Map copied from 'The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse' by Patrick Heron
Through the biblical reference of Abraham and Sarah we learn there were various tribes of
giants living in the Land of the Canaanites and had assumed names after their

Genesis 14:5
"And in the fourteenth year came Chedorlaomer and the kings that were with him, and
smote the REPHAIMS in Ashteroth Karnaim and the ZUSIMS in Ham and the EMIMS in
Shaveh Kiriatheim. "

IM  thus means 'people of'
EL would be of the ELs  (Ancient race of gods and subgods)

REPHAIMS - People of Raph  - Raph-EL  -

“One of the pre-Israelite peoples of Palestine mentioned, together with the Zuzim and
Emim, in the time of Abraham as having been defeated by Chedorlaomer (Gn. 14:5). They
are also listed among the inhabitants of the land God promised to Abraham´s seed (Gn.
15:20). At the time of the conquest the Rephaim seem to have inhabited a wide area, but
were known by different local names. In Moab the Moabites, who succeeded them there,
called them Emim (Dt. 2:11), and likewise in Ammon, where they preceded the
Ammonites, they were known as Zamzummim (Dt 2:20-21).

Deuteronomy 2  is a reference to the ANAKIMS
"The EMIM dwelt there in times past.
A people great and many and tall as the ANAKIM."

The ANAKIMS  were the people  of ANAK.
If the EMMINS were also descendents of Sons of Gods (Els) then in most likihood their true
name was more like this
EM MIN EL which sounds very close to
E MAN EL  and we all know where we have heard that biblical name before.

ANAK was the descendent of ARBA, which in Hebrew means "the Strength of Baal."
ARBA (Abra -ham?) was one of the 'sons of Heth' (Seth?) who, seven years before the
building of Zoan (Zion?) in Egypt (Gen 23:2,3), built Hebron (Is this where the word Hebrew
derives from?), which was hence called Kirjath Arba, meaning the City of Arba.
ANAK , his sons, had three distinguished descendants in the days of Moses and Joshua
who were giants. There names weere AHIMAN, SHESHAI AND TALMAI, and they dwelt in

After the Exodus from Egypt, led by MOSES , the Children of ISRAEL (Isra -Children - El  -
wandered in the desert for 40 years. Finally they entered the Promised Land of Milk and
Honey which had been given to ABRA-HAM  - ABRAH (arba) HAM  (Coming from Land of
Ham or People of Abra (arba))
Book of Numbers:

"..And Moses sent them to spy out 12 spies to the land of Canaan .
..So they went up and searched the land from the wilderness of ZIN unto REHOB as men came to HAMATH.
And they ascended from the south and came unto HEBRON , where AHIMAN, SHESHAI and TALMAI, the CHILDREN OF ANAK, were. Now HEBRON was built seven years before ZOAN in Egypt.
And they came unto the BROOK OF ESCHOL and cut down a branch with one cluster of grapes, and they bare it between two upon a staff - and they returned from searching of the land after 40 years.
..And they said: 'We came unto the land whither thou sent us, and surely it flows with milk and honey, and this is the fruit of it'
The land which we have goner through to search is a land that eats up the inhabitants thereof, and all the people that we saw in it are men of great stature. And there we saw the giants,k the sons of Anak, which
come of the giants . And we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so we were in their sight."

Book of Deuteronomy 2:18-23
"And when though comest nigh over against the CHILDREN OF AMMON, distress them not, nor meddle with them, for I will not give thee of the LAND OF THE CHILDREN OF AMMON any possession, because I
That also was accounted a land of giants: GIANTS DWELT THEREIN IN OLD TIME; and the AMMONITES CALL THEM ZAMZUMMIMS.
A people great and many, and tall as the Anakims: but THE LORD DESTROYED THEM ALL ..AND HE DESTROYED THE HORIMS FROM BEFORE THEM AND THE AVIMS which dwelt in  HAZERIM.
The HORIMS would have had to be the PEOPLE OF HOR-IS
and the AVIMS would then be people of AV (Eve ? AV-a-lon?)

HOR-IM in Hebrew is Troglodyte (Those that Live in Caves)
They were the inhabitants of MOUNT SIER  and related to the EMIN AND REPHAIM.
Their excavated dwellings are still found in THE SANDSTONE CLIFFS AND MUONTAINS OF EDOM (E -DINN?) , but especially at PETRA.

ZAMZUMMIM in Hebrew means 'Powerful, vigorous'. Related to the REPHAIM dwelling in the region prior to the AMMORITES who were ALSO CALLED ZUZ-IMS (People of Zeus?)

Lastly the  Israelites defeated OG , the KING OF BASHAN .
Book of Deuteronomy:
"And we took all his cities at that time, three score cities, all the REGION OF ARGOB, THE KINGDOM OF OG IN BASHAN.
Behold his bedstead was a bed of 'IRON' ; nine cubics in length and four cubics in breadth."

