Black Triangles Sighted 6-3-06 outside of Burlington Wisconsin Approximately 10:30 P.M.
by Brad and Mary Sutherland and Several other Witnesses
The first Drawing  is what the  first ufo looked like as it was directly over us. - Moving Slow
Coming from the West but then turning North. Very Large - Football Field Size approximately.
It was so low we could see the round lights and that lights were set up symetrically
horizonal lights lined up with vertical lights in a grid like fashion .
Triangular in shape - black or dark color
Witnesses to the Event
Approximately 10 minutes after couple in the center left , Brad and I noticed another craft coming in . At first, based from the lights we thought it was a large plane coming in... The lighting was
different - this one was showing flashing red, green and yellow . The first one did not have those colors displayed.
As it was coming towards us, it was totally dark except for the red, green and yellow lights.
Just prior to getting to where we were standing , a large set of lights came on the front part of the craft.. Giving the appearance of flood lights  - which beamed right in our direction.
We stood there watching as it slowly approached us . When it got almost over us, it turned in the same direction as the first one did - going over the mound or hill area, disappearing from our
sight.  We jumped in our car to follow it but by the time we got to the other side of the hill there was no sign of it.
While we were watching the second craft - Brad pointed out that what we thought were stars were  smaller crafts.. These lights were earlier sitting in the sky stationary appearing to us as stars,
but then started separating and moving away from each other and forming various patters while others were blinking out and becoming invisible to us.
First drawing is how it appeared approaching
us.. All we could see were these lights.
Second drawing shows it when it turned the front part
of these lights on ...and these lights were directed right
at us.
Now this craft did have a sound as it went over us. and
did not have the full set of lights like what appeared on
the first craft. Although they may have had that set of
lights shut off.
Red, blue and yellow lights were not rounded but long
tubular shaped.
Map of the area to show you where we were standing and
the direction the crafts came in from and how they both left.
Although the crafts were approximately 10 minutes from
each other- the second craft seemed to turn on almost an
identical path as the first one did.
Both of them seemed to be in any hurry - as both were
moving fairly slow.

Brad and I both took photos of these crafts when they
were overhead of us.
None of the photos turned out..because of the
electromagnetic field the ships were generating.
HOWEVER - What little did show up in the photos actually
helped us more than we realized..
Now we know that many of the ufos up there in the sky are
invisible except for only a few of their lights showing.  So
by actually 'seeing' the ufo and then comparing it to what
the camera took, we now photograph and then connect
the dots according to the visual of this night .

lick Here to see photos that we took and how we
connected the dots . You can see by connecting the dots,
it  then takes on the appearance of what we physically

Line in red is the path of the crafts... Arrows also
represent the ufo pathway
If someone thinks the  stealth  looks like the
reported black Triangles I think they are
mistaken, The bomber would have standard
running lights on the ends of the wings and
probably a blue-white strobe on the bottom
somewhere ( I know the jet fighters have
these strobes, but the bombers – I am not
sure). Good view of the bottom of the bomber
– three wheel assemblies and the open
bomb bay.
Larry Dicken , Ex. producer of the Jerry Pippin
Stealth Bomber Comparison..of Bottom Light
The Above is our governments version of ufo  -
black op project TR-3B . I used this as a
comparison for the bottom light configuration
to the ufo we saw that night .  For more
information on craft
click here



The UFO Phenomenon is very real yet it is yet unrecognized. Our contention is that the phenomenon  is the result of an intelligence using
technology that is  capable of manipulating space and time in ways that we don't understand and also manipulating the psychic environment
of the witness.
Click Here to go back to Site that Explains what happened earlier in the woods prior to the sighting of the ufo 6-3-06. . This site shows earlier
altered consciousness - Make sure to also listen to the audio file of Bernie speaking in native american tongue as she is taken over by a
native american spirit.
Some UFOs are known to give off powerful microwaves, which is just radiation or 'light'
from that part of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls between infrared and very short
radio waves. Microwaves from UFOs are sometimes pulsed, for reasons that we do not
know. It has been suggested that this radiation maybe a product of the craft's propulsion,
or some sort of defensive system. It may also be how some UFOs create the bright
plasma field that surrounds them.

Modern research has shown that microwaves can be used to affect the mind. This
radiation might be used by UFOs as a form of camouflage to make witnesses '
see' the
UFO as a less threatening object such as a cloud or helicopter; to prevent them from
seeing the UFO at all; or to project a reassuring voice into the witness' head.
This ufo presented itself to us as an holographic image of a plane. After it had crossed over us and turned slightly Mary saw a black triangular
shape . The camera caught the red electromagnetic field of the craft as it passed over us.
Note ufo of 9-9 in first picture has a very similar light configuration to second photo taken 6-3-06..including same type of orb.
Photo of light configuration of ufo taken 6-3-06
Plasma light flaring
Plasma light flaring
Electromagnetic field
The functioning of ionic-microwave engines and energy generators is accompanied with the
formation of plasma, which can look like "fog clots", as shown on this photo.

