D. contacted me this evening. Apparently they have been
reviewing the smudging of the photo based off my discovery and
sent me this observation.
Now that we know the photo has been doctored, some of us are
taking a more in depth look into the photo to see what else may
have been  "doctored".
Although we may not be able to find out what Nasa found up
there, we  may find out from the 'doctoring' of the photo what
areas they may have discovered something in that they want to
keep from the 'taxpayers' eyes.

What I did with the Picture below is used the same photo editor
that I discovered the double pictures in to see if there was any
abnormalies on the spots that D.questioned. This is what the
wand shows us below.

As you see 'again' when I did the Wand over the area in
question...the picture 'only' show the terrain...no sky.
Being that I only wanded the bottom picture..not the top picture of
the sky.

Does look like there has been quite a lot of doctoring in the area
in question as well. doesn't it.

This just came in from Linda Moore, Rogue Sightings


Of course though..we must remember...The sky is a different
image than the terrain. Both images were pieced together to
make one picture.   See page one

Question for Linda: If the shadows of the rocks are falling on the
left side of the rocks..then shouldn't the sun then be to the east
of the rocks. Which would make any sun rays not coming from
the top of the picture but should be coming from the right or east
of the picture?   Mary

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Jerry Pippin Interviewed Mary Sutherland Last Night on Her
Discovery and Plans on Contacting NASA to Explain Why Double
Pictures were used As One Photo.

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Very interesting ,I wonder, what they don't want us ,to see.Something in the distance,something in the sky? The picture,has been played
with.That's what the X Sat. Images boys say.Those smudges are supposed to be, where the air bags bounced.B.
The sinuous curves seen in the face of this rock, known as the
Upper Dells, are definitive evidence that standing water was
moving on the Martian surface in the past. The image is a
patchwork of many smaller images taken by Opportunity's
microscopic imager.
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