosmic rays as they strike the Martian surface. Cosmic rays are highly energetic
particles, and when they collide with atoms, they send other particles, such as neutrons, flying off in all directions. These neutrons, in turn, strike hydrogen atoms, gamma rays are
emitted, and the neutrons are slowed.

Thus, by measuring the gamma rays and the velocity of neutrons, the instruments collect a signature for the presence of hydrogen. And most scientists believe the most likely source
of this hydrogen is frozen water, which comprises two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen.

"The signal Odyssey has detected is a very strong signal, which is easy to reconcile as ice," said Bell. "It is not a certainty, but it is very compelling evidence" for the presence of
water ice.

Earlier studies had found evidence for the presence of water on Mars. The polar ice caps change seasonally, as if ice were melting; water vapor was detected in the planet's
atmosphere, and the Mars surface is shaped with flood plains, gullies and channels similar to those formed by water on Earth.

The new evidence supports the notion of a great deal of water on Mars, Bell said, and this could make it easier to explore the Red Planet.

"If there is a resource there waiting for future explorers, that is less that we will have to bring from Earth," he said. "It makes the whole process a lot easier."

Frozen water could be thawed for drinking. Also, water could be split into its chemical components, hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen could be used for breathing and the two
chemicals can be recombined to make rocket propellant.

The presence of vast quantities of water also boosts the possibility that life — probably microbes — once existed on the Red Planet and possibly could still be there deep
underground in pockets of liquid water.

"This doesn't prove that there was or wasn't life on Mars, but we know that water is a key requirement for life as we know it," said Bell. "This is a piece of evidence in support of the
hypothesis" that Mars was once more Earthlike, with bodies of water and, perhaps, some forms of life.
On the Net: Science: http://www.sciencexpress.org

NASA Finds Water, Water Everywhere on Mars

May 28, 2002 03:56 PM ET  Email this article Printer friendly version
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent

(Reuters) - A huge sea of ice lies just under the surface of Mars, ready to be tapped by future explorers as a source of fuel and maybe even drinking water,
scientists report.

It might also harbor life, and certainly explains where some of the water went when Mars went from being a warm and wet place to the cold, dry desert it is now, the researchers
report in this week's issue of the journal Science.

"It turns out it is really quite a bit more ice than I think most people ever really expected," William Boynton of the University of Arizona, who led one of the studies being published
this week, said in a telephone interview.

"What we are seeing is there is a layer of ice just a little beneath the surface. It is maybe a meter (three feet) beneath the surface." He said the quantity seen compares to the
amount of water in Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes between Canada and the United States.

Scientists studying Mars have been looking for water for a number of reasons. For one, life as we know it requires water, and anyone who wants to spend any time on the planet
would need water to drink and to use as a source of hydrogen for fuel.

"The amount of water present on Mars is sufficiently large that it can support future human exploration activities," said Bill Feldman of the Department of Energy's Los Alamos
National Laboratory, who helped direct the research.

"We see it is and it a big, huge whopping jumble of soil and ice," NASA's Jim Garvin said. "It's a lot of stuff and it was found in a way that not totally expected and it bodes well for
Mars offering us more goodies as we go into the ground."

Scientists are also fascinated by what the finding means for understanding the weather and geology of Mars.


Mars seems to have once had water on the surface -- lots of it. There are deep canyons, one deeper and wider than anything on Earth, and places that look like dried-up lake or

The surface is now dry and dusty and the ice that covers the poles is frozen carbon dioxide. With average surface temperatures of -63 degrees F, and a thin atmosphere, there is
little hope of finding water at the surface.

But NASA has used a range of instruments to see if water is there and if so, if it is easy to get at.

Evidence has been seen in photographs of seeping water, and the orbiting Odyssey spacecraft was directed to look for chemical evidence of water, which should be recognizable
because of its high hydrogen content.

Hydrogen quickly combines with other elements, so if it is found on a cold planet, it is very likely to have teamed up with oxygen to form water.

Odyssey looked at the ways gamma and neutron rays interacted with particles on the planet and indeed found strong evidence of hydrogen just under the surface.

The regions examined extend from the south pole of Mars to about 45 degrees latitude. "It's kind of equivalent to the latitude of Paris," Boynton said.

"It's very close to the surface and so the astronauts could get at it easily," he added. "Some people were talking about getting some complicated devices that would extract water
from soil if there was only 1 to 2 percent water, and you'd have to heat it to high temperatures to get it out."

But this water is so plentiful it would only have to be heated to 33 degrees F to be usable.

Garvin said astronauts would not drink it -- at least not right away. "If Martian microbes are sitting there waiting to bloom, the last thing we would want is a war of the worlds waiting
to blow up in our bellies," he said.

Scientists from across the United States joined up with Russian and French teams to analyze Odyssey's data. It will take much more work to confirm that the substance found on
Mars really is frozen water. But the experts seem convinced.

"The subsurface ice detected by the Odyssey instruments represents only the tip of an iceberg frozen under ground," Jim Bell of Cornell University, wrote in a commentary in

Spacecraft sent to Mars in the 1970s probably missed the ice by just a few inches (cm), Boyton said.

"The interesting thing is, it looks like the Viking 2 lander actually landed in a region that we think probably had the same ice beneath it," he said.

"If they could have dug down a meter (three feet) deep instead of 10 to 20 cm (four to eight inches) they could have found this ice. Isn't that interesting? They were probably right on
top of it all the time and never had the slightest idea it was there."
Robert Collins writes... What the viewer sees in the image in the below link is a picture of a wooden "MASK:" Pictures of this "wooden mask" came from Bill Moore in 1994. There
is a big story behind how Bill got those pictures which will be divulged
at a later time. The bottom half of the picture shows what has been determined to be "National Security Agency" (NSA) and USAF labels on the lower back bottom of the wooden
mask or, "NSA #731" and "USAF-DOD SK (SIC?) 557 or 237" (note, this is even harder to read on a JPG image). As one source just said, "the reason NSA had it is because this
same face appeared in a figure photographed on the Martian surface in 1978. This same face (and similar impression) was photographed on the ground ~300 miles northeast of
the other face that was photographed on Mars. " Robert Collins says,
"I keep thinking of the Fish Gods talked about in Sumerian/Abyssian legends ...ala Zecharia Sitchin ... Also, my theory
is the Aliens created these figures/structures (if they prove to be real) on the surface of Mars to give us "hints" just like the "hints" with crop circles. There just wasn't enough time for
advanced life to have evolved on Mars. "See:


Martian Surface Photos and Updates. Is there Life on Mars. Is there Water on Mars. Check out the photos and posts
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