Why Did NASA Use Two Pictures and Make One Photo Out of Them to Give to The American 'Taxpayers' as an  Original 'Photo' of Mars????
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This is the Top Part of the Photo is the horizon  that was Added to Mars photo to produce what we see below. However
the One photo below is 2 photos made into one.
See Photo Below.
Now here is a possibility that one gentleman sees as to why the photo was doctored .  And of course we need to give NASA the benefit of
the doubt in all fairness.
Below is a possibility,.

Hi Mary,

Maybe what they did was focus the camera on the farther away objects to get
them sharp, then took another picture immediately after that and refocused the
camera lens on the closer objects, so they would be sharp. Then they combined
only the near and far sharp elements from both photos together with a computer
so that the ENTIRE scene would be in sharp focus. Would/could they do that ?
Signed A.

Mosaics (such as the large photos of Mars that NASA has been releasing) are by definition constituted of many smaller photos which are
put together into one large panoramic view.  I'm not real sure about the camera they are using on Mars, but most cameras can not focus at
all distances at the same time.  Therefore, objects which are more than a few feet away might be in sharp focus while objects that were
very close to the lens might be blurred (or smudged).  While I am sure that the Mars camera is much better than anything I have ever used
it seems that I would need to know the camera specifics before calling a section of the mosaic a smudge.  Time will tell.

Click on this link
( www.space.com/marsrover/ ) then go to the mosaics in the 'Zoom In' section.  Lots of interesting things in the photos but I
noticed on the first photo that they make a comment that the science team is curious about a dune shaped area that may possibly have an
armored top.  It first refers to "Sleepy Hollow" area and then states that the interesting dune is to the right.  I'm not sure if they mean in the
right of "Sleepy Hollow" or on the right side of the mosaic.


Hi Mary,

What do I think? Hmmm...The smudges really do look suspicious, don't they! I'm inclined to believe that they are signs of "doctoring".  As
far as the artificial looking "tan line" goes though, I'd be reluctant to come to a firm conclusion. When in the digital arena and working with
Photoshop and such, strange artifacts sometimes surface. The "sun cruisers" of a while back are an example. We COULD have two images
pasted together, but I wouldn't rule out the "digital artifact" gremlin either
All the best
B. M.

Very intersting,

I remember clearly a previous lander showing the sky as blue.  I have a very poor copy and no link.  This same picture also shows what
looks like plantlife.

Speaking of which did you happen to see the ESA photo of Mars taken at 5.5 mil klms?  There is an awful lot of green on it and a little
blue.  I wrote and asked if this was a true colour photogragh and got an almost instant response that it was true colour but when I wrote
and asked re the green and blue - get no reply.  I've asked this question now twice over the last month and no response so I'm sure we are
not being told the truth!
Jeff from the UK

Hello: words of praise!

I caught this neat work of yours off Kents page.
No need at all to respond to this, you are too busy and not needed.
Bear w/ me as all I am saying actually is THANX!!!!
OK, DARN GOOD you all involved! A great catch Mary.

Indeed, I also swiftly downloaded the initial big image from Mars.
As you did, I worked it over on several levels w/ imaging programs. I saw the anomalies, smudge spots... but I thought to myself "Jim you
are a country bumpkin. A curious amateur. How do you know anything about this" ? But, somewhere, a dim bulb DID flicker and registed
that this image isn't right... just something about it.... (They wouldnt would they..Naw....but......)
So many people were joyous to be on Mars again, I felt why rain on the parade, who'd listen to a bumpkin anyway....

(I mentally noted ... "this whole Mars thing is an exercise in deception"...geez, an odd thought.) I left the pic feeling non-pulsed, sad, earlier
I had true excitement. Now, the feeling of having been lied to.... (a those b...., why do I try sort of feeling).

But you changed that. Eureka !! Presto ! God bless all of you, the excitement is back in a different form. I am not mad after all or seeing
things. Thank you for sharing !
Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!
Seeing this great stuff from you really hit home. YOU did it, you pinned it down to a T !
Not what I'd hoped for as per a new Martial adventure, but Malin-Mars-Nasa have set out a good game nonetheless w/ there efforts to
Do they run rampant w/ their tawdry shams? All perpetrated on taxpayer dollars or get called on the carpet ? I say call their bluff! Just keep
up the great work Mary and crew ! I bet we are just getting started on a very long and tricky road. There will more chances to expose the
NASA trickery yet coming. You are not alone.

