Through the biblical reference of Abraham and Sarah we learn there were various tribes of giants
living in the Land of the Canaanites and had assumed names after their forebearers.

Genesis 14:5
"And in the fourteenth year came Chedorlaomer and the kings that were with him, and smote the
REPHAIMS in Ashteroth Karnaim and the ZUSIMS in Ham and the EMIMS in Shaveh Kiriatheim. "

IM  thus means 'people of' EL would be of the ELs  (Ancient race of gods and subgods)

REPHAIMS - People of Raph  - Raph-EL  -

One  of the pre-Israelite peoples of Palestine mentioned, together with the Zuzim and Emim, in the
time of Abraham as having been defeated by Chedorlaomer (Gn. 14:5). They are also listed among
the inhabitants of the land God promised to Abraham'´s seed (Gn. 15:20). At the time of the conquest
the Rephaim seem to have inhabited a wide area, but were known by different local names. In Moab
the Moabites, who succeeded them there, called them Emim (Dt. 2:11), and likewise in Ammon,
where they preceded the Ammonites, they were known as Zamzummim (Dt 2:20-21).

Deuteronomy 2  is a reference to the ANAKIMS "The EMIM dwelt there in times past.
A people great and many and tall as the ANAKIM."

The ANAKIMS  were the people  of ANAK. If the EMMINS were also descendents of Sons of Gods (Els)
then in most likihood their true name was more like this EM MIN EL which sounds very close to
E MAN EL  and we all know where we have heard that biblical name before.

ANAK was the descendent of ARBA, which in Hebrew means "the Strength of Baal."
ARBA (Abra -ham?) was one of the 'sons of Heth' (Seth?) who, seven years before the building of
Zoan (Zion?) in Egypt (Gen 23:2,3), built Hebron (Is this where the word Hebrew derives from?),
which was hence called Kirjath Arba, meaning the City of Arba. ANAK , his sons, had three
distinguished descendants in the days of Moses and Joshua who were giants. There names weere

After the Exodus from Egypt, led by MOSES , the Children of ISRAEL (Isra -Children - El  -god)
wandered in the desert for 40 years. Finally they entered the Promised Land of Milk and Honey which
had been given to ABRA-HAM  - ABRAH (arba) HAM  (Coming from Land of Ham or People of Abra
Book of Numbers:

"..And Moses sent them to spy out 12 spies to the land of Canaan .
..So they went up and searched the land from the wilderness of ZIN unto REHOB as men came to HAMATH.
And they ascended from the south and came unto HEBRON , where AHIMAN, SHESHAI and TALMAI, the CHILDREN OF ANAK, were. Now HEBRON was built seven years before ZOAN in Egypt.
And they came unto the BROOK OF ESCHOL and cut down a branch with one cluster of grapes, and they bare it between two upon a staff - and they returned from searching of the land after 40 years.
..And they said: 'We came unto the land whither thou sent us, and surely it flows with milk and honey, and this is the fruit of it'
The land which we have goner through to search is a land that eats up the inhabitants thereof, and all the people that we saw in it are men of great stature. And there we saw the giants,k the sons of Anak, which come of the
giants . And we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so we were in their sight."
Book of Deuteronomy 2:18-23

"And when though comest nigh over against the CHILDREN OF AMMON, distress them not, nor meddle with them, for I will not give thee of the LAND OF THE CHILDREN OF AMMON any possession, because I HAVE GIVEN IT
UNTO THE CHILDREN OF LOT for a possession.
That also was accounted a land of giants: GIANTS DWELT THEREIN IN OLD TIME; and the AMMONITES CALL THEM ZAMZUMMIMS.
A people great and many, and tall as the Anakims: but THE LORD DESTROYED THEM ALL ..AND HE DESTROYED THE HORIMS FROM BEFORE THEM AND THE AVIMS which dwelt in  HAZERIM.
The HORIMS would have had to be the PEOPLE OF HOR-IS
and the AVIMS would then be people of AV (Eve ? AV-a-lon?)