Bed of Og compared to Bed of Ordinary
Man Photo from The Nephilm and the
Pyramid of the Apocalypse, Patrick Heron
The Land of the Giants

From the time of Abraham to the entry into the Promised Land by Joshua and up
to the time of David giants were numerous in  the lands.
Not only does it appear that they survived the Flood, but survived and grew in
numbers for thousands of years after the Flood.

In ancient times, the giants inhabited the land of Canaan. This was before
EMIN inhabited the land East of the Salt Sea
REPHAIM inhabited the North

ZUZIM, then the EMIM  with the HORIM inhabited the South.
Afterwards, the KINGDOM OF BASHAN embraced the territories of the REPHAIM;
the AMONITES (that of the Zuzim) ; the MOABITES (that of the Emim); while the
EDOMITES embraced the mountains of HORIM.
EMIM were related to the ANAKIM and generally called by the same name.

HAM -“One of the sons of Noah… and ancestor of many descendants…
At the end of the flood when Noah was drunk Ham saw him naked and informed
his two brothers, who covered up their father. In consequence of this Noah put a
curse upon Canaan (Gn. 9:20-27)…
Also Ham is the name of a city whose inhabitants, the ZUZIM, were smitten by
Chedorlaomer in the time of Abraham (Gn. 14:5).

GOLIATH was a champion of the Philistines. He hailed from GATH , which along
with GAZA and ASHDOD was where a remnant of giants, who had not been
defeated by the armies of Joshua escaped to.  GOLIATH was descended from
this remnant of giants.
Brad and Mary Sutherland Researching Ancient Sites
Books by Mary Sutherland
"In Search of Ancient Man -
Lost  in Time"
by Mary Sutherland

"Forgotten in Time" is Book One in
her Five Book Series "In Search of
Ancient Man" -

Author and researcher Mary
Sutherland believes that the human
race and all life on planet  earth has
and is being held captive by a race
of creator gods known as the
Anunnaki. To guarantee and
maintain their control, deals were
made and continue to be made with
a selected group of humans, who
have proclaimed
themselves to be the ‘chosen ones’.

Contemptuously they view the
human race as ‘peasants’ and their
secret agenda shows total
disregard for the quality of life on
this planet.

Through acts of genocide and
spilling of the blood of millions
history was re-written and the
identity of the true people of earth
was forgotten in Time.

Sutherland’s upcoming series ‘In
Search of Ancient Man’ will provide
proof positive that we need not look
to the sky for the return of the ‘sky
gods’ for the simple reason they
never left. They remain on earth,
hiding in the shadows using their
‘shepherd kings’ or ‘chosen ones’ to
carry on their hidden agenda .

 "Serpent headed when the
glamour was lifted, but appearing to
man as men among men. Crept
they into the councils, taking form
that were like unto men. Slaying by
their arts the chiefs of the kingdoms,
taking their form and ruling o'er
men. Only by magic could they be
discovered, only by sound could
their faces be seen. Sought they
from the kingdom of shadows, to
destroy man and rule in his place."
Emerald Tablets
Living in the Light - Believe in
the Magic

In this liberating book  Mary
Sutherland teaches us how to
tap into the power of
our higher selves and live each
day with a greater sense of
peace and fulfillment.
She helps us to  understand our
place in the world and to accept
our divine heritage.

Through her book, we learn
how to appreciate what has
been given us, to throw  away
guilt, feelings of
inferiority and to accept
ourselves as Divine. We learn  
that  miracles are achievable
and the real magic is all around
Mysteries - Exploring the
Mysteries of Burlington and
Southeastern Wisconsin


Haunted Burlington
The Rainbow Vortex of Burlington
Burlington Built on an Ancient Burial
Haunted Houses - Ghosts and
Poltergeists of Burlington
Underground Tunnels  Running
Under Burlington
Underground Railroad - Fact or
Al Capone and the Underground
Al Capone and the Speak Easies of  
Burlington Wisconsin
Al Capone and other Mobsters in
The Underground World and its
The Tunnel system of Rochester
The Tunnel system and the Third
Cyclopean Underground Cities
Shambhala and Agharta
Native American Legends
Ancient Civilizations and the
Secret Underground Facilities
Bong Recreational Park
The Earthen and Effigy Mounds of
and the Sacred Sites

The Dwellers of the Underground
Tunnels and Cities
The Builders of the Underground
Tunnels  and Mounds
Evidence Showing Ancient Man as
Intelligence, Civilized with Advanced
Native American Legends of Ancient
The Lizard People
Bigfoot Sightings
Cave Demons
... and much more
Revelations...Truths Revealed

