The Notes and Thoughts of An Alien Abductee, Eddie Moore

Copyright 2003  Mary Sutherland/Eddie Moore

About one week after my abduction, I was mowing a yard at Piney Trailer Park . As it began getting dusk, I saw a ball of light which went straight over the top of me. It was high in the sky and had
no sound. At the time, I didn't think much about it.

I loaded my lawn mower onto my truck and went home.

My son was working on his car when I got home. He told me that he had seen a 'ball of light' come over the house.

I would go out every night to my back yard and watch the sky. One night , while I was in the back yard I saw another ball of light coming..then went into a cloud and never came out again.

Eddie Moore
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On either October 6 or 7, 1997, my son and I, Jimmy, went out of our front door that evening. As we started to walk to the end of our house, we noticed another ball of light. Although it was far from
us , it was coming our direction.

I told my son to go into the house and get my wife. He ran into the house to get her. She was on the phone with her friend, Cheryl.  When my son told her she was wanted outdoors, she came out
with my daughter along with my son.

I walked between the house and my neighbor's house. My daughter was beside me. The ball of light by now was showing to be a little bigger than a basketball.

The ball of light stopped...then darted behind the trees. It made me run as well as my daughter! We ran towards the front door..then stopped . As we started walking back, we could see it moving
real slow behind the trees. It gave us the impression it was observing us as it was moving behind the tree limbs.

I asked my wife if she could see it through the limbs. She said "no". I asked her because where she was standing was closer and I was hoping she could get a better look when it went into an
opening.  My wife said that it was bobbing. I didn't see that, because it was further over into the woods when it started to do that.

This ball of light was approximately 25 feet off the ground and 75 feet away from us when it stopped and darted. It's color was  orange-yellow .

I didnt' report it. I was afraid to go to the police. I thought that they would think I was crazy and lock me up. Although I finally went to the police about a month later and told them what happened.
They recorded my story and they filed it away telling me it was going to be kept confidential.  They also said that could not help me, but if I remembered anything else that I should let them know.
After that, I decided I would not be giving them anymore information. *I gave Mary Sutherland , BUFO UFO and Paranormal Radio, the report about what occured at the station.
Eddie Moore


One night I fell into a sleep ,lying on the floor in front of the television set , while watching a show. My wife, wanting me to go to bed, woke me up with a start. As I looked at her  I could see this
strange glow about her face. So dense that I could not see her facial features. I never said anything to her about it . As she went to the bathroom I went into the bedroom and jumped in bed. I did
not want to ...nor did I ..look again at her face until morning. The next morning, just before I went to work, I told her then why I had been looking at her so funny the previous night.

I called the show 'Sighting'.

I talked to a psychic and told her what had been happening to me. She told me 'they' had me on a 'cold' table and had 'probed' me. I asked her then 'What is probing?'  She told me they had put a
tracking device in me so they could locate me. She told me they would 'get' me again.

I told the psychic what happed with my wife. She said that my wife has also been abducted but she didn't know it.  It's been a year now..I haven't been abducted again as of yet.

I also told her about the ball of light. She said that they look at you from that ball. She also said that if it touched me, it would give me a shock.

After I went to the police station, about one week went by and I started seeing black helicopters..during the day...every work..and at home.

One evening it was about 6 p.m.and it was getting dusk. I was on my way home from work. As I was approaching an intersection, I saw a strange craft. It kind of looked like a helicopter.
But this one had 'fins' on it and these fins had 4 to 6 lights on them. I can't be sure of the number because I didn't count them. It stopped in the sky..then it started moving very slow. I went home .

Another time, I saw it again as I was approaching another intersection. I was on my way home from a rental property that I owned. It was late at night. It was stopped in the sky just like the first time.
Then it sarted to move again very slow. I haven't seen it again and it's been around 8 months.

The helicopter also stopped coming during the day.  I could hear it though at night sometimes.

Something is watching every move I make. I don't know why.

My oldest son had a sighting in our back yard one night when he was 8 years old. He said it went over our house. He came running into the house and told me he had just seen a 'space ship'. I
didn't believe him because I had not heard any noise and I had looked out the window and not seen anything. He is now 17 years old and still insists that he seen a space ship. He said it was
triangular and was flying very low.

Eddie Moore.


One evening my oldest son and I went to Lenoir City on Kingsten Street to get a stove.  We had a sighting then right in the day time. As I was driving down the road, we both saw something in the
sky. It was long, glittering and not moving. I ha
d to pull off the road before I had an accident. But as I got off the road, I couldn't see it because of the trees. When I got back on the road again, it
was gone.
When we got to my son's friends house, we even asked them if they had seen this object. They said they had not.  We then went home.

'Eddie Moore


During the night I wake up a lot and have to look around the room.
One night when I woke up,  As I opened my eyes all I could see was these two big bright white eyes over me. I reached out to get a hold of it. I had my eyes closed when i reached to grab it.
But before I could grab onto this thing, my arms fell to my side and I fell into a deep sleep.
The next morning I told my wife about it. She laughed at me.
I do not take drugs, drink, or smoke and never have.

Eddie Moore

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