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Contact of the Multiple Kind -
For More Information on this event that started 1,000 Years Ago go to this site

Indian Spirit- White Buffalo- The Thunderbird- Reality Shifting and UFOs
Something is going on and its getting very strange - even for me.
Mary Sutherland  6- 3- 6

As many of your know , I do tours in the sacred areas around Burlington, WI .
For the last month, these areas have become exceedingly strong and experiences there are getting past the point of being unbelievable - even for myself.
Luckily I have witnesses and photos to document the strangeness that has been ocurring.

Last night we took a small group outside of Burlington to our favorite place ' The Haunted Woods'
As soon as we arrived we not only started having ufo sightings but reality shifts and transformations .
While we were photographing reality shifts in the Parking Lot, Brad Sutherland felt that there was a ufo high in the sky above us - Although he didn't see anything he shot towards where he felt it
was.  Following is his photo...Remember this did not appear to our physical eye.
As soon as we walked into the woods, things again got strange. As you see by the following photos we were getting strange lights reflecting back from our camera shots on the grounds.
Now what would be creating these kinds of lights?  - Or could it be the ground reflecting back the flash - Which of course ground would not - Metal would or glass would...but everyone knows the
ground isn't made out of metal or glass or even plastic. Another thing we all noticed was that the mosquitos were very vicious in the parking lot - but once we got inside the woods, no one seemed to
notice mosquitos
Dimensional Worlds were being superimposed over other worlds. It was becoming difficult for the group to focus and I had to several times in the first woods, stop the group and have them do
breathing exercises to bring them back into balance.
Many in the group brought up to me feelings of dizziness, light heatedness, feelings of being pushed, weight on their chest and difficulty in breathing.  I also experienced this. The woods have taken
on a sense of urgency - the experiences there are much stronger . What is the sense of urgency?
As we exited the first woods and came to the top of the ridge we stopped to take a break. A ufo could be seen in the distance over us. This is normal for the ridge area though.
But is what normal is as soon as we stopped a force took over one of the women in the group and she went into a trance talking in a native american language which none of us could understand
- including herself.  I videod some of this trance talk so those wishing to analyze it are welcome.  As she was in the trance and shortly after I took a photo of her (left) and Brad also took a photo of
the group (right).  As you see a reality shift has occured showing several dimensions with their bodies present in both dimensions...
Before going into the second woods where the Manitou Stones are and the Sacred Pit, I had them do some relaxation breathing exercises.  Going through the second woods, they again
experienced sensations of being pushed, touched , dizziness, and the air again started feeling heavier.  In the second woods as we approached the Manitou stones, the temperature began
We proceeded to the Manitou Stones - where all 'hell' broke lose - but hopefully for some - hell was broken and a return to their loved ones took place... So Let me tell you 'this' event.
In the following photos you will see what took place as this woman in white sat down on the manitou stones.  Earlier she had the experience of a Native American coming through her and talking -
although no one knew what she was saying.
As 'Bernie' was sitting on the stone the Native American came through again. When she did, I quit photographing and went to her (Photo 1 ), hoping that I could pick up images in my head as to
who this person was and what they wanted. As I came to her , the Spirit connected to me and through Bernie started at first talking fast - as if she had a story to tell..this led to sobs and then finally
to uncontrollable emotions of pain and tormet.  This poor thing was a tormented soul that had been trapped in an event that keep her in a personal hell.
(Photo 2) If you notice in this photo..Iam now feeling the greef of the Native American woman and trying to confort her.
Notice the orb on her husband's arm and the streak of light going up his throat area..almost as if holding him back from her . Another orb has presented itself above our heads . However- when
holding her I knew that comfort was not what this spirit needed - My concern was could I help this native american woman spirit.  I turned it over to the ancestors that live here on this holy land to
help me help her.
Well as they say ' Let the Healing Begin'.
In the photo to the left, I put my forhead up against hers and held her head in my hands. I did this to share the energies of the
spirit woman . Note the tiny white spot or orb just above our foreheads.
Now by first glance not much looks like it is happening..except to see that the lady in white has taken on more of the native
american features.
BUT...look at the following enlarged photo of my face and  her face as the torment and pain has meshed us together as one. .
When the two came together as one - or actually the three of us came together as one - I saw and felt the apirit experiencing and griefing for her children - family and friends who had died  a
violent death in a tribal massacre. Upon seeing the violence - the deaths of her children and family, she was in shock when the the final blow to her came. Being thus so, she had not even been
aware of her own death. Her last thoughts of what she had witnessed was  what she was locked into from her death right  up to this day.
She kept crying out " where were her children - where was her family- "all she wanted was to just be home with her children. Her worst hell was the missing of her chldren and the confusion in her
Being that she saw herself as a physical live person, she could not understand me tryng to tell her she had died and that her family was waiting for her on the other side.  Eventully what I did was
to open the portal to allow her children to come for her.. but it didn't seem to be working...Then I was told use the ' White Buffalo' to lead her home. So I told her to follow the white buffalo and it
would lead her to her children. This seem to give her comfort and she seemed to accept this idea . I visualized the white buffalo and told her it was ok to leave and she was always welcome to come
back and visit her friend in the whtie dress.
It 'seemed' to have worked - time will tell however. Bernie the owner of the body , said she felt her leave and that a great burden seemed to be lifted off her person. She felt lighter although still
weak.  But kept telling me the native american spirit wanted her to leave the woods now and go back home.
I almost bought the line and would have if it hadn't been for the ancestors...but there was more work to be done which I was soon to find out.  I told the rest in the group that Brad and I were going
to take Bernie and her husband back to the parking lot where their car was and go home ourselves..  Just as we got on the path to go home...and strong voice came into my head and told me to
'go back- there was more work to be done - I needed to bring closure and a prayer of Thanks to the Ancestors.  I left Bernie and her husband there and found an area that the ancestors chose me
to stand in to do the ceremoney.
In the following photos you will see the ceremony and what happened to me.
In photo 1 I give praise to the goddess moon with my raised hand and honor to Mother Earth with my other hand.  You can see the moon in the direction Iam looking. .  Note the red energy coming
in to my left and the blue energies around my body.
In Photo Five I have gone into a trance like state (not
but it felt like I was having an out of body experience. I saw
the thunderbird in my mind and became the arms started spreading out and I felt myself
fly up into the sky towards the heavens -  While this is
happening - Thankfully Brad was standng back watching
over me and photographing it.
The Blue around me is the Thunderbird Energy that took
me into the sky. Notice also the energies on my face, in my
hair and on the inside palm of my hand. (Personally Iam
surprised I even showed up on the camera).
In Photo five  , I started feeling the need to dance and a chanting type song came over me and I started dancing to it...
As I danced the blue energy around me started getting strong and stronger. Soon the dance took me over.
In Photo four I give the spirit of the Native American to the Ancestors to Help her on her Journey. I give a
sweeping motion . Note the blue energies that are swept from me upwards
Photo four ...Energies getting stronger
In this photo I am receiving the energies of the goddess and the earth energy.
Notice what 'looks' like an orb on my forehead.
but when looking at the orb more closely in the second photo you will see within the white orb a Star of David or Pentagram i
After this I lose track of what happened except that I remember me spinning around in a circle going faster and faster, chanting something I did not understand. I then blacked out, falling to the
ground. Brad was photographing this and the others in the group came running over to where I laid, responding to hearing me yelling out something. They were naturally concerned ..especially
when they saw me lying on the ground.

