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Noah and the Mary Sutherland
Did A Race of Giants Pre-Exist Modern Man
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Faith has blinded us to the truth and has manipulated our belief system. For example, the biblical story tells us that Noah was chosen because he was seen by
God as “his blood not being corrupted with sin” or “he was without sin”.  But as you will soon understand, “without sin” was not a question of “good and evil” but
“bloodline”. Noah was a “giant Nephilim” and ‘after the flood’ he and his family went on to produce a line of Anunnaki “Desirables” or “Chosen Ones”.

The Mohammedan tradition has it that the giant OG, King of Bashan, was Noah’s nephew, the son of Noah's sister.  According to Jewish legend, Noah saved
OG, from the Flood by making a place for him near the lattice door of the Ark. The giant Magog was also the grandson of Noah.
As the story goes – The Book of Enoch states that Enoch’s son Methuselah brought to his son Lamech a woman for him to marry. All through her pregnancy,
Lamech believed the child his wife was carrying was his. But upon birth, Lamech realized that something was very wrong. The child did not even look like him,
and to top it off, he was like that of a Nephilim! The child was described as being born with skin as white as the fallen snow. His hair was as white as sheep’s
wool. And his eyes were so brilliant; they were like the sun that illuminated their home!
In the “Blood of Lamech”, scraps of which have been recovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Noah was so physically different when he was born Lamech appealed
to his father, who in turn asked “Enoch” whether or not Noah had been conceived by the Nephilim.  

Lamech went to Methuselah and said: “I have begotten a son unlike other children. He is not human, but resembles the offspring of Heaven. He is of a different
nature, being altogether unlike us. His eyes are bright as the rays of the sun; his countenance glorious; he doesn’t look as if he belongs to me, but to the
Lamech pleaded with Methuselah to go talk to Enoch and find out the truth about his wife and this unusual child. At length, Enoch was finally found ‘at the
extremities of the Earth’, and told of Noah. Although Enoch assured him that Noah was the child of Lamach’s and that there was no deception, a “red flag goes
up” when Enoch further comments that the “Children of Noah would beget giants upon the earth”.

Enoch says; “This child who is born to you shall survive on the Earth, and his sons shall be saved with him. When mankind on the earth die, he shall be safe.
And his posterity shall beget on the earth giants, not spiritual, but carnal. Therefore inform Lamech that he who is born is his child and he shall call his name
Noah, for he shall be to you a survivor.”
With the birth of Noah, a plan for the destruction of earth and its surviving bloodline was put into play.  And so it was, through the descendants of Noah, a line of
‘elected ones’ were born who created secret societies that moved among the masses, communicating with one another through secret codes and symbols.
Following is another story that includes Noah, pointing to his Nephilim Blood.

It is at this time that Nir’s wife “Sopanim”, who had until then been sterile, mysteriously conceived.  She claimed that neither Nir (brother of Noah) nor any other
man had slept with her, suggesting that the father was “probably a god or Nephilim”. Nir was not convinced of her innocence and banished her from his sight.
Prior to the birth of her child, Nir and Noah paid her a visit and she died suddenly at their feet. Nir and Noah wrapped her in burial garments and placed her on
the bed while they left to prepare her burial. When they returned, they were surprised to see that the child of the dead Sopanim had been born alive.

From the Slavonic Book of Enoch it is stated:

“And a child was born from the dead Sopanim. And he sat on the bed at her side. Noah and Nir came in to bury Sopanim and they saw the child sitting beside
the dead Sopanim wiping her clothing. Noah and Nir were terrified because the child was fully developed physically, like a three year old child. He spoke with his
lips and he “blessed the Lord”. Noah and Nir looked at him and behold “The Badge of Priesthood” was on his chest, and it was glorious in appearance. Noah
and Nir dressed the child in priestly garments and gave him the name “Melchizedek”
Noah suggested to Nir that the presence of the child be kept secret from the people for they would not understand his strange appearance and put him to
death. Relations between humans and the Nephilim and their offspring were so severely strained that open warfare had actually broken out, and any vestigate
of reptilian ancestry in man was considered to be a ”Badge of Shame”.  Melchizedek was whisked away by the deity just before the Deluge in order to prevent
the people from killing him.
Badge of the Nephilim

According to the Book of Genesis, “After the deluge” when Noah drank too much wine, he collapsed in his tent, in a drunken stupor. His son “Ham” entered and
saw his father naked and told his two brothers, who proceeded to go back into the tent with a cloth and covered the naked Noah. Finding out that Ham had
seen him naked, Noah loses all sense of reason and puts a curse on him and his son Canaan. One must have to question as to why he had such an irrational
reaction to his son seeing him naked. Was it because Ham saw the vestige of his reptilian heritage? Could Ham have seen on his father the “Sign of the
Nephilim” which appeared as a large badge like area of scaly skin or hide on his chest?
This patch of scaly skin is also mentioned in the Hindu classics. In the Mahabharata, one of the demi gods, “Karna” is born of the sun god “Surya” and an Earth
mother. As such he is born “clad in a coat of armor; like a divine being”.
Just as the Hindu sun god was Karna’s father, the same may have been true of Melchizedek, who was also called “Adonai-Zedik”, meaning “My Lord is Zedik”.
Zedik was the Hebrew name for the Roman sun god Jupiter.
The tradition of the priesthood of Melchizedek is entirely dropped from the Old Testament and instead it is vested in Aaron, brother of Moses, later to be
replaced by the tribe of Levi or Levites.  The “Priesthood of Melchizedek” was kept alive, however, by the Mormons who gave this tradition precedence over all
other priests in the scriptures.

