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Mary Sutherland - Warren Bonesteel and   Clifford Alford

Trivia : the Cherokee Indians used the stars as relays for messages between different bands in war parties and hunting parties. They would decide before they went out at night, which star they
were going to use. After the hunting party split up into smaller bands, members of the different groups would put their attention on that star, and "send" or "receive" a mental image accompanied
by emotions. (This method works exceedingly well. .) The star they selected could have been hundereds or thousands of light years away, yet their messages were sent and received in "real time".
One of the band could send a message to the star, and another could pick it up any time after that. (Kind of like the Internet. E-mail without any service charges!) During the day they would select
a mountain to use as a  relay. It worked. (Anyone can do it, if they know how.) Dr. Robert Neal Boyd -physicist

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The Law of One tells us that all is connected to the One and the One is connected to the All.
This can be demonstrated by the photos here on this site.  Starting with the human first I demonstrate that the brain produces electrical light charges which carry information -This information is
transmitted and received to and from all objects of the cosmos. And in return all information through this same type of energy process  is exchanged back and forth to everything in our dimension
as well as every other dimension from the smallest to the largest- instantly . .

Mirrored Neurons

As the first party observes the second - energy is transmitted from the first and the second party.
This energy is met in the center of the two creating an 'orb' or bubble filled with the information which  thus can be shared by both parties.   Through this simple process we not only pick up the
thoughts and images of the object we are observing but its emotions and vice versa.

Tools Used to 'Tap' into this Conscious Energy Field

Tools such as divining rods and pendulums  
are only used as an aide for gathering information until you gain 'the confidence' to realize that you already have the ability to gather information
around you simply by listening to your higher self or mind.


How does Intuition Work ?

Intuition also works by using our nervous-muscular system and by manipulating our normal five senses - seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting.

In most  these skills are dormant - but we ALL have the potential to improve our abilities. This is easiest when we first identify the Intuitive method that our own Being prefers.

The more that we are aware of our environment, the easier to note any changes in our perception. S
eeing not just an object, but all the contouring, shading, and variations in colour
(and careful note of the surroundings and background) gives us a better appreciation of 'what we see'.

When we ask our Intuition for help on a subject, we can also define that ALL WE SEE   in the next few minutes has a meaning relating to the subject.
We will still see the same
views as would have otherwise been seen, but our sight now may emphasize certain shapes, colours, contrasts, or even objects.

Laura Day, who has written a number of books on Intuition, suggests another way in her Practical Intuition which is  
ask the question, and then check: How do you feel ? What am I thinking
now ? What taste is in my mouth ? What am I smelling ? What am I seeing first when I close and then open my eyes ?

Also write down the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a place, person, colour, time, town, river, food, weapon, fear, memory, etc - you can write each of these on a card, and go
through them to get immediate answers; do each one quickly - and if you do not get an answer then make one up !

When ready, be fully aware of your environment, ask your question, and then note all the changes to your environment - a memory of a person or situation that comes to mind, a change of taste
in your mouth, the shivers, a funny smell, hearing a noise that you did not notice before, or a picture flashing into your mind.

You may walk down the street and notice a particular colour, shape, or object; perhaps certain flowers in a garden 'call' to you; or your attention may focus on something in a shop window. Yes, all
these things were there before, but your Intuition is drawing your attention to them to give you a message.

You seek guidance on a situation, and a memory of a person or a happening comes to mind - Ask yourself... Could your relationship with that person, the memory of how they behaved (to you or
to others), or the outcome of that happening be an indication regarding your present situation ?

Then we have to 'make sense' of these impressions - a job fitting for the logical part of our thinking team !

It helps to ask for further clarification, and a thought may POP into your mind. Now that FIRST THOUGHT is probably from your intuition, and should be taken seriously; any second thoughts are
likely to be from your logical mind, and may best be disregarded.