After  they got me up off the ground  , Brad had to assist me out of the woods. I  was too weak and shakey to walk on my own. I walked behind him , holding tightly onto his shoulders until we got out
of the woods.
Bernie and her husband Bob were behind us and I was behind Brad holding onto him for dear life...and Brad thankfully kept right on shooting photos.
To my amazement the photos showed that we had something in front  that stayed with us until we got about 50 feet from the exit point of the woods.  Here are some of the photos of this energy.
I have come to believe the pink cloud that walked us back through the woods was the brought on by the Energy of the Goddess.
Listen to this video clip as Bernie goes into a trance and
starts talking Native American.
Does any one recognize this language ?
Does anyone know what she is saying?
Click Here to Listen.
Now if you think that night of 6-3-6 was exiting in the woods  - you haven't seen
nothing yet.
Click to Next page to see a ufo encounter of the 'closest' kind that happened to us
after we exited the woods!
From the works of Jacque Vallee, he suggests that if you want to make ufo
contact, change the pattern of the program
Of course this night was a very unusual nite with many mystical things happening
to us. Did we change the program enough to bring ufos in to check us out? I don't
know - but I do know that when we came out of the woods, we were visited by two

Listen as Metaphysical Master Stephanie Explain the Photos here on this site and what she
believes happened that night.  Archived Show
On a site on vortex magic, I later
learned that certain native peoples
included spiral or vorticular motions
into their rituals , which often times led
to shapeshifting.
This may explain why I turned into the
'thunderbird' while doing this ritual.
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