Enoch then further stated that the children of Noah would ‘beget giants upon the earth’.  “This child who is born to you shall survive on the Earth, and his sons
shall be saved with him. When all mankind on the earth die, he shall be safe. And his posterity shall beget on the earth giants, not spiritual, but carnal.
Therefore inform Lamach that he who is born is his child in truth; and he shall call his name Noah, for he shall be to you a survivor.”

Thus, according to ‘The Book of Enoch’, Enoch was an antediluvian ‘Watcher’ and from his seed came Noah, whose posterity beget the earth giants - And
through the line of Noah came a ‘secret’ race of the ‘Elect’.   

Since that time, these ‘Elect’ have created secret societies among themselves, freely moving among the people unnoticed as to their true nature,
communicating with one another through secret codes and symbols. The pentagram is representative of the secret doctrine of the antediluvian Watchers and is
also the appropriate emblem for the House of David. It signifies the living remnant of the seed of that antediluvian race, the descendants of which were the
House of David, and later the Merovingians. Although the pentagram continues to be a symbol of central significance to the descendants of David, its use has
been restricted to more sub rosa, encoded manifestations- such as the five petal rose.

The symbol of the pentagram figures prominently in the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery and is used by the Cathars. The pentagram was encoded in the works by
Poussin and Cocteau  and continues to be a key symbol for groups such as the Freemasons. Dating back to the beginnings of civilization, it was revered by the
ancient Sumerians and some scholars today maintain that the pentagram, and not the hexagram, is the true ‘Star of David’. Such an assertion seems
imminently agreeable since the symbol, generically referred to as the Star of David, is more widely known to occultists as the ‘Seal of Solomon’.

The royal family, most closely associated with the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau , are the Merovingian kings and are represented by sea symbolism. Their
name stems from ‘mer’ , the French word for ‘sea’. Their progenitor, Meroveus, was supposedly spawned by the mythical sea creature, the Quinotaur.  The
Quinotaur seems to be representative of the primordial god, Neptune and Poseidon - And Poseidon was, as legend states, ‘Father King of Atlantis’.

Ignatius Donnelly, personal confidant of President Abraham Lincoln and author of ‘Atlantis: The Antediluvian World’ explored the  myths of catastrophic floods
from cultures around the world, showing them all to be different versions of the same story. According to Donnelly, all these stories are based on one event –
‘the destruction of Atlantis’.  
According to Donnelly, “During their heyday, the Atlanteans went about spreading advancements and culture throughout the primitive world.” Donnelly also
showed similarities between the gods of various world cultures and argued that these gods were, in fact, based on the actual historical kings of Atlantis.

Helena Blavatsy, author of ‘The Secret Doctrine’, stated that the Initiates of the 2nd Aryan sub race traveled throughout the world establishing monuments in
order to preserve aspects of the great and immemorial truths.

The biblically known Children of ‘Anak’ are the Children of Cain. If you read left to right, Anak becomes Kana, which is an anagram for Kane or Cain.  Both in
Phoenician and Greek, Anak means Prince or inheritor.  The children of Anak would thus represent the ’princes that rule over the kingdom of earth’ or
‘inheritors of the kingdom of earth.

Similar to the tales of the Watchers, is the story of Dagon, a god who came out of the sea to teach mankind the secrets of civilization. Ancient reliefs have been
found, depicting  Dagon priest-king , wearing the head of a fish with its scaly hide hanging down his back. The shape of the fish head and the contours of its
mouth, pointed skyward, are suggestive of the miter worn by the Pope and other officials of the Roman Catholic Church .

Dagon tradition tells the story of ‘Annedotus’, who lives in the sea and disperses the mysteries to mankind. Annedotus begets a race , known as the ‘Annedoti’,
who become teachers of mankind. The Annedotus story is very similar to the Sumerian story of the god Anu  who also came to Earth, bringing with him the
sacred knowledge and sirng a giant race known as the ‘Anunnaki’. It would seem that the Anunnaki is synonymous to the Anakim who are descendants of Anu ,
thus descendants of the Watchers.

