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"A show on Ghosts - Parallel Dimensions- Shifting Realities and vortexs ."
March 19th, 2006  
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Photos demonstrate a vortex and what happens to material being caught up in one.
High  Electromagnetic distortions create 'Temporal Event Horizons'  (ie. black holes, vortexes) which allows the orb (spirit)  to pass through with no difficulty. The
Temporal Event Horizon acts as a buffer helping to keep the orb in a state of constant energy and stability while slipping just outside of time and space."

Depending on the size of what is coming through from the higher dimension into our third dimension will be the size  of distortion in the  plasma (ether) field.

Space is a fluid ..Hence a field of plasma..Hence a 'plasma field'. . Its motion  or state of being  is 'Guided by Matter'  . Thus an orb or space craft or other type of
matter going through it would affect its field. (Think of a boat propelling itself through water - the faster and larger the boat - the more distortion of the water it is
going through . )

According to Charles Vind , "A  particle  (matter) with positive gravity would have a spin rotating inward pulling in fluid and an a particle with negative gravity
would have a spin pushing out fluid or an outward spin.  The faster the rate of motion or rotation (frequency) would thus determine the gravity and therefore the
mass of the particle. So all elementary particles of  matter would essentially be FLUID in MOTION around a CLOSED  CIRCULAR PATH. All forms of matter could
also be seen essentially as specific PATTERNS of MOTION in the great SEA of FLUID that  constitutes the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE."

This fluid is a life force to matter. It feeds matter with energy and this energy is 'electromagnetic' ..thus it falls under 'electromagnetism'
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The Haunted Woods 'never' let us down!
Here you see a strange blue light circling some of the members in the party  - behind is an angelic light and
congratulations Laura Held - You are the first girl that has been photographed with the 'lightening bolt' coming
out of going into your head'.
Now you go in the hall of photo fame with Brad!
This orange light spirit followed us from the beginning of the trip
through the woods until we finished. Apparently who or whatever it was
either liked the people that was there or was very curious.
This photo shows an angelic light  - the orange light streams and two realities appearing in one.
A parallel universe existing in our 3d . Notice not only the 2 universes , but how the girls are
shifting into the alternate one..
Another alternate universe is being created here. and it seems that there is a dark hooded
being in the background with a brilliant white stream of light arching over his head and shoulder
The bright area is the alternate universe.
Notice how man in back is psychically picking up on it.
(walking with eyes closed)
Well like the in the movie, Highlander, "it is better to fade out than fade away!"
In this case, Bob McConnell stepped into some sort of portal area - split in two and either that is
a spirit that is encircling him  - or it is an alternate self .  I personally think it is his alternate spirit
This was taken right after I had opened a portal in the second woods, near the manitou stones.
Notice the gentleman next to the tree. As you see,  he is going through a dimensional shift. His
head has become semi-transparent whereas you can see the trees ahead of him through his
Instead of doing a regular sceance, as promised, I decided to open a portal calling for the spirits to arise out of the circle, visualizing a beam of light.
Look in front of me next to the person with brown jacket. You can see the vortex of light coming out of the ground rising upwards.
Shortly after I had done the ceremony, Brad took a photo of Laura Held. She was
standing directly in front on him as he shot this photo. BUT..instead of the 3 d Laura
appearing on camera we see she had actually turned into spirit form and had
ascended into a higher dimension..leaving only mist and orbs .
How this is done will be explained in the show.
This was taken after the Portal Opening Ceremony.
You can see to the left of the photo that the people standing there were doing dimensional
shifts and fading in and out of dimensions. Notice how you can see trees through the
people. But where the arrow is pointing you find a hooded entity walking through them..
Whether he knew they were there or not..I don't know...but it does not seem that anyone is
aware of him except for Brad (taking the photo) and the gentleman holding the staff.
This was taken during the ceremony that Mary Sutherland performed.
Note the Large ghost like entity rising up over the heads of the participants to the left. .
Also note the other ghostly apparitions coming upwards from behind the people to the
Dwain caught this apparition on camera . This may be the Shamaan of the Woods
carrying his staff. Whoever it is however is simply standing next to us observing .
(Apparition outlined in White. )
Dwain photographed me as I was concentrating on bringing  up the light from the ground - through a portal. As you see, nothing here in first photo.
But check out the next photo and you will see the now swirling light arising from the ground.
Here is our psychic "Snow" and her husband , which is also very psychic.
As you see here, as they are trying to get a 'feel' for the spirits - the spirit is taking a 'feel' of well as
Dwain in the foreground.
Mary Checking out one of the rooms in the tunnels located under Coaches Bar
and Grill in Burlington.
This spirit energy was taking off in a big hurry as a
group of us went through the tunnels under Coaches
Bar and Grill.  Apparently we may have frightened him
or her.
Snow felt that some one had just went into this tunnel both
Laura and Dwain snapped a photo of the room. This photo is what
Dwain captured on camera.
This is 'Madame Sohia' giving readings at the party.
Everyone just loved her!  Thanks Sophia.
Again taken in the tunnel under Coaches. See the red spirit energy
around gentleman's head.  What a great memory of the party!  The tunnel
was quite active that night as we will be discussing it in the show
For even more great photos of the Party
and everyone there - as well as the trip to
the Haunted Woods Please go to our
Yahoo Photo Album
Show Psychic Tonight will be "SNOW"
Snow is from the Lake Geneva area and specializes in House Readings and
Contact her at
As we are doing the show, the spirit of
Charles comes through. We photographed
him. To see what we captured on camera
click the following
My impression of these red eyes are that they are elf type beings.
I enlarged photo and cut this area out for your viewing.
If you really want to see detail, put a magnifying glass to this photo. I swear they are
Letters from Listeners

