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Squared objects
compare circular
Below we again see that many of the overlooked landmarks of Mars can be easily identified with
landmarks of Earth.
Below take a look at  the GREAT FIND OF KENT STEADMAN. Article by UFO Research Center.
Great Eye Kent!!!

UFORC Mars Research

Latitude 24.65 Longitude 207.10
Credit: Kent Steadman

Examining the Steadman Lake Runes
By Christopher Montgomery
New satellite images and the genius of computer enhancement has given us the ability to view the runes on Mars with more
clarity than ever before! The Santilli law is that you get the photos out and let everyone decide for themselves. Kent Steadman
offers compelling evidence

to the existance of an ancient civilization on Mars.(Ref. 1) Steadman said that he had "almost slid by the data" because the "low
res seemed so innocuous." He calls this "A finding and recommendation for further investigation." When you visit the Steadman
web site, you will be greeted by an audio sampling of the best background AWE Soundblaster I have heard to date. This site
promises to entertain and educate. You can also link to other web sites that are directly linked to the latest archeological
research in Egypt.

ABU SIMBEL, Off The Nile
Egypt, Earth
Credit: Kent Steadman; ORBIT

Evidence Advanced Technology
By Christopher Montgomery
Kent offers us this look at what Egyptian runes look like here on earth for comparison. As you can see, the statues in these
photos are also carved into what we believe to be solid rock. Davidovitz postulated a theory that the runes in Egypt, especially the
Great Pyramid, were constructed with a conglomerate material, not unlike concrete in use today. This would have enabled the
ancient Egyptians to construct these monolithic giants by casting the blocks on the spot. There isn't a crane built today that can
lift these blocks to the top of the Great Pyramid, despite the fantastic claims of some engineers. It can not be done. This points to
an advanced technology. It indicates that the ancient Egyptians were not as primitive as was once believed. We wanted to get
these images on line so you could view them. We will post this right away so that everyone can enjoy these fantastic
photographs! UFORC thanks Kent Steadman for his contribution to science.

"'Kent: Great find. The lake deserves your name or that of your father. I studied Mars prior to going into our national space
program, but nothing like this. Congratulations. How could NASA eyes have missed this?' (Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet,
Kennedy Space Center, Florida)."
The first photo is Mars and the second is Earth
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Inca City, Mars proven to be part of a perfectly circular collection of structures!

It's absolutely fantastic! New photographic evidence shows how Inca City, Mars fits into a massive complex of anomalous structures that form a perfect circle on the surface of the Red Planet!
This is elegant proof of intelligent construction on a grand scale.

These massive structures were first identified as potential city ruins by Dr. Dan Burisch in the late 1990s. Intensive research isolated many more anomalous artifacts in the region and led the
way to the publication of his findings in the book Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars.

This amazing new photographic evidence helps prove his contention, and reveals that Inca City contains compelling evidence that an intelligent civilization left their mark upon the surface of our
planetary neighbor.

The foundation-like structures seen in the images that Dr. Burisch used for his initial research were not broad enough to show the full extent or scope of the find. In fact, when one of the team
sent in a request to see surrounding images, NASA responded by saying that those frames were private and not available to the public. But now that's all changed, thanks to the amazing
improvements in technology, and what seems to be a change in attitude concerning the release of nearby images.

The MOC camera permits us to see the full area surrounding Inca City, and as a result we now know that Inca City is only a small part of a massive, perfectly circular collection of anomalies!

To view the images from the source, please go to:

BJ Wolf Author, Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars

Bill Hamilton Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc.

I found another Kiva connection today on the Ancient Moon Site. Check out the photos and then go to a further
explanation of this on their site located at

From appearances, Mars has been caught in a few floods. It also appears many of her 'craters' are man made --
walled silos, or walled entrances to underground places? Many of these 'craters' or 'cellers,' i.e., 'kivas,' appear to
have ceiling/roof supports, with underground areas beneath as in some of Earth's ancient circular mound and kiva
structures, while many have enormous 'flexi' tubes running around, and in them.

Note:  'Flexi' or 'Snake' Tubes - Begin Upper Right Side of Crater, And Continue Around Top To Lower Left of Crater -
Note 'Artificially' Smoothed Sides And Edges.

Gibbs 'Crater'

From Casius Region - MOC Image M07/M0704793 - Content Image M07/M0704794 - Picture Credit:
NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems
Kivas - Magnetized - Purpose Behind

Now, another friend, Helios, has several times described to me his experiences in underground Kiva, or magnetic underground stone chambers of the native Americans. He emphasizes that
what he saw there, was great explosions of light inside his head.

Frequently the site of the kiva will be a place where many magnetic lines of the surrounding land cross in friendly symmetry. Then the kiva itself is made of stone which is highly conductive
and columnating to local magnetics. Every magnetic line from miles around is specifically structurally invited to go ahead and dance right through the center of the Kiva. Then in the center of
the Kiva the inner lights in your head go brightly.

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