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One of our researchers, Jolene, contacted me about an ancient  mound she located next to Bohners Lake outside of Burlington  Wisconsin.
We decided to spend the afternoon researcher the area, as there was another report of a large ufo sighting in this same vicinity. Click Here for the story on the ufo over Boners Lake.
We found the mound and I decided to dowse the area - both with the pendulum and a wooden stick that I found laying along the path - that said 'take me!' .
The pendulum was very active as well as the little stick .
Following are some of the photos Jolene and I took of the area.  At the bottom of the page however, you will find a very "special" photo. A photo of an interdimensional entity that was resting on the
side of my cheek. I never saw or felt it...nor did Jolene - until we uploaded the digital camera onto the computer.
I sent the photo to several psychics I feel comfortable with along with my favorite physicist, Robert Neal Boyd
I like to not only get the metaphysical angel but have it backed up by 'open minded' scientists.
This photo  is the showing the pendulum responding to my question. Notice the
angle of the pendulum..meaning it is in motion - and strong motion at that.
This photo is of me holding the pendulum and asking a question. The
pendulum is not moving as it awaits me to finish asking the question.
The 'little stick' was very willing to be used as a dowsing tool. guiding me to the
top of the mound and to a fairy tree.  Thank you little one.
The Fairy Tree!  In this photo you find our littlest investigator, Travis checking
out the fairy tree with yours truly, Mary Sutherland.
In this photo, Iam dowsing the area for ley lines
Why have all the fun! I decided to take some time out of dowsing and teach Jolene and
Travis how the pendulum works. Jolene is eager to learn and the pendulum did work for
her which was quite exciting for her. The key to dowsing is always believe and trust in
the magic around us.
In the case of the pendulum the magic is connected to your higher self or Holy Spirit.

In ancient development systems it was well known that the mind itself was a functional
device, and that thoughts and thoughtforms could function as devices, influencing and
affecting other minds and physical material.  It was also understood that the
thoughtforms had to be crystal clear and very stable.  This demanded a great deal of
practice in concentration.  Eventually it was found that the stability of a physical form or
device could materially assist the mind in maintaining stability.  In ancient times many
such devices were used: the dowsing rod, the crystal ball, the string-and-weight psychic
pendulum, etc.

In other words, keep in mind the dowsing rod is only a tool.
It basically it is telling you what you ALREADY KNOW!
I love working with children and in this case, the child is Jolenes son, Travis.
If he keeps this up, can you imagine the opportunities that lie ahead of him
in the metaphysical!
Jolene is a good mother and is giving her child all the benefits one needs in
order to be in touch with the God Self.
Now for the MAGIC!
There is so much in the world around us that we can not see - but if one believes and opens themselves up to this invisible world - wonders appear that stand on their own as evidence .
Following is a photo of me, as I opened myself to this world , while dowsing with the pendulum.
Notice the 'scorpion-type' entity that appears on my check with its tail wrapped around my neck and appears to end at my ear.  I did not see nor feel this on my face..nor did Jolene see it. It only
appeared after we uploaded the digital camera onto the computer.
Hi Mary,
Wow, I got to take a look at the
picture just now, that is amazing.  My
guides state:  You are coninuing to
influence the mother ship.  we are
here to help guide you and present
you with evidence and information
related to your continued astral
travels, benign abductions, to our
world.  He (this little creature) is our
friend and ally.  he is giving you 'love
serum' an injection. to help your
continued work (feels like more
energy, high happy energy) and
there are (feels like series of
changes happening) that will
influence your life's work.  Wow, that
is too cool!  Please continue to
share, your work is fascinating!!!!  
Love, Rochelle
Rochelle Sparrow, MSW, Psychic
PO Box 7573
Phoenix, AZ  85011-7573
(602) 430-6447
We will concur with you that this is an
intradimensional occurance.. I checked the area
went to where you stood.. It is observed that an
electro maganetic pull is there and that which
involves a ring of heat a high amount of etheric
heat.. There are animals and species emananting
invisibly.. Saw lots of fairies.. Saw Harry Potter type
beings.. Now at this moment yes we can say that
manifestation superimposed itself on your face.. this
is due to the large degree of electricity coming from
your body.. you should be popping light bulbs..
Therefore you will attract more so than another.. as
if this was zipping along and just got pulled to your
energy.  ..  i talked to the being, and "I exist in a
dimension not usually seen and .. there are lots of
us here.." we mean no harm.But i tell you there is
heat in that area. A being like this or entity is
attracted to people like you, with high electro
magnetic pull. but it is a manifestation I believe. so
you tapped into an invisible world much like a
scientist with a microscope
Stephanie Ann Stevens
Metaphysical Master
Hi Mary,

This is Olga Morales, astrologer from
Melbourne Australia. I'm very
intrigued by your last photo.
Could I ask what day, time and
location it was taken?
My intuition is telling me that it was
while the Full Moon was in Scorpio or
close to, which indicates that the Sun
was conjunct the Pleiades.
A large interdimensional portal was
open on the weekend!

Best wishes,
Physicist Robert Neal Boyd responds:

It may be a "tulpoid", which in the
Tibetan Bhuddist tradition is
mind-originated creation of a human
being, in visible form.
A thought-form, in other words. I have
heard some reports out
of Russia of incidents which involved
some sort of "energy parasites",
which they claimed either caused, or
responded to, uncomfortable
emotional states. Got to watch those
moods, you know. Remember, the
human mind, coupled with
Consciousness,is a powerful thing
and must be watched carefully as to
what it is creating or discreating.

Best Wishes,

For more information on the Tulpoid
Click Here
I also agree with those write-ups beside the pic. You really are on to something big here. As a Scorpio myself, I can tell
you that you have tapped into something really powerful here (yourself? !!!).
You are the tie that binds, walking between the worlds. We would do well to keep our eyes on YOU, Lord knows the
"Others" are !!!!!

Brazil  just announced that they are lifting the ban on ET reporting and that it's time to come clean and the let people
know what they already know anyway. Keep the faith and keep going, it's just a matter of time before we crack this
code of silence and then you will be projected into the forefront for all of the dedicated work you have been doing in
the background!!!! hahaha, it's takes 10 years to become an overnight success and you're right on track Dearest
mega smooches,
Like nine-day kittens, our eyes are opened; and consciousness is awakened in this vivency of manifestation which we call physical reality,
proof of which is conveyed to us solely by the senses. Yet intuition suggests that other vivencies of (which are to us) potentiality and
essence also exist. Can consciousness awake in these realms, and if so, with what meta-senses must it be equipped? Thoreau (1955) tells
us that, "Only that day dawns to which we are awake." To what realm does consciousness awake: the aspect of manifestation, of
potentiality or of essence? Most of our lives when awake is spent with consciousness only aware of the manifestation level. The task of
consciousness must be to perfect those meta-senses which may be required in the higher vivencies to bring those realms from potentiality
and essence to manifestation, so that consciousness may also dawn in them. How shall this be done? Creativity is a prime mover;
orthocognition is a second, and meditation is a third (Gowan 1975:ch. 4).
All broaden the reach of consciousness by awakening it to its
regnant powers of creativity, not just in ideas but in manifestation. "Thy will be done on earth (manifestation) as it is in heaven (essence)."
We come close here to the Socratic concept of ideals. And as Socrates says in closing The Symposium: "Dwelling in that communion only,
he would create not images of Beauty, but Beauty herself, and so would become immortal and become the friend of God." Notice that if
attention "dwells in that communion only," then the creation of the mind is not merely of images, but is transcended to the creation of a real
object - Beauty - and this lifts consciousness to the godlike level.


Dr. Tom Beardon
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