HOR-IM in Hebrew is Troglodyte (Those that Live in Caves)
They were the inhabitants of MOUNT SIER  and related to the EMIN AND REPHAIM.
Their excavated dwellings are still found in THE SANDSTONE CLIFFS AND MUONTAINS OF EDOM (E -DINN?) , but especially at PETRA.

ZAMZUMMIM in Hebrew means 'Powerful, vigorous'. Related to the REPHAIM dwelling in the region prior to the AMMORITES who were ALSO CALLED ZUZ-IMS (People of Zeus?)

Lastly the  Israelites defeated OG , the KING OF BASHAN .
Book of Deuteronomy:
"And we took all his cities at that time, three score cities, all the REGION OF ARGOB, THE KINGDOM OF OG IN BASHAN.
Behold his bedstead was a bed of 'IRON' ; nine cubics in length and four cubics in breadth."


Faith has blinded us to the truth and has manipulated our belief system. For example, the biblical story tells us that Noah was chosen because he was seen by God as “his blood not being
corrupted with sin” or “he was without sin”.  But as you will soon understand, “without sin” was not a question of “good and evil” but “bloodline”. Noah was a “giant Nephilim” and ‘after the flood’ he
and his family went on to produce a line of Anunnaki “Desirables” or “Chosen Ones”.

The Mohammedan tradition has it that the giant OG, King of Bashan, was Noah’s nephew, the son of Noah's sister.  According to Jewish legend, Noah saved OG, from the Flood by making a
place for him near the lattice door of the Ark. The giant Magog was also the grandson of Noah.
As the story goes – The Book of Enoch states that Enoch’s son Methuselah brought to his son Lamech a woman for him to marry. All through her pregnancy, Lamech believed the child his wife
was carrying was his. But upon birth, Lamech realized that something was very wrong. The child did not even look like him, and to top it off, he was like that of a Nephilim! The child was described
as being born with skin as white as the fallen snow. His hair was as white as sheep’s wool. And his eyes were so brilliant; they were like the sun that illuminated their home!
In the “Blood of Lamech”, scraps of which have been recovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Noah was so physically different when he was born Lamech appealed to his father, who in turn asked
“Enoch” whether or not Noah had been conceived by the Nephilim.  

Lamech went to Methuselah and said: “I have begotten a son unlike other children. He is not human, but resembles the offspring of Heaven. He is of a different nature, being altogether unlike us.
His eyes are bright as the rays of the sun; his countenance glorious; he doesn’t look as if he belongs to me, but to the angels.”
Lamech pleaded with Methuselah to go talk to Enoch and find out the truth about his wife and this unusual child. At length, Enoch was finally found ‘at the extremities of the Earth’, and told of
Noah. Although Enoch assured him that Noah was the child of Lamach’s and that there was no deception, a “red flag goes up” when Enoch further comments that the “Children of Noah would
beget giants upon the earth”.

Enoch says; “This child who is born to you shall survive on the Earth, and his sons shall be saved with him. When mankind on the earth die, he shall be safe. And his posterity shall beget on the
earth giants, not spiritual, but carnal. Therefore inform Lamech that he who is born is his child and he shall call his name Noah, for he shall be to you a survivor.”
With the birth of Noah, a plan for the destruction of earth and its surviving bloodline was put into play.  And so it was, through the descendants of Noah, a line of ‘elected ones’ were born who
created secret societies that moved among the masses, communicating with one another through secret codes and symbols.
Following is another story that includes Noah, pointing to his Nephilim Blood.

It is at this time that Nir’s wife “Sopanim”, who had until then been sterile, mysteriously conceived.  She claimed that neither Nir (brother of Noah) nor any other man had slept with her, suggesting
that the father was “probably a god or Nephilim”. Nir was not convinced of her innocence and banished her from his sight.
Prior to the birth of her child, Nir and Noah paid her a visit and she died suddenly at their feet. Nir and Noah wrapped her in burial garments and placed her on the bed while they left to prepare
her burial. When they returned, they were surprised to see that the child of the dead Sopanim had been born alive.

