Egyptian Pharaohs were the Biblical Patriarchs - The 11th Dynasty by Mary Sutherland

The Eleventh Dynasty began with a series of four kings who ruled from Thebes. More and more evidence is coming forth showing that these Egyptian Kings were the
Patriarchs of the Christian Bible.

New discoveries can now place ABRAHAM in the same time and place as the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenemhet I. These recent discoveries point to the two as being one.
According to Egyptology experts Pharaoh Amenemhet I was not of royal blood. He is thought to be the son of Nofet from Elephantine and was later taken in by a priest and
given the position of co-regent. believe he seized the throne of Egypt after murdering Pharaoh Mentuhotep.

One of the Semitic Hyksos leaders who later became king of Egypt was Yakubher, was known biblically as JACOB . Since Yakubher is the Aramean name for Jacob, Some
Egyptologists interpret this as strong evidence to support their claim that the biblical Jacob and the Hyksos king Yakubher were one of the same. It is known that Jacob took
his Hebrew clan and migrated from Canaan into Egypt and this Hebrew migration into Egypt closely parallels Egypts history of the Seminitic Hyksos migration that overthrew
the Egyptian pharaohs and seized the throne of Egypt. In Year 20, son of Amenemhet I and heir to the throne, Sesostris, was made co-regent and while Sesostris was away
from Egypt campaigning in Libya, Amenemhet I was assassinated. KING DAVID who parallels Pharaoh Psusennes who also ruled Canaan for 50 years at the same time as
the biblical king David; both battled the same enemy called the sea people.Pharaoh Siamun and KING SOLOMON reigned at exactly the same time and fought the same
enemies in Canaan called the Matani, the Hittites and the Philistines. Authors of the book THE HIRAM KEY ; suggest that the Semite tribe known as ;the HYKOS WERE

When they captured the throne of Egypt, they wanted to know the secrets of Egyptian king-making. These secrets were only known to the former Pharoah, Seqenenre Tao
II, still king in Thebes, and his two senior priest/advisors.The Hyksos king who wanted to know these secrets was Apophis. The Vizier to Apophis was JOSEPH . Apophis
tasked Joseph to extract the secrets of Osiris, so he could achieve eternal life, which was his right as the reigning king of the Two Lands. Joseph sent his brothers SIMEON
AND LEVI . The brothers approached the two senior priests first. They did not reveal the secrets and were killed. They then confronted Seqenenre in the temple while he
prayed. Again, their demands were refused and Seqenenre was murdered. Thus, the secrets of the Egyptian king-making ceremony were thought to be lost forever.Later,
the Hyksos were driven out of the Egypt. They went on to become the tribes of Israel and developed Judaism, which is basically the Egyptian king-making ceremony without
the actual 'secrets' which made it work.

The Hyksos copied what they knew of the ceremonial rituals which is the basis of the masonic myth of Hiram Abif. Historical records show that the Semitic Hyksos kings
ruled Egypt for over a hundred years. The Egyptian people rebelled against these Semitic kings and pushed them into northern Egypt.

By 1500 BC a peace agreement was reached between the Egyptians and the Semitic Hyksos, which allowed the Hyksos people to leave Egypt peaceably and move to
Palestine and Jerusalem in the Egyptian controlled land of Canaan. THEIR MIGRATION CLOSESLY MATCHES THE BIBLE STORY OF THE SEMITIC HEBREW EXUDES

The dynasty came to an end when Amenemhat IV and was succeeded by his sister/wife Nefrusobek. Queen Nefrusobek ( Queen Sobekneferu) was The last ruler of 11th
Dynasty and daughter of Amenemhat III. Sobekneferu apparently ruled for only four years, but is known from a number of monuments and artifacts, including five statues,
fragments relating to the mortuary temple of Amenemhat III at Hawara, scarabs, seals and beads, as well as from a Nile inundation record. This latter document from the
Nubian fortress of Kumma relates a poor flood of some 1.83 meters, and dates to Sobekneferu's last year. The name 'Sobekneferu' means, The beauties of Sobek, the
crocodile god. .She built monuments throughout Egypt and her rule was recognized as far south as Lower Nubia. She also seems to have carried on as queen or co-regent
in the 12 Dynasty. The rulers of the 12th Dynasty also established a religious and economic center in the Fayoum where the crocodiles were nurtured and worshipped
Historically a series of powerful invaders the Philistines, the Babylonians and Persians conquered the land of Canaan which the Hebrew people called Israel, the Hebrew
tribes of Manesseh and Dan joined forces and became the Macedanians (Manasseh + Dan = Macedanians)
They fled to Greece where they wore white kilts like the Egyptian pharaohs, played goat skinned bagpipes, adopted the Greek culture and settled along the River Danube
which they named after the tribe of Dan.
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Ahmose-Nofretari  was the daughter of Ahottpe I and Seqnenre-Taa II. Along with her
son, Amenhotep I, she was worshiped as a patron of the tomb-builders at Deir
el-Medina many years after her death.
Married full brother
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