Alien Abduction in Illinois.... Scoop Marks and the Strawberry Triangle
This Illinois Gentleman came to me with a story of multiple abductions by aliens. What makes his story so unique is that he provided me the evidence to prove that these
abductions had taken place. Following are the photos I took of scars scoop marks and raspberry colored triangles the marked him with. He said that he was taken at night
and awoke with the following marks and scoops. The shirt he is wearing was designed by his son who was what they call a 'dead head' , who traveled with the 'Grateful Dead'
, creating and selling 'Grateful Dead T-Shirts'.  He later died in an automobile accident on his way to one of their shows.     
Photos taken by Mary Sutherland outside the old Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center.
Exploring the Unknown with Brad and Mary Sutherland
Alien Abduction in Illinois  by Mary Sutherland
Brad and Mary Sutherland
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