Aerial view of same area shown in Photo One. From this
perspective it is obvious that these rocks have in fact been
arranged into large patterns. Archaeologists believe it was done
by prehistoric people, probably for agricultural purposes. The
pattern was simply too large to be detected by someone
standing on the ground.
To give you an idea of its size, compare the size of the trees in
the ground and aerial view
Many times the archeologist or researcher will walk right over a spot of antiquity without realizing it...BUT when shot from the air, a
whole new picture of the site comes into view. A ground view of a rock-strewn field south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, in which the
stones appear more or less randomly distributed, except for a few possible alignments. No overall pattern can be detected at ground
Photos by
Tom Baker
Photo One
Typical ground view of a buried Southwestern pueblo (town) site.
The contrast between the bare areas of ground and the
surrounding grass and other vegetation form a pattern, but this
pattern is too large to detect at ground level.
Photo to left is mound between Honey Creek and
Photographed Mary Sutherland
Photo to right is effigy
on Hwy 83 outside of Burlington Wisconsin
Photographed by
Photographed by C.W. Beemer
June 27, 1927
View looking north.
Photo Two
No vegetation grows over the walls of the buried
roomblocks of this ancient town, possibly because the
adobe (mud) used in the construction of the walls and
rooms is sterile, or too densely packed. The result is that the
outlines of the buried pueblo are revealed to the aerial
observer. Some of the rooms (at center of photo) have
been opened by excavation, leaving rectangular cavities.
The small circle in the center of the largest enclosure (plaza)
is the trace of the pueblo's kiva, or semi-subterranean
ceremonial chamber (the small tree beside it is the same one
in the center of the ground-level photo).
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"Thanks to the introduction of new state and Federal laws, Wisconsin's
remaining mounds have now been protected.
According to the Burial Site Protection Law of 1985, Wisconsin progressively
defined all Native American mounds as human burial places. The law
protects them from disturbance and destruction, as it does for all cemeteries
and family plots.