Shifting and Manipulating Realities


Dimensional Or Phase Shifting

Can I disappear and become  invincible to weapons -disease - even world catastrophes?  The answer is yes - I  could simply 'create' an artificial reality or shift into another dimension - and so can
Impossible you may say - yet we do this everyday without even realizing it - and now , through my inter-dimensional photography research I can prove this with hard evidence!

Entering into new dimensional worlds is simply a matter of expanding our consciousness.

The Spectrum of Reality encompasses both that which we can see and measure, as well as that which we can neither see nor measure.  Our human senses detect only about 5% of this
spectrum of  reality. The other 95% , although very real, is invisible to us. Inhabiting the etheric borderland are inter dimensional entities, elemental beings , souls and astral shells of the dead.

Our universe is operating on a certain wavelength. A phased shift  operating  on a slightly different wavelength, may reveal whole new worlds that are beyond our sensory constructs.  Interference
between these  wavelengths has been postulated as one  answer for ghosts and other paranormal activity

Since the middle of the last century a great deal of research has been carried out in paranormal and spiritualistic phenomena. A whole new branch of science -- parapsychology -- has sprung up.
And   there's plenty of evidence that  astral realms and astral entities must exist.

The East and West is separated by more than distance and that is in their beliefs of reality.
The East believes that everything they see is an illusion -  not real .
The West believes that  everything they see is real and what they can't see is an illusion or non-existent.
Maybe the answer lies someplace in the middle.

Reality is actually based on your belief system . Whatever you believe in will manifest in your reality, thus whatever you don't believe in will not .  That is the primary reason why people who  do not
believe in UFOS never see a UFO.  With that in mind, know that if you plan on hunting for the paranormal , the mysteries or UFOS 'keep an open mind to all the possibilities'  If you close that door
you may never experience the magic around you.

Sometimes  in order to understand what is 'out there' you must first understand ' how' you 'see' your reality. Let me explain it to you as I understand it.

1.)  It all starts with the brain and how it is ' programmed'  to create your reality . From birth, your brain is  programmed  as what to believe and how to respond to conditions based on those beliefs.  
The programming comes via many ways, parents, teachers, religion, peers, books, television, etc.
2.) Your senses sends information to your brain, which then 'filters' it, according to what it is programmed to believe is necessary for your survival. (much like spam mail filters). Material coming in
that is not part of your belief structure is booted out into the trash. After it has booted out what it thinks is trash, it then takes the remaining information and processes it into your reality.
3.) Your nervous system works like a two way highway - receiving and sending information. The nerve cells of the body (neurons) talk to each other - passing information from one sensory neuron
to another until it gets to the central nervous system. When the brain again  receives the signal it processes it and sends it back to the body telling it what action to take.

Just like a computer, the brain needs to be programmed in order to process data.  Although your  spouse may be a sight for sore eyes at the end of a long day ,  you wouldn't even recognize him or
her. Pepperoni pizza may be delicious -  without the brain, your taste buds wouldn't be able to tell if you were eating pizza or the box it came in. None of your senses would be useful without the
processing that occurs in the brain. - BUT  what a waste of a good brain if it is processing everything according to 'disinformation'  programmed into it since your childhood. And unfortunately, that
has happened to all of us.

For some of you, the information you have, that the brain uses for processing, is adequate. But for those of you that want more - that want the magic back in your life then you need to start
re-programming your brain to allow more information in . How you go about doing this is quite simple. You simply  say to yourself  " I want  to belief in ......"
Like Christ said, "Ask and you shall receive" . Such a simply little phrase with oh so much power. ...

So now  if you want to see fairies, little people, elementals, UFOS , ghosts or whatever your thrill - 'think it into a reality - and 'believe'. Then simply sit back and watch the magic happen.  Good luck
and have fun!
Mary Sutherland
Burlington Research Center
Haunted Tours

Sit down before facts like a child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.
T.H. Huxley

There are  creatures that  appear to inhabit the ethereal borderland between the physical and astral realms. The astral realms are said to be inhabited by further varieties of elemental beings and
also by the souls and astral shells of the dead. Since the middle of the last century a great deal of research has been carried out into paranormal and spiritualistic phenomena. A whole new
branch of science -- parapsychology -- has sprung up, though it receives as yet little recognition from mainstream science. But there's plenty of evidence, for those willing to see it, that something
like the astral realms and astral entities must exist.