Sincerely, James Keating



I've contacted & passed on your links to alot of folks about your Mars pages.  Attatched is a closer look at the hazy martian mountains . I
also sent some questions to NASA but with the thousands of e-mail they are receiving I doubt I will get a response anytime this century . A
press conference on CNN yesterday NASAwas asked about the whiterocks in the image & they responded saying they were aware of them
and that may be one of the studies they will send the rover to investigate closer .The marks you have pointed out as possible footprints
NASA states they are drift marks from high winds / dust devils .
Linda Moore
Thanks Linda.. The work you have put into this is remarkable. It is determination such as this that keeps the 'politician..or in this case
'NASAn ' honest...  At least they are having to work their heads to come up with answers. The people are not buying their stories anymore.
We have woken from the 'deep sleep' NASA!

Nasa, says the big smudges, are caused by the airbags, bouncing around, numorous times , til it comes to a stop. B


Hi Mary,
I Emailed Jim two days ago to have him take a look at the photo posted on your site and have it checked out with the Mars experts he
knows at NASA . I Haven't heard back yet. He works as a science writer for UPI now. He answers easy
requests quickly. This may be a hard one because it is new material that he is unfamiliar with. As soon as he answers me I'll let everybody
here know what he said.
                                            Let's take another look at those shadows!

I had another look at the image and found something rather strange.  Just in front of the larger rock you'll see two small objects with their
shadows pointing towards each other and totally in the wrong direction according to the rest of the photo!  You'll also see image
overlapping which I guess is caused by poor alignment during processing.
The shadows though don't make sense!!  Jeff

Good work on the shadows ,friends. There seems to be at least three light sources. I have forwarded a cropped image of footprints from
the official JPL feed from the first 24 hours. Note  the small blue rock in the center of the two bigger footprints-it has brown dirt on the TOP
of it. This was caused by a booted foot using this rock as a 'pivot',to keep from making tracks(didnt work). You can see where the deeper
impression ,the clearer one ,is from weight transfer to a single foot ,as the person reboarded the buggy or whatever made the striated,
wide tire treadmark, visible right next to these prints.   illumedi

These are cropped from the official JPL panorama of Mars. The photos have been slightly brightened to mitigate the contrast,but are
otherwise lifted directly from the camera feed on their site.
There are three clear footprints in the lower right photo, of two different sizes.These appear to be next to a depression,with striations,that
was likely made by an arriving dune buggy or similar vehicle. I thought ,at first ,that the depression was possibly made by lander's airbags
,as it rolled to a stop,but I believe this misleading impression was intentional.The airbags would have made a series of these marks ,or at
least several of the same shape ,since they are mounted on the lander in groups on each side.
The footprints are clear ,and the prints of the matching  set are of the exact same size. There are two smaller prints-a little distance apart
,facing the lander. There is another, larger one,in the same area (possibly overlapping another of the same size ,facing away from the
lander) with clear indentations from the sole of the boot/shoe.
From the panorama,it is also evident that there is at least a rudimentary atmosphere in these pictures-there are geographical features in
the distance ,visible through a hazy ,tinted mist.The hazy appearance is caused by particulates suspended in an atmosphere dense
enough to hold them up.
It appears to me ,Jeff ,that we are being tricked. This looks suspiciously like EARTH,maybe in the southwestern USA.

Hi Shadow...You know...That feeling that these shots are coming right out of the southwest have been tugging at me as well.
I even have been checking out the Chaco Canyon area as a possibility, knowing that NASA has been doing a lot of infrared aerial photos
of that area.  Mary

Linda sent the below photo in to assist others in understanding Jeff's above photo.


Nobody seems to see that one! Look on the lower right corner of photo - Michel Bergeron

It also looks to me that there is a footprint coming back ..which can be send running almost parallel to the other print. One going forward
and another coming back.?   sutherland

Going Back to my discovery of the added skyline to the terrain . 2 Pictures made into One. While I was playing around with the photo
editor, I embossed the photo to see what I would get.  Well as you see a strange line just below the skyline and above the terrain.. I would
think this is where they tried to blend the skyline and the terrain together by brushing.

I am pleased to see you have the crops from the lower corner of the Spirit panorama on your site now.
Note the 'butterfly' shaped prints that overlap,and the small blue rock in the center, with soil on top that was used for a pivot. These are
very clearly visible now ,in your pics.
Note the tread mark from the 'sand buggy' or such is now very visible ,to the right of the 'butterfly' bootprints.It has two clear
striations(marks from tread) visible in the track,that pass through the center of it.
What Do You Think?
Have you seen the tampering done by putting photo in your photo editing program. Try it.  Let us know what you have discovered. Give us
your thoughts on this. Have NASA give us what we (the taxpayers) are paying them for!  Rememer it is "our" money they are using.. Make
them accountable by forcing them into showing us the 'REAL' pictures coming back from Mars...if.. at all.. they are from Mars

Artificial Structures Found on Mars
If this is on the surface..what is going on
in the interior of Mars/?
Exploring the Unknown   
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