Canada Abduction
Reported 1-3-04

To who ever that might listen to my cried for help..My name is Kas Sasorith I m 33 years old, I m from British Columbia Canada..During my childhood I remember very vividly about my
experience..I recall remembering being transported in some source of a space crafe at first I thought it was a dream but it cant be cause the surronding was the exact place where i
was like thought i was out of my body sorta like being in a state of a dream but it wasnt a was not just the first time that this happened but recurring of the same experience but in a
different the age of 33 I still can sleep with the light off..i get the feeling that someone is watching not to sound crazy but sometime i could hear something or somebody
whispering as though i was the subject of some kind of experiences...for the last 3 days i ve seen things in my room at first like some sort of monitoring equipment was hovering over my
room..i m not seeing thing it was hovering very was transparent what i meant was u can see it but u can see throught it also...second night for some apparent reason 1/2 before i when
to bed a fell asleep then to be awaken so reason it like i have a 6th sense i looked toward to wall and i see a face then a whisper saying that he had saw me their no way anybody can be that
quite from being in my room then just vanish without a the same night i was waken the second time this time i saw a small ball of light round sorta greenish in color moving away
from the room...Am i going crazy or is there an anwer to my problem...last but not was about 4years ago i have gotten into a car make the story short i was appointed to get
a x-ray done what really got me was the x-ray technician told me that there was a unknow metal found or object in my body to her surprise she couldn t explain what it was...there r many others
thing that i did not say about this like seeing people in white sorta chemical suit...see a bishop or a higher priest in my room..dream about puttin throught test like assemblying of weapon ...if
u can help answer any of my question...this is the first time that i have come forward with this its gettin to a point where i feel scare to go outside when it dark, i m alway have to keep my guard
up feeling unsafe..pardon my grammar never was good in english
Alien Abduction in Canada
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Alien Abductions in Canada  by Mary Sutherland
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