It pays to immediately record all your intuitive experiences. Often you will find a pattern that indicates the way that your intuition works. Certain symbols seen - or persons popping into your mind -
may have special meanings, even appearing in dreams. By recording these, you may find the key to deciphering such meanings.
Hello Mary,

       This E-mail is to confirm our discussion of ALL happenings that arose from the show of 04-26-06 with Sir Clifford--Warren Bonesteel and yourself as the host. My computer crashed three(3)
times that evening. I had another return of whatever this dark blob represents??? I angrily told it to Go to Hell! It streamed away from me, like it was being drawn through a straw to where-ever??
My physical being then felt as IF I was in another time??? My vision was distorted as seeing doubles of everything around me and everything appearing as a wave type form. Approximately two
hours later, ALL suddenly just settled. It felt as IF I was dumped back into me. Like falling and then a sudden stop! I was awake though when it happened. My rate of exhaustion was none as I ever
experienced. I finally began to feel rested today Friday April 28th 2006.
   THANK's to YOU--Mary and the many others who are contributing in a positive way, I do believe ALL of us who are sincerely seeking, ARE obtaining the TRUTH rapidly now.  The darkness is
becoming more than just concerned--------They are becoming Terrified that we ARE obtaining those Truth's!  Keep up the GOOD works, WE do appreciate them.  Teo

I felt that at the end of the show your concentration was  'off' .
Strange energies.
My computer also froze  and I had to reboot. ..Ted

April 28th
Went into town for some errands earlier this morning and the world
looked different--there is a  freshness, like a whole new world.  Air
clear, cool, clean...trees brilliant with sun on their new leaves.
Couple of other people in different parts of the globe verified same
awareness to this day. N
We are all 'The Medium'
by Rochelle Sparrow, Psychic Trance Channel, MSW, LCSW

When I was a child, I often went down the street and sat overlooking the bay as a way to escape my parents who were mentally ill and abusive. Sitting there I would feel the calm of the water rush
over me and take in the sound of the waves hitting the rocks below my feet. I felt my back against the little lighthouse that called the claming boats to the shore after a hard day's work. I could feel
the energy of peace and homecoming wash over me.

When I was old enough and had resources, I entered therapy. It was from this experience of viewing my life from a different perspective, namely, I was not at fault for my experiences; that led me
into knowing I wanted to explore with other people what their life could be. I became a therapist.

I was interested in what the world was. I wanted to know what the natural world was. Not the world that is described to me by any one around me, but the world as it is. I started to journey. In my
shamanic visualizations I traveled to places outside of the
earth, into the universe and followed doorways and gateways into energetic lights, castles, starbursts and planets made of pink air. I breathed in this air and I felt love. I traveled into the earth. I
followed worms that led me to Africa onto desert landscapes overlooking herds of elephants. I became the elephant. I felt my tusks. I scraped mud onto my back. I felt the power and protection of
my family.
I looked out into middle earth from the vision that all was alive. I hugged trees. I felt what they said. Some hopped. All were joyful. The trees remember me when I leave my desert home in Phoenix
for the north country. When I see them, they talk to me
all at once.

During one shamanic journey, I did not get a vision. I heard a voice. I thought something was wrong. I wanted to know more. The voice was suggesting a move. he voice came with a vision, a
hawk sitting on a saguaro. I kept seeing it. I moved from New York to Pheonix.

Nothing hides in the desert. All becomes seen and burned off with the heat of the sun. I saw my shadow. I became more knowing of myself  The guide's voice became stronger. I listened. I
focused on energies that brought me into other
worlds. One day I went running in Papago Park. I passed a women, a native american with cropped hair. I felt uncomfortable because she was obviously meditating. I followed the path five feet
away from her. I looked back and saw a pile of rocks. The
shock wave went through my body. I had shapeshifted into another time.

I followed the path up to Hole in the Rock, an ancient Hohokam observatory. A plaque at the bottom of the mountain of Hole in the Rock described a small scraped square that marked the sun's
crossing during the soltice. I climbed the mountain. In the
naturally carved out hole, I asked the guides to show me the marker. They said "turn around". I turned around. They said "look up to the left". I did and immediately my eyes fell on the marker.

went into Jungian analysis. The dreamworld is alive, I wanted to know more about how I was living without my ego keeping me from the truth. Dreams don't lie. They talk to you with truth about
how you carry out your life.

