Why Did NASA Use Two Pictures and Make One Photo Out of Them to Give to The
American 'Taxpayers' as an  Original 'Photo' of Mars?
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How this Trick Photography was Used to Design the Photo and how  Mary Sutherland
Discovered it.
Hello again Mary,

I often spend my time just browsing through the
MOC images and have several
interesting shots.  The one that I have attached  
shows an object that in my
opinion just does not fit!  You seem to have
better resources  so I thought
I'd send it to you for your opinion.
m08046/m0804699.imq.jpg Thanks Jeff

Hi Jeff,
Below and to the left  are some things  that I was
able to pull out of the photo you sent me. (Large
Grey Colored Photo to Left) . I cut the object that
I felt looked suspicious, enlarged it and tried a
few little tricks to pull out what I could.   The
object I am working with  is marked by the red
arrow.  The smaller images I created by rotating
and mirroring  the original cropped object. I also
played around with the color until I felt we may
have the right shade.
This object I Enlarged as much as I could without distorting the picture.
Being Curious as to what the light was we were looking at in
the above photo, I used my editor to take the brightness out
of the picture.. Amazingly as you see, in the bottom photo,
the light is still showing after the rest of the photo blackens
out.  Could we then be looking at an artificial complex with
artificial light being used within its interior?
I now even take it even further to see if this may be artificial
light and take brightness down to zero and added contrast
so that we could see the contrast between light and rest of
<------------------------------------- Looks like Circular Entrances with lighted
                                      wall structures .
<-------------------------------------------Could this be 'something' " Cigar Shaped" ..or it could   be a 'tubed walk way or cat walk ''
I embossed it here to get an idea of definition of the above
Seems to show  definite indentations and build ups.
Hope this helps Jeff!
This Email is in regards to a comment made on the smudges being left from  Air Bags.   You can find that story on a previous page.

Oh Mary, I am into conspiracy theories, as much as anyone,but it is obvious the guy, was making a joke.The entry of Spirit, in the Mars atmosphere, and the bouncing airbags, are created
to show people, what the camera can't show,and the Jupiter one, is what we, would encounter, trying to pierce Jupiter's atmosphere ,of methane and ammonia gases and extreme
temperatures variations. I admit, there is something fishy ,about the pictures, but to take the leap,that the whole expedition is a fraud. Come on Mary, you are way to intelligent, to buy into
that, why did we have 7 failures , to be successfully now. We saw it , take off, if you watch Nova, you can see the whole thing being built, from the ground up, and the trials ,and tribulations,
they encountered from the parachute, not opening properly, to the air bags, being able to resist, the impact at 900 miles per hour. I am sure, he did take pictures, so they could show the
kids ,what a simulated Mars scape, would look like. Be!
lieve me, when I tell you this, we went there, and if you have a strong enough telescope ,you can see ,the space junk, we left on the moon.You will believe, what you must, but you will see,
this story ,will not hold water. God Bless Bill     P.S .there are all kinds, of minerals, on Mars, and the Moon, and the Military Industrial complex  want them, as well as who controls the Moon,
controls Earth, you would be able to fire missiles, at any point, on the globe, and be untouchable, don't you think, they want that power, and so does Russia, and China. The cold war is not
over, there just playing nice, with each other.  B


Hi Mary,

I checked out your findings and was very happy to see that finally more people are "discovering" that the mars images are not what NASA purports them to be.

For well over nine years now, since I first discovered quite by accident that the Mars images were very distorted and contained alternate images hidden by a lack of data in one or more
color channels, I have been showing how many images are actually hiding something else.

Most serious "researchers" have dismissed my work and findings but have never actually refuted the processes involved or the results. They just refuse to look period.

You can check out for yourself one of my earliest findings which to date has never been recognized for what it is as a set of 3-d symbols. Symbols which have a hidden meaning of which I
have not solved.

The image is second to the last at the bottom of the page. I also have a larger set if images in several file folders on my web-sots page for easy downloading.

Very few people have caught on to the significance of what I have discovered with the Mars face. Namely, that it matched perfectly with a section of hillside terran we know as Area 51.  
Even later color sat. photos can be matched-- detail for detail --with the NASA/Malin face images: all of which are forgeries. In one NASA photo you can actually see where the image was
smudged to hide the streets and buildings in the lower right hand corner. But of course I am dismissed as crank not because anyone can refute the evidence but because NASA would
never lie about something so important.

Your approach to what you have found is almost dead-on to what I started out doing.  When you have a chance check out some of my results. When two or more people find the same
results it is no longer so easy to dismiss such
findings as quackery. After all, the quackery is what produced them in the first place.

My end conclusion is they are all fakes. Every last one of them from day one  However, there is a character type language which actually and literally comprises every feature in the
images. The "image" is made up from these  characters" which only fool the eye so long as the image is not rotated or color corrected. Hence the fury when people change the 'attributes"
of the
pristine" images. Which is exactly like saying the bandits face mask cannot be removed and therefore, he is not guilty without the mask hiding his true face. Or those are red skies because
we say so not because they really are..  I best guess is that  the characters are some kind of image encoding. The false image is made up from the real one which cannot be seen unless
you can "de-code" these characters.

I would be interested to know what you think.


Jesse D. Weiss

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