March 8th  2006
The Haunted Woods is one of the most active places in the United States. Without exception, everyone that goes into these woods will come out with a story to tell. These woods are filled with
activity - gateways into other parallel worlds, time loops- strange lights-  wood spirits - ghosts and the illusive 'big foot'.  By day these woods are 'enchanted'  - By night - even the bravest of hearts
have fled - including both of your hosts for this show!'
Following are some photos Mary , Laura and Dwain took of a recent trip out into the woods.
Haunted Woods Photos 1 and 2- Blue Beam of Light coming down from the sky at Laura Held
Photo 3  Laura Held Sliding down the Trail                                Photo 4  Dwain Sliding down the Trail
Photo 4 and 5   Mary Sutherland sliding down the trail  - The Haunted Woods Slide ! .
Photo 6  Laura Held - Ectoplasm                                                          Photo 7   Moving Orb
Photo 7 Orbs in the Haunted Woods                            Photo 8       Mary Sutherland looking at the orbs                           
Photo 9 Strange Blue Light Follows Laura Held           Photo 10  Could Big Foot have knocked down                                                                                                                      this small tree?   

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Watch these short video clips of two mens frightening accounts in  the Haunted Woods.
Clip One
Clip Two
Clip Three

Walking Through The Portals in the Haunted Woods

I don't fear the  portals - I find them fascinating - But I do respect them for what they are.
We have had people disappear into them.
We have stepped into parallel worlds
We have stepped into another time and experienced time loops.
At first, we only knew when we had been  in a portal after reviewing our photos.
Now I can tell immediately when I step into one. I  "feel: the distortion of time and space.
Many times the sound of the woods change -  The stillness of sound reminds me of one walking into a void.
The air pressure changes and many  experience ringing in their  ears  and/or  a throbbing in the third eye. Sometimes we will experience a small headache  or our vision becomes blurred.
Our equilibrium is off and we lose our balance or begin walking  like we have had a few too many  drinks.
We have  experienced time loops  - where one singular  event  is repeated.
Some portals are extremely warm and those that step in it will break out into a sweat.  While others are  just the opposite with the temperature dropping instantly 20 to 30 degrees.
Emotions and judgement are off as well. Some people will feel exhilarated while others feel depressed. Brad and I both feel that  the original attitude of the person becomes intensified while
in the portal.

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Mary Sutherland
Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle
Through knowledge comes empowerment . There are  keys to empowerment that are simple to understand and easy to put into effect - It's  a
matter of changing your mind and opening up to allow the power of the life force within you carry you along. Suddenly, old blocks and
frustrations fall away, and you find yourself better connected to the universal flow of things.
And that is what Mary Sutherland will try to do for you through these classes - Empower you  -  simply by helping you to achieve a better
understanding of the world you live in and how you connect to this world  
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