In accordance with the Jewish
Kabbalists, the civilization of
Atlantis was advanced
far beyond ours and had
brought about their own
destruction by disregarding the
wisdom of the great teachers,
choosing power and
materialism over
On the back of a dollar bill, one
can find a pyramid and the all-
seeing Eye of Horus
which strongly suggests that
not only were our founding
fathers the  ‘Followers of
Horus” but believed it was their
destiny to re-build this nation
from the ‘ashes of
the Phoenix’.
Sir Francis Bacon asserted in
his book, New Atlantis, that
whatever was going to be
built in North America would be
Atlantean in its basic archetypal
pattern and destiny
path, and at some point it
would rise to the level of global
dominion. Then it would,
like ancient Atlantis, have to
make a choice between power
‘for the sake of service’
and power for the ‘sake of more
power’… and as it decided, ‘the
fate of the world
would be determined.’
In the writing of this book, it is
my desire to enlighten the
reader on the true history
of North America and our
ancestral heritage that took root
back when the people of
this earth lived together as “one
nation…on one continent(
before it divided into the
continents we have today)
…under the ‘Law of One’…”  
The United States ‘Pledge of
Allegiance’, “One Nation…
Indivisible…with Liberty and
Justice for All” strongly
indicates that our founding
fathers not only knew the true
history of North America, but
believed this country to be the
homeland of ancient
Haunted Burlington Wisconsin
Price: 19.99

Burlington's historical district
rests uneasily on top of
twenty-seven ancient burial
mounds. No wonder everyone in
the seemingly sleepy Wisconsin
town owns a ghost story or two.
Residents have spotted the
White Beast of Burlington near
the old fish hatchery, bumped
into a Confederate apparition on
Academy Road and caught a
glimpse of the Lady in Blue at
the Malt House Theater. Mary
Sutherland spent fourteen years
chasing local lore through the
underground tunnels and eerie
skies of this hotbed of
supernatural activity. Now she
stands as a ready guide to the
mysteries of the Burlington
The Red Haired Giants
Atlantis in North America

Evidence strongly supports that
races of Atlantean giants lived in
North America and were the
advent of the smaller races of
modern men and women. As
thousands of earthen burial
mounds attest, constant war
against one another caused their
numbers to diminish and the
smaller, but more numerous
races eventually subjugated
them. "The Red-Haired Giants:
Atlantis in North America" tells
the story of the red-haired giants
fall from grace and their eventual
Did A Race of Giants Pre-Exist Modern Man
Giants as an Ancient Race
Giants of Old and Ancient Times
Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research Center
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Mary Sutherland is the author of the following books
  • Living in the Light: Believe in the Magic
  • Mysteries: Exploring the Mysteries of Burlington and Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Revelations: Truths Revealed
  • In Search of Ancient Man: Lost in Time
  • The Red Haired Giants
  • Haunted Burlington Wisconsin

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Mary Sutherland
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Mary Sutherland is an author and researcher focusing her work
on consciousness studies, ancient history and unusual
phenomena. She is a "hands on" researcher and the creator of
one of the largest website on the internet with hundreds of
pages providing information on the paranormal, UFOs, ancient
races and their cultures, sacred sites and power points of the
world, underground tunnels and cave systems, dimensional
worlds , metaphysics, etc. The governor of Kentucky
commissioned her as a ‘Kentucky Colonel” for her work on the
ancient sites of Kentucky. For the last 5 years, she has been
exploring, mapping and documenting the ancient underwater
structures of Rock Lake – near Aztalan. For the last fourteen
years she has been documenting the ancient sites around
Burlington, WI. Truth is her passion. She believes it is through
truth that we will break ourselves free of our present
entanglements in life. When we become free, we will create our
own ‘personal story’ of the ‘hero’s journey’ suggested by Joseph

Brad and Mary Sutherland
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“There are rare persons in this world who see things others
don’t; persons who connect the dots of existence and
possess an instinctive talent for linking with kindred souls to
reveal otherwise invisible patterns and excavate hidden
truths. Such a person is Mary Sutherland. She is a natural-
born networker in all she does --- from her Burlington
Vortex Conferences and Sci’Fi Café to her public talks and
published books. Nowhere, however, is her gift for
perception more developed than in her latest title.“  Frank
Joseph .
Joseph was nominated by Japan's Savant Society as
Professor of World Archaeology. He was editor-in-chief of
Ancient American Magazine from 1993 to 2007 and has
traveled the world collecting research materials for his
twenty-seven published books.
"Mary Sutherland is not simply a reporter of all these phenomena;
she lives them! As readers expect, her studies extend beyond her
own experiences. The author and investigator often takes visitors
on tours containing an inter-dimensional vortex and hosts yearly
conferences and meet ups with many well known speakers on
anomalous phenomena."
What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that
Sutherland includes her explanations of the unknown realms and
phenomena with tips for heightening the reader's own psychic
awareness. Readers who complete this dizzying journey may find
they can no longer look at Burlington in exactly the same way.
Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and
whether or not it actually transports you to another place, it will
certainly draw you in."
Linda Godfrey , award winning author on strange creatures, people
and places. She has been featured guest on dozens of nation TV
and radio shows, including Monsterquest, Sean Hannity's America,
Lost Tapes, Inside Edition, Sy-fy's Haunted Highway, Monsters and
Mysteries, Coast to Coast...and the list goes on!