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As the Orb moves in three dimensional space, it creates an electromagnetic wake. In this wake,  there are four  levels of electromagnetic fields involved.  The follow two photos of our orb is the original and a negative of the

The Atomony of the Orb:

1st Layer:   Ionic Displacement
2nd Layer:  Outer Magnetosphere
3rd Layer:   Ionic Plasma
Center:        Central Matrix

The Outer Magnetosphere surrounds the 'conscious energy'
The Central Matrix Plasma is an energy of consciousness that exists , while in three dimensional space, within a 'bubble'. . Within the substructure of the Matrix of energy lies everything needed  for  seeing, hearing, speech,
memory, etc.
The output of electrical energy of this 'consciousness' is found in 'millivolts' which is difficult for Tri-Field Meters to detect.  The sub-sections of the energy are very thin, but can be detected and recorded by the  recording
techniques available today.
The Energy in the Central Matrix is in it's natural state -  'Zero Point '  where time does not exist and can travel in and out of our third dimension.

The magnetosphere is multi-purpose and is also used as a sensor for navigation ,communication and a means of protection for the Central Matrix or Consciousness.

Near the  perimeter of the orb there is a 'rim of sorts'. This is  'Electromagnetic Field Displacement'.
The  Electromagnetic Field Displacement or "Event Horzion" is a null gap area that creates a void caused by the energy of the "Orb". This 'gap' area 'pushes' or 'displaces' the three dimensional reality, therefore creating a 'noted
wake' as it moves through space. This wake is the 'Outer Field Effect'.

The Outer Field Effect is positioned on the 'outside' of the "Displacement Void".
There is no direct 'physical' contact from the 'orb entity'  through the Electromagnetic Field Displacement - but the entity can and does make 'indirect' contact (and communication)  through a form of 'kinetic energy'.
While in motion, the orb creates a 'Wake in the Ether'  and can also change it shape via the direction of its path.  it will travel from object to object via 'Electromagnetism' .
High  Electromagnetic distortions create 'Temporal Event Horizons'  (ie. black holes, vortexes) which allows the orb to pass through with no difficulty. The Temporal Event Horizon acts as a buffer helping to keep the orb in a state
of constant energy and stability while slipping just outside of time and space
Following are some examples of  'Moving Orbs'

NOW - for the fun stuff...at least for me.

To begin, I need to repeat something 'important'.

"High  Electromagnetic distortions create 'Temporal Event Horizons'  (ie. black holes, vortexes) which allows the orb to pass through with no difficulty. The Temporal Event Horizon acts as a buffer
helping to keep the orb in a state of constant energy and stability while slipping just outside of time and space."

Depending on the size of what is coming through from the higher dimension into our third dimension will be the size  of distortion in the  plasma (ether) field. I will try to describe to you as I see this  
plasma field (space)  and matter within:

Space is a fluid ..Hence a field of plasma..Hence a 'plasma field'. . Its motion  or state of being  is 'Guided by Matter'  .  Thus an orb or space craft or other type of matter going through it would
affect its field. Think of a boat propelling itself through water - the faster and larger the boat - the more distortion of the water it is going through .

According to Charles Vind , "A  particle  (matter) with positive gravity would have a spin rotating inward pulling in fluid and an a particle with negative gravity would have a spin pushing out fluid or an
outward spin.  The faster the rate of motion or rotation (frequency) would thus determine the gravity and therefore the mass of the particle. So all elementary particles of  matter would essentially
be FLUID in MOTION around a CLOSED  CIRCULAR PATH. All forms of matter could also be seen essentially
as specific PATTERNS of MOTION in the great SEA of FLUID that  constitutes the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE."

This fluid is a life force to matter. It feeds matter with energy and this energy is 'electromagnetic' ..thus it falls under 'electromagnetism'

Taking the above into consideration, lets advance the Interdimensional  travel theory of the orbs to something a little more complicated and that would be travel of intelligent beings between
universes using wormholes and vortexes created by electron spins.
(Look at moving orbs at top of page and description of the spin)

According to Charles Vind, " Electron Spins are utilized by the application of magnetic fields.  Matter is placed in a high frequency magnetic field and the energy absorption effects peculiar to the
frequencies typical of a given molecule of matter. Nuclear Electrical Resonance is purported to influence both the polar and axialSPIN. Polar spin being directly related to the gravitational field.
One source claims that if a rotating AC field is superimposed on a DC magnetic field there will be an exponential increase of "negative gravitational energies" at a certain resonance frequency.
Nuclear Electrical Resonance can occur only with ultra-high electrical voltage simultaneously with ultra-high AC frequencies.
This critical frequency maybe what is known as the LARMOR frequency. This effect would also depend on the electro-magnetic polarization potentiAL  of the materials used in the process. "

Three spherical condensers are alternately charged and discharged by three magnetic coils.

Depolarization(165-55=110) of Matter(77-6=71). 110+71=181.
55 +6=61.
181-61=120. Polar(62) plus Spin(58) equals 120. Interdimensional(181-53=128).
Axis equals 53. Tetrahedron equals 128.

In order for hyperspace matter to enter 3D Space  and vice-versa a 'spin' must be created.  Here are some photos of orbs leaving 3D into hyperspace . One is original andTwo is a negative of the
original . Three is an orb coming into 3D.

