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Rochester Wisconsin Mounds
and The Old Indian Trail
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Interviewing Rochester's local historian  Peter Laughran.

Mr. Laughran has lived in Rochester for 58 years.In 2002 he worked to help get Main St. designated as a local historic district.

This day, Brad Sutherland, Sophia and I, Mary Sutherland,  are visiting Peter to record and document  the 'old stories' in hopes
of preserving them for generations to come.   -  Stories of the Mounds and the American Indians that made their homes in the
mound area.

In the above photo you see Sophia and Mr. Laughran going over maps. He is trying to show us  where the old Indian trails were
located that ran from Tichigan , Wisconsin, (known to the Indians as 'Healing Waters') , through this area of Burlington into
Illinois.  As he remembers, the old trail ran through the mound area.  We will be providing you with photos taken of this trail and
the mounds we discover as we research them.

According to Mr. Laughran, the trail ran through a sector of Mr and Mrs. Edwin Ela's property. The photos you see on the left
will provide you with our first trip to the  Elas' property, located outside of Rochester, Wisconsin.

Laughran remembers as a child the visits of the Potawamoni Indians to his grandparents home. They would bring fresh caught
fish for trade with the family for  some other goods.

The local Indians,   Potawatamis, called the mound builders  the Hu-Kadesh.

To give you an idea of how many of mound builders populated this area when the Indians migrated , the Indians described
them to be "thicker than the leaves on a tree".

It is believed that the Ottawas, Ojibwas, and Potawatami formed an alliance to exterminate them.
According to their legend, their ancestors had conquered and ousted an ancient  civilization which had dug for copper and built

Most are very uneducated as to who these mound builders were and think of them as some primitive culture. This is very far
from the real truth. Below is a photo found in a Michigan mound that shows that they were so advanced that they seem to have
been performing 'brain surgery' well before the 'time of Christ'. .
Click the photo for larger picture

have been found in the mounds area of Rochester. Mr. Laughran told us that he found a copper spear head when he was
younger. We also know that others in the area have found copper arrow heads. Thus it does prove that metals were being
used during this period -
Archaeologists have found Michian copper in artifacts around the  world.
Scientists agree that they date back thousands of years before Christ.

The Potawatomi Indians later came into this area. They started out as hunters and gatherers, eating  wild game, fish, wild rice,
red oak acorns, and maple syrup.
After being pushed out of the hunting ground of Michigan and into Wisconsin, they learned farming from neighboring tribes.
They grew corn, beans and squash. The women took care of the field while the men did the hunting. Their modes of travel was
the birch bark canoes and later the horse as their tribes moved into different regions. They used the horses to hunt buffalo in
the roaming grassland.
It was determined that the trees growing here were Maple, White Poplar, Cherry, Hickory, White Oak - all
wonderful sources in providing a food and herbal medicine supply.
Standing on at a higher point of the mound area,
you can look down at the more marshy area that
the most of the mounds are found next to.
The marsh supplied water, abundant food source,
navigation, material for baskets etc.
The mound builders built their sacred sites where the ley lines cross. (Christian cross) .

The Earth Energy Grid is the earths electromagnetic field that envelops our planet with a geometric pattern of magnetic lines
of force.  It is an invisible web of energy that crisscrosses the planet very similar to the acupuncture meridians of our own
body. The major energy pathways of which the energy travels are commonly referred to as ley lines.  Where these ley lines
intersect, an energy eddy or vortex occurs. These are the earth chakra or˜power points

The power points are similar to electrical switches or energy transducers spreading around the planet in the precise geometry
of an icosadecahedron. Sacred sites of the Ancient Ones built their structures from pyramids to stone circles to mounds.
These structures worked much like that of the old radio with a crystal transmitter or receiver..and they were all tuned to
particular electromagnetic frequencies.

At the Ela site we believe we found a magic circle, at the base of the mound area, facing east, overlooking the swampy area.
Upper Photo
These circles are many times used to protect the site from energies outside, and it can also keep the energy inside. Lower
Even today such magic circles can be found around the altar of cathedrals and churches.

For More Photos of the ELA MOUNDS Click Here.
The research of the ELA Mounds is Ongoing and
this site will be continuously updated with our discoveries and more photos.
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Mounds of Rochester and Burlington WI
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"Thanks to the introduction of new state and Federal laws,
Wisconsin's remaining mounds have now been protected.
According to the Burial Site Protection Law of 1985, Wisconsin
progressively defined all Native American mounds as human burial
places. The law protects them from disturbance and destruction, as it
does for all cemeteries and family plots.