Each day I would listen to my guidance. I wrote books, JFK is Still Alive, articles for Sedona of Emergence, Mystic Pop and the internet and started to provide sessions for people. I was given a
radio show, the Rochelle Sparrow Connection. Through careful
listening and following the guidance, I found out what they do. I found out what they do for all of us.

About nine months ago, I took a trip to Sedona to meet with Brit Elders of Shirley I had been interviewed on her show for a channeled book I had written and began to offer
channeled guidance for people through her site once a month.

Before our scheduled meeting, I went to the meditation room and sat meditating. The guides told me I was done now and walked out and ran head on into Michael Firewalker, new owner of the
healing center. He began to talk in a very inspired way. I knew I was supposed to listen. He said, "I know what a producer does. The son of a famous producer told me. He holds the
vision. This one comes along and says I want to do this, the producer fires him. Another one comes along and says you should do it this way, the producer fires him. The producer states what is
the vision and all else falls away." Michael looked at me and said, "what are you producing?" I didn't answer, I hadn't thought of myself as a producer.

I left saying I had a dinner meeting and went to meet Brit. In the car I became inspired. What about a channel, 24/7, all with spiritual shows? I had a vision. I shared it with Brit, a woman I knew for
all of five minutes, she said she was in.

Through this vision, Spirit Productions was born. I began a close friendship with Elizabeth Gaelyn Baker. We began to follow the guidance each day.

I want to share with you a story. A story of us, people, how we really are, not what is said we are.

Our guidance whether it comes from a voice, a vision, a spiritual prompt, a dream, a claivoyant sensory perception or a gut feeling, is about energy. . Energy that is a language from inside of us
that moves out to other dimensions and from those dimensions back to us again. Take away our bodies and what we have is still us, us in our energetic forms, our feelings, our
thoughts, we are still alive.

My guides have been telling me to focus on the energy of the ancestors. They have been telling Elizabeth to forgive her mother for betrayal for when she was a child. She has forgiven her
mother with love. They have been telling me through my dream state and
channeled words to connect more with them.

Yesterday, I went to get my nails done. Sitting in the chair peacefully concentraing on the energy of connecting with my ancestors, I heard something crack. A longtime energy, a psychological
block had cracked and I felt it move away from me in my mind. I
felt the rigid defense leave my aura as well as the bad feelings underneath it. I felt the tribe of my ancestors wanting me, I had done nothing to be ostercized and, finally, I knew it.

> >I went home. There on my door was a card from a > >private investigator telling me to get a hold of him. > >My neice, Tara, wanted to contact me. I had not seen > >my niece in ten years. My
sister, her mother, is > >time. Since I lived in New York and she in > >California, all I could do was pray for her and > >silence the relationship with my sister.

The world is not a linear place. It can show itself to be and create the false illusion that is all it is. But what is really present is a place of energies which actualized themselves in this dimension in
various ways it is called upon to do so.

> >Last night in my psychic development class, the guides > >identified for a client a past life which continues to > >carry energy in this life. She was a slave. In this > >life she felt enslaved by her
relationship with her > >mother. We cut the past life cords from her aura and > >she felt them move away. Pain that she was feeling in > >her feet was instantly gone. Through channeled
> >guidance and her own intuition, she began to focus on > >the energy of emotional freedom.

if I had not done my work in connecting with my ancestors, would I have channeled clearly the energy for her to focus upon? Would the energy have reverberated out through our connection in a
different way, a way that was not as clear? Was the timing of
this class moved from a place of no time to perfect time from above?

> >Elizabeth and I are connecting our energy with the > >ancestors and healing our connections, past, present
> >and future with our ancestors. If we did not, could > >we connect with people from all directions and produce
> >our vision of Spirit Productions? It is the energy > >that creates. And the energy often looks like it is
> >non-sensical, non-linear and of no relationship to > >what must be done in a logical manner.

It is a wonderful paradox, focus on the energy and it creates. We cannot know nor predict the outcome. We must give up control to gain control.

We are all miracles in creation because we can all communicate through our energy. We do whether or not we even admit it, know it or recognize it. But once we do, wow, once we do, then what?
I want to find out more.

Rochelle Sparrow
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What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that
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Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and
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