When a starship descends, ionic-microwave streams interact with the environment

The functioning of starcraft ionic-microwave (also called electromagnetic, or antigravitation)
engines is accompanied by electromagnetic fields phenomena, i.e. plasma, which can cause air
mass movements
Sept 10, 2006 Steve Fell, Sharon H. and Mary Sutherland went outside of Burlington to photograph some ufos, based off some information given to Sharon and Mary.  Following is a photo
that Mary S. took  of an etherean ship as it passed over our heads. Mary is shooting upwards and catches the bottom of the ship on camera.
This Ship looks very similar to the ship that Corral Gayle and I took while photographing the Mormon Rd. area, which can be seen in Photo following the photo of  9-10-06 ship.  For more
photos of the Mormon Road ship
Click Here
While the 9-10-06 Ship is overhead of us, it scans our car and the surrounding area , pulling an etheric layer of everything
upwards into the craft. Mary Sutherland is standing outside the vehicle while shooting the ship in the sky, but as you see in
the photo below ,the ship scans the inside and outside of the vehicle pulling it up into the ship. The green you see in the
photo are the trees surrounding  the parking lot we were parked in and the white dots are rain drops coming down from the
sky which Mary was shooting into. You can also see the front seat of Sharons Car. Luckily for us, part of their vehicle and
themselves also became superimposed in the photo . ( Objects mixed with one another happens many times when vortices
are involved.
See multiverses . ) Note: We also noticed that a strong wind had picked up when the ufo was overhead. The
night sky had very low hanging clouds accompanied with rain.  We could not see this ship with our physical eyes, it only
appeared via the digital 3.1 camera .
Following are photos of the 9-10-06 ship and the Ship Corral and I took in 2005 off Mormon Road . I put these two side by side so you could make a comparison.
Second Photo is an enhancement of the first photo.
Lines seen here are from the Power lines
we were shooting under.
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Thought you might like this.
Condemsation cloud around B2
may be results of EMF effects from
aircraft itself. UFOs sometimes do
this as well in daylight sightings
Larry Dicken
The Jerry Pippin Show
The Above illustration I got from Peter
Davenports site.
Similar shape but different light
However - the front Triangular shaped
light does seem 'close' to what
appeared to turn on with the 2nd ufo
that flew over us.

Occurred : 12/12/2005 22:30 (Entered
as : 12/1205 22:30)
Reported: 12/12/2005 9:57:15 PM 21:57
Posted: 12/16/2005
Location: Austin, TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3-4 mims
triangle over austin tx

Ok so im not much into sci-fi or ufos
but tonight im a beliver.

i was taking my dog out back when i
saw a triangel shaped object in the sky
at first i figuer it was a big plane maybe
a stealth bomber,as came closer i
noticed this craft was huge it coverd up
the moon, when i got directly over head
is when i freaked out on each side of
the bootom of the object where long
bars of puling lights and in the middel
of the back of the triangel were 2
strobes one red one blue very very
bright, the aircraft made a humming
noise not like an air plane but more like
the sound of some ones computer cpu
huming also it seamed to be going to
slow for an air plane only about 500 ft
off the ground in a north east direction i
watch it until i couldnt see it any more
let me tell you im freaked out the hairs
on the back of my neck are standing

((NUFORC Note: We spoke with this
witness via telephone, and he sounded
to be quite credible to us. He has
provided an illustration of what it was
he observed. PD))
Jacque Vallee  - The Control System

It may turn out that there is a control
system which is operated by
extraterrestrials. But that's only one

There are different kinds of control
systems - open ones and closed ones
- and there are tests you can apply to
them to find out what kind of control
system you're inside. That leads to a
number of experiments you can do with
the UFO phenomenon, whereas the
other interpretations don't lead you to
anything. If you're convinced that UFOs
are extraterrestrial, then about the only
thing you can do is to climb to a hilltop
with a flashlight and send a message
in Morse code. People have tried that, I
know, but it doesn't seem to work very

The control system concept can be
tested by a small group of people - you
don't need a large organization or a lot
of equipment - and you can start
thinking about active intervention in the

Clark: How could I prove to my
satisfaction that there is a control
system in operations?

Vallee: If you think you're inside a
control system, the first thing you have
to look for is what is being controlled
and try to change it to see what
happens. My friend Bill Powers
proposes the following analogy:

Suppose you're walking through the
desert and you see a stone that looks
as though it was painted white. A
thousand yards later you see another
stone of similar appearance. You stop
and consider the matter. Either you can
forget it or - if you're like me - you can
pick up the stone and move it a few
feet. If suddenly a bearded character
steps out from behind a rock and
demands to know why you moved his
marker, then you know you've found a
control system.

My point is that you can't be sure until
you do something. Then you realize that
what you were seeing, the thing that
looked absurd and incongruous, was
really a marker for a boundary that was
invisible to everybody else until you
discovered it because you looked for a
pattern. I think that's exactly what we
have to do with UFOs. We have to do
something that will cause them to
react. And I don't mean building landing
strips in the desert and waiting out
there to welcome the space brothers.

Clark: But what do you mean?

Vallee: I hesitate to be too specific. I'm
speaking, as I'm sure you understand,
of the attempted manipulation of UFO
manifestations. It's a pretty tall order.
We're assuming that there is a
feedback mechanism involved in the
operations of the control system;
if you change the information that's
carried back to that system, you might
be able to infiltrate it through its own
feedback. ( Is this what we did that
night in the woods. ..that pulled the ufos
to us? )
UFO experiences are in fact interactions
with inter-dimensional beings that have
always existed among us- invisible hands
toying with human society from a different
level of consciousness. It's not just a
physical phenomenon. It's a sociological,
spiritual and psychic experience all
wrapped up into one.

Jacque Vallee