Photos by Brad and Mary Sutherland Copyright 2004- 2005

Physical Hyperspace with an electrical energy flux that flows orthogonal to three dimensional space(3SPACE). The ORTHOROTATION of this energy flux requires a four dimensional rotation.
Hyperspatial 4-d rotating forms referred to as a "resonating electromagnetic field". The form is generated by rapidly switching electric charge in a specific way among four spheres
located at the vertices of a TETRAHEDRON. There are two modes of rotation orthogonal to each other: a rotational mode and a precessional, oscillating "inside out" mode. The projected
hyperspatial structure is refered to some as a "Klein Bottle".---

Spinning(102) and Magnets(69)---181(INTERDIMENSIONAL).

Projection(125-44=81). Space is 44.

Delta T Antenna. Use of Pyramid based geometry in coil building.

The Delta (time(space)-changing) function.

Particular type of Antenna Structure. Very Large Octahedronal Antenna.

Resonating Structures with Frequency Patterns.

Two coils are placed vertically around the edges of the pyramid structure(antenna) at 90 degree angles to each other. The third coils
surrounds the base of the antenna. Delta T antenna--the  traNsmitting antenna is typically supplied by three drive's. The source of two of these drives are pulse modulators and are fed into the X
and Y coils(AXIS) of the antenna structure. The third axis was the Z axis(coil) and it is around the perimeter or base of the antenna and is hooked up to a white noise source powered by a audio
amplifier typically in the 250 kilowatt range.  The effects of the antenna are produced by pulsing and powering the antenna.

Other types of coil structrures--Modular Cube type of structures(164) put together in various configuration patterns or arrays.

Pi is the relationship of the diameter of a circle to it's circumference.
Pi over 2 radians per second for magnetic field. Pi over 6 radians for an electric field. 6 radians for one (360 degree) complete circumnavigation of a circle.

SPIN(58). AXIS(53). WHEEL(53).

WHEEL-- a disk or circular frame that turns on a central axis.

Interlocking a Radio Frequency(RF) field and a Magnetic field at TWO different rates of rotation with the correct mathematical relationship between them can produce an interaction with the
gravitational field. Two Counter rotating fields--electric(RF) and magnetic.

Resonant(106) Rotating Field(104 plus 36 is 140). 140 + 106=246.
Configuration(152) and Pattern(94)--246. Counter-Rotating Energy Fields.

Delta (pyramidal) configuration. Interlocking of three AC fields each having a phase displacement of 120 degrees from each other. 120 degrees spatial displacement. Rotating Tetrahedron.

Zero Time Reference Generator--an oscillator that can be used to drive the coils of a DELTA T ANTENNA or any other type of ANTENNA STRUCTURE(OCTAHEDRAL, TETRAHEDRAL, CUBE).

A coil wound around each half of a ship or other object each driven by separate oscillators synched with an adjustable PHASE ANGLE to create a SCALAR type wave. This would distort the field
matrices of matter encompassed within this soliton field or electromagnetic KLEIN BOTTLE.  (I believe this is what we are looking at when it comes to the 'ufo' entering our 3D from hyperspace
based on the following photos:

Photos copyrighted 2004-2005 Mary Sutherland
For more photos such as these go to

Some systems have been powered by 500 kilowatt generators others have been purported to use several megawatts and sometimes even more. Some experiments use a THREE COIL

A relationship between the zero time reference generator and NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE.

Zero time reference in radar refers to the time reference of the schedule of events during one CYCLE of operation.

In a digital microprocessor "circuit" it would be called a "clock". Everything that goes on in that *system* is synced to that CLOCK.

Pi over 2 series of frequencies -possible

In Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR)  Pi over 2 refers to a certain PULSE WIDTH with respect to a reference pulse in one CYCLE of the NMR machines FIELD CONFIGURATION. T1 and T2 in
NMR refers to the "relaxation time" between two events.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonace is the effect of a RESONANT ROTATING FIELD(magnetic or alternating) imposed at right angles to a typically much larger STATIC field to perturb the orientation of
nuclear moments. NMR is refereed to specifically as the study of Nuclear Magnetism in bulk matter and is achieved through purely electro-magnetic methods.

These orbs were coming right out of
my wall here at the Burlington UFO
and Paranormal Center.
'The Wall I have all my orb photos on!'
Photo Copyright 2005
Mary Sutherland
Here is an excellent example of an orb in motion.
Photo taken outside our Research Center
Notice the electromagnetic  distortion -Outer Field
Effect. In this case it shows on the photo as blurr.  
This distortion will show up as blurs, trails of light,
light flares, etc. on our photo.
Photo copyright 2005 Mary Sutherland
Now - these orbs (technically ) are in motion - but they
used another form of travel...hitching a ride off this one
lady walking down Pine Street in front of our Research
Photo copyright 2005 Mary Sutherland
Here is a photo of the Dover Cemetery taken by one of our
researchers with a digital camera.
Again, as in the above photo, you can see the trails that the
orbs leave behind as they move from one grave stone to
Mary Sutherland @2005
All Photos Copyright @2005 Mary Sutherland
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