Walking Through Portals
I don't fear portals - I find them fascinating -
But I do respect them for what they are.
We have had people disappear into them.
We have stepped into parallel worlds
We have stepped into another time

At first, we only knew we were in a portal after reviewing our
Now I can tell immediately when I step into one.
I feel the time and space distortion.
Many times the sound of the woods immedately changes - like one
walking into a void.
The air pressure changes and we experience a ringing in the ears and
a throbbing in our third eye. Sometimes a small headache or blured vision.
Our equilibrium is off and we lose our balance or even walk like we
have had a few drinks.
We experience a time loop - where one action is repeated.
we find ourselves walking by one place twice - knowing full well we
only walked by it once.
Some portals are extremely warm - where we all break out into a
Others are just the opposite and the temp drops 20 to 30 degrees
Emotions and judgement are off as well. Some feel exhilarated while
others feel depressed. This can last for awhile, so I always suggest
that people , when they get home, take a bath with epsom salts  in the water
Brad feels the original attitude of the person becomes
intensified while in the portal.

Although some people have claimed to see ghosts, and many have reported anomalous cold spots and described a strange chill on their skin, modern ghost hunters have shown that unusual
magnetic fields and strong voltages also occur in these same haunted locations. Unusual orbs have been photographed at the same time that magnetic and electrical  disturbances are
measured. None of these can be explained by conventional science.
Dr Claude Swanson

Dr. Charles Tart of the University of California, states:

"Thousands, if not millions, of people alive today have had the experience of existing outside the space of their physical bodies for a brief period and experiencing this separated state as real, not
as a dream or imaginary experience. A typical consequence of such an out-of-body experience is on the order of 'I no longer believe that I have a soul, or that some part of me will survive death, I
know it!" (Rogo, 1983)

Sit down before facts like a child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.
T.H. Huxley
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This photo documents multi parallel universes. How many cars can you count?
The bright orange light is energy being pulled into the other universe from the car
side light.
But notice the energies 'coming out' of the portal area concentrating on Brad, leaving
the girls alone.
Whether they are ours or inter-dimensional travelers it does seem the
mechanics of ufos has the technology to manipulate time and space - making
themselves invisible to us as they operate in our dimensiOn.
Photo to the left  is an 'ethereal' ufo photographed by one a researcher from
Burlington. Although she did not see the ufo , she captured it on camera as she
was doing some night time shooting off Mormon Rd.
Photo : One of Burlington's researchers went
out with me one evening to Mormon Road to
do some night shooting. As she was shooting
the photo of me , she panicked somewhat as i
did not appear in the photo. She was relieved
to see that in the second photo she
immediate shot after the first i had
reappeared in the photo.   Apparently a
shifting of realities had taken place.
Photo : This is a mirrored world. Note one group is
looking back at the other. And this group had instinctly
picked up on the alternate universe - as they are
photographing it !
In the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics essentially all possibilities
exist and are.  Each world splits into multiple possibilities after each and every event.  
Though consistent with the entire experimental basis of quantum physics today, this
is a reality where all possibilities are physically real in their own dimension,
virtual entities to an observer in another dimension.
In Response to W.S. Email of the Entity in the Cloudy Mist...I have put up a few photos of entities within these clouds that I have also
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Vallee: I hesitate to be too specific. I'm speaking, as I'm sure you understand, of the attempted
manipulation of UFO manifestations. It's a pretty tall order. We're assuming that there is a feedback
mechanism involved in the operations of the control system;
if you change the information that's
carried back to that system, you might be able to infiltrate it through its own feedback. ( Is this what
we did that night in the woods. ..that pulled the ufos to us? )