Another sea god associated with both Dagon and Annedotus is Oannes, the  human-fish god. The historian, Berossus,  describes Oannes as imparting great
knowledge to ancient man and gave him: “...insight into the letters and sciences and arts of every kind.  Berossus credits him as constructing great cities,
founding temples, compiling laws and teaching the principles of geometrical knowledge. Oannes taught the people how to distinguish the seeds of the Earth and
how to collect the fruits.

According to H. P. Blavatsky, Oannes  spent the day among men, passing down his teachings, but when the sun set, he retired again into the sea. She believed
the references of the gods to the ocean and sea implied that they belong to two planes, the spiritual and physical. She backed this thought, through the Greek
word ‘amphibios’, which means, ‘life on two planes’.  The word was often applied in antiquity to those men who, though still wearing a human form, had made
themselves almost divine through knowledge, and lived as much in the spiritual, supersensuous regions as they did on the Earthly plane.

Oannes, Dagon and Nephilim themes carry into the stories of the giant Titans. The rebellion of the Titans is  analogous to the rebellion of the Watchers . When
the powerful race of Titans rebelled against the authority of their parent gods, they were also cast into the abyss and imprisoned in the underworld.

The giant Tritons are the same as the Titans and are described as a race of giants spawned by the Sea God and Atlantian Father King, Poseidon. A note of
interest lies here in the two names, Poseidon and Dagon. Their true names were Poseidon and Daonos, which carry the same root name of ‘Daon’.

According to Egyptian tradition, during the time of Zep Tepi, when the gods ruled in their country, it was a Golden Age, a time when the waters of the abyss
receded, the primordial darkness was banished, and humanity, emerging back into the light, was offered the gifts of civilization. They called the Watchers, the
‘Urshu’ and described them as intermediaries between the gods and men. These Urshu preserved the memory of the gods and described them as ‘beautiful
beings’ called the ‘Neteru’ who lived on earth with humankind and exercised their sovereignty from Heliopolis and other sanctuaries up and down the Nile.  
According to the Urshu  some of these Neteru were  male, while others were female. They possessed a range of supernatural powers which included shape
shifting abilities , appearing at will, as men or women, or as animals, birds, reptiles, trees or plants. Although they were portrayed as stronger  and more
intelligent than humans, it was believed that they could grow sick - or even die, or be killed - under certain circumstance. (Graham Hancock, Fingerprints of the

, Andrew Collins , author of ‘From the Ashes of the Angels’ discovered a series of underground cities in ancient Cappadocia and Kurdistan, Persia. Collins
points out Canaanite connection with the names connected to this area. One example is the city of Kaymakli which is connected via tunnel to Derinkuyu . Collins
believes Kaymakli is rooted  in the Sumerian name Kha-Mukla, or Hole of Mukla.  Mukla is the Sumerian origin of  Melchi and Michael . Other names in the area
such as “Kharsag” and “Zagros” contain “Sag” or “Zag”, an alternate title of Cain’s father, Ia (Adam). There is also a range of mountains called the “Taursus”,
which shows a connection to the symbolism of the bull, a sacred animal for Cain and his descendants.  Collins connects the angel,  Azazel to Cain and Cain to
Dagon who is known as the ‘Lord of the Mountain’, ‘El Shadda’i. ‘El Shadai’ , and ‘El Shaitain’.

The root ‘Dag’ is sometimes used to reference ‘mountain’, thus  Dagon can also be used to reference  “Lord of the Mountain”, linking it to the title given to God
in the Old Testament, “El Shaddai.” This view is reinforced by the fact that “El Shaddai” is believed by many scholars to be the basis of “El Shaitain”, an older
name for Satan. The Yezidis also saw El Shaitain as simply another name of Azazel. The Old Testament states that God/El Shaddai lived in a mountain. The
notion of the gods coming down from atop mountains may have served as part of the inspiration for the ziggurats - the man-made holy mountains scattered
across the globe. And it would also seem that these mountains, not only contained cities within them, but have concealed entrances to the vast underworld.

The Great Mystery Schools -

  • The  Island of Rhodes,was the home of the Danaan brotherhood of initiates and magicians known as the Telchines. The name Rhodes is connected to
    the German word "Rot", which means "Red" The Rothschild's Red-Shield became a code name for the Elite Serpent Bloodlines. According to the Greek
    historian Diodorus, the Telchines had the ability to heal, change the weather, and 'shape-shift' into any form.
  • Malta was an important center in 3500 B.C. and the home of an important Mystery School. Under Malta is a vast network of tunnels and megalithic
    temples where secret rituals took place and still do today. Malta's original name was Lato, named after Mother Lato, the serpent goddess.  The Knights
    Templar secret society was formed in the late 11th century to protect the reptilian bloodline or 'Le Serpent Rouge ' the red serpent or serpent blood,
    together with their associated order, the highly secretive Priory of Sion.
According to H. P. Blavatsky, The family of Noah bore the appellations of
Titans and Atlanteans and their great patriarch, Noah, was called by way of
eminence ‘Atlas’ and ‘Titan’.
(The Secret Doctrine, Vol. II. p. 285)

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