Photo taken 9-24-04 off Hwy W. Closer we drove to it,
the larger the object became in the sky.
Photo taken 9-24-04 off Hwy W. Closer we drove to it, the
larger the object became in the sky.
Photo taken 9-24-04 off Hwy W. Closer we drove to it, the
larger the object became in the sky.
Photo taken 9-24-04 off Hwy W. Closer we drove to it, the
larger the object became in the sky.
Photo taken 9-24-04 off Hwy W. Closer we drove to it, the larger
the object became in the sky.
Earth is in an extraordinary process of transformation‹and so are we. In face of an uncertain future, large
unknowns and the ensuing chaos of meaning and frayed belief systems, many people are feeling fear and
despair in face of the emerging void. This is an immensely powerful moment. We have a choice, one of the
most basic choices in life
-¹to live in fear or in love. There is a wonderful Hindu word, bhey. It conveys a
mixture of fear and awe, the kind of feelings we experience in front of the immensity of the divine. This is not
a shrinking fear, more a fear of offending the true beloved, the god of your heart, whatever you call the Great

Can we remain in front of this deep immensity, like the black hole of the Galactic Center, long enough to let
its heart touch our hearts?
How is our collective imagination synthesizing this cosmic data and making
sense out of it?

Images have great power in our conscious and unconscious minds, shaping our beliefs about life and
impacting how we live our lives. Is a black hole a hungry monster waiting to chomp our star down its
throat? Or is it the cosmic dancing ground of shiva-shakti, the male-female creative union?
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 21:58:42 -0400
From: "peter cheasley" <>  Add to Address Book
Subject: sighting

Att Mary Sutherland

I do not know if you are aware of this observation that came from some ham operaters. We have radio
telescope signal detection  and  optical telescopes and wondered if you did.
I have the Burling wis municipal  airport listed as  Lat 42 411 26  000 N  Long 088 -10 11 705 W=Would this
be close enough to the sighting.

We have this under protocol study  as it seems quite widespread
Peter H Cheasley

The FCC tracked it to Arizona and then it was gone, so not sure who was
doing what, but it has been gone for several days now.

ARRLWeb Intruder Signal on 40 Meters Remains a Mystery for Now
Date:  Mon, 13 Sep 2004 11:21:25 -0500

A September 9 spectrogram of the 40-meter "intruder" signal from VE6JY.

NEWINGTON, CT, Sep 9, 2004--An unidentified signal that's been showing up on the 40-meter phone band
on or about 7238 kHz has mystified amateurs in the western US and Canada, where it's been heard
frequently for the past few weeks. Although it resembles a steady carrier, a closer inspection suggests that
the intruding signal actually is a series of closely space signals. Don Moman, VE6JY, in Edmonton, Alberta,
says he's been hearing the signal quite loud at his QTH.
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