A little grey walking within some cloaking field where he
appears to be invisible to the physical sight.
Look to the left of the x and you will see a tree nymph  camafloging himself into the tree as he sits in the fork of the
tree watching me walk by . The blur is caused from the moving energy of the vortex that the entity is in.
The Little People
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Date & Location: 10,000 BC Byan-Kara-Ula mountains China

Vallee Classification:CR3-333

Tangibile Evidence: Multi-Witness, Physical Evidence (The skeletons, and
the discs), Local legend of a tribe called the dropas who "fell from the
sky", Living tribe found matching the Dropas description and history.

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We photographed this faerie in the
woods. It looks like he/she is
performing a dance. Photographed by
Mary Sutherland 2001
Two leprechauns
photographed in the Burlington
Woods by Mary Sutherland
A troll photographed in the woods by Mary Sutherland
Caucasian and Asian populations have up to 4 percent DNA stemming from the Neanderthal
species – a hominin that went "extinct" more than 20,000 years ago. About 13% of the sub-
Saharan African gene pool comes from earlier pre-modern hominins, including some that split
from the ancestors of anatomically modern humans over 1.2 million years ago, not found in the
DNA of non-Africans.  Credit: Robert Sepehr
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