From the Slavonic Book of Enoch it is stated:

“And a child was born from the dead Sopanim. And he sat on the bed at her side. Noah and Nir came in to bury Sopanim and they saw the child sitting beside the dead Sopanim wiping her
clothing. Noah and Nir were terrified because the child was fully developed physically, like a three year old child. He spoke with his lips and he “blessed the Lord”. Noah and Nir looked at him and
behold “The Badge of Priesthood” was on his chest, and it was glorious in appearance. Noah and Nir dressed the child in priestly garments and gave him the name “Melchizedek”
Noah suggested to Nir that the presence of the child be kept secret from the people for they would not understand his strange appearance and put him to death. Relations between humans and
the Nephilim and their offspring were so severely strained that open warfare had actually broken out, and any vestigate of reptilian ancestry in man was considered to be a ”Badge of Shame”.  
Melchizedek was whisked away by the deity just before the Deluge in order to prevent the people from killing him.
Badge of the Nephilim

According to the Book of Genesis, “After the deluge” when Noah drank too much wine, he collapsed in his tent, in a drunken stupor. His son “Ham” entered and saw his father naked and told his
two brothers, who proceeded to go back into the tent with a cloth and covered the naked Noah. Finding out that Ham had seen him naked, Noah loses all sense of reason and puts a curse on
him and his son Canaan. One must have to question as to why he had such an irrational reaction to his son seeing him naked. Was it because Ham saw the vestige of his reptilian heritage?
Could Ham have seen on his father the “Sign of the Nephilim” which appeared as a large badge like area of scaly skin or hide on his chest?
This patch of scaly skin is also mentioned in the Hindu classics. In the Mahabharata, one of the demi gods, “Karna” is born of the sun god “Surya” and an Earth mother. As such he is born “clad
in a coat of armor; like a divine being”.
Just as the Hindu sun god was Karna’s father, the same may have been true of Melchizedek, who was also called “Adonai-Zedik”, meaning “My Lord is Zedik”. Zedik was the Hebrew name for the
Roman sun god Jupiter.
The tradition of the priesthood of Melchizedek is entirely dropped from the Old Testament and instead it is vested in Aaron, brother of Moses, later to be replaced by the tribe of Levi or Levites.  
The “Priesthood of Melchizedek” was kept alive, however, by the Mormons who gave this tradition precedence over all other priests in the scriptures.


From the time of Abraham to the entry into the Promised Land by Joshua and up to the time of David giants were numerous in  the lands. Not only does it appear that they survived the Flood, but survived and grew in numbers for
thousands of years after the Flood.

In ancient times, the giants inhabited the land of Canaan. This was before Abraham.
EMIN inhabited the land East of the Salt Sea
REPHAIM inhabited the North

ZUZIM, then the EMIM  with the HORIM inhabited the South.
Afterwards, the KINGDOM OF BASHAN embraced the territories of the REPHAIM; the AMONITES (that of the Zuzim) ; the MOABITES (that of the Emim); while the EDOMITES embraced the mountains of HORIM.
EMIM were related to the ANAKIM and generally called by the same name.

HAM -One of the sons of Noah and ancestor of many descendants  At the end of the flood when Noah was drunk Ham saw him naked and informed his two brothers, who covered up their father. In consequence of this Noah put
a curse upon Canaan (Gn. 9:20-27)…
Also Ham is the name of a city whose inhabitants, the ZUZIM, were smitten by Chedorlaomer in the time of Abraham (Gen. 14:5).

GOLIATH was a champion of the Philistines. He hailed from GATH , which along with GAZA and ASHDOD was where a remnant of giants, who had not been defeated by the armies of Joshua escaped to.  GOLIATH was
descended from this remnant of giants.
GIANTS  of the Bible by Mary Sutherland
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Map copied from 'The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse' by Patrick Heron
Bed of Og compared to Bed of Ordinary Man Photo from
The Nephilm and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse, Patrick
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