At the very least-------YOU
are backing your words
with photographic "PROOF"
of these happenings!
Something I and MANY
others DO truly appreciate
and ADMIRE about You!
THANK's to You
,-----------every day I learn
more of WHO I am and
WHY I am here,
Teo from Wisconsin

Hi, I think with the work your
doing and contactees like
me were pushing science
in the right direction. With
your photos I don't know if
your stepping into other
dimensions or parallel
universes maybe thats for
science to eventually
decide. I do believe the
human race is being set up
for contact otherwise why
didn't the men in black put
a stop to me talking about
interdimensional E.T.s.,
somehow these men in
black know everything and
they could put a stop to
things if they wanted.
These E.T.s are around me
all the time and you can't
see them but I've learned to
sense them. You ought
hear the electonics at my
place sing at hight pitch my
brother who doesn't know
of my involvement with
E.T.s thinks my place is


Hi Mary,

Neat pictures.
Twice as I was going
through the pictures
my computer hung up.  I
had to restart.
Also a bulb in  one of desk
lights burnt out.
With love,

I think you are doing an
amazing job.  I need your
help.   I see these centipede
entities all the time with my
spiritual eye. They are bug
like with round circles and
another dot in the center that
looks like an eye.  There is
another entity that looks like
my spirit guide.  He has a
round golden light on his
head and has arms and
legs, I see him with the side
of my eye. Please tell me
what I am seeing.  At first, I
thought it was angels, or
spiritual beings.  There is
another entity that looks like
a bird, it is made up with a
lot of circles, and circles
inside the circles that look
like eyes. What are these
inter-dimensional beings.
How do I comunicate with
them. How do I take pictures
of them. Do I have to ask
their permission? I see them
all around me all the time.  
Thank you so much for your
help.  The centipede entity
looks like the one on your
page with round circles and
with tiny dots for eyes.
Please e-mail me back
P. Perez
Experiments have been
performed which show that,
during some out-of-body
experiences, the "astral
body" or center of
consciousness of the
individual can be detected
at remote locations. When
individuals go "out of body"
and focus their
consciousness at another
location, physical
disturbances have been
measured at that remote
location. These include
anomalous light, electrical,
magnetic and other
physical forces which
indicate the "astral body"
sometimes has physically
measurable properties.
(Reminds me of the
Haunted Woods pictures)
Laura Held
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