In Celtic mythology, the ancient mounds or sidhe were
portals to an otherworld, accessed by astral flight or
perhaps through actual travel (in UFOs) within an
electromagnetic field where the leys converge
(inter-dimensional vortex.) This is an organized grid, in the
shape of tumuli and stone circes, interconnected by
ley-lines or dragon lines (meridians) which channel the
fluctuating etheric flow.

The mound builders placed monoliths, dolmens and henges
(gateways) at locations that form interlocking grids. By
connecting these sites, the map begins to reveal that the
earthworks produce geometric patterns in the shape of five
pointed stars and some seem to map out constellations,
upon the surface of Earth

Chambered mounds, comprised of alternating rock
(inorganic) and soil, (organic) are orgone accumulators and
concentrate energy, some emit sound waves, while others
blank them out. These frequencies may have a positive
effect on the bio-rhythms of someone within the chamber or
enhance altered states of consciousness.

The key energy meridians, were employed by ancient
priest-scientists as a musical system to stabilize the tectonic
plates of the planet..From the mother earth "the way of the
Word" or "the power of the Word", the ancient priests used
the language of Light to tune the planet like a giant
harmonic bell.

Nikola Tesla stated, "All matter comes from a primary
substance, the luminiferous ether." He sensed the universe
was "composed of a symphony of alternating currents with
the harmonies played on a vast range of octaves," wrote
Margaret Cheney. "To explore the whole range of electrical
vibration, he sensed, would bring him closer to an
understanding of the cosmic symphony."

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Sacred Sites stimulate our consciousness and enable perception of realms normally not
visible to humans

Electromagnetic waves of earth energy occur at frequencies just below the range of human hearing. These waves are called the Shuman resonance factor. They
occur between 3 and 6 hertz, which happens to be in the range of the "delta" waves of the human brain. Biofeedback instruments and medical EEG tests
demonstrate this frequency. This is amplified along "Ley lines," stimulating modifications of consciousness, enabling perception of realms usually invisible to humans,
but altogether real.

Many people go to the Earths Sacred  Sites  hoping that the energy will trigger a paranormal experience. These experiences include interdimensional communication
with spirits, and contact with 'Star Visitors'.  The vortex experience itself is a learning process, from which we can learn new ways of perceiving reality. According to
the Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castenada, Don Juan believed the world to be an illusion that forms itself to fit the belief and expectations of the observer.
Master ufologist Jacques Vallee, in Messengers of Deception posits similar belief, that ETs come to our reality through portals and assume the shape that best suits
the beliefs of the observer.

Alfred Watkins coined the term Ley lines, in an attempt to define a complex network of straight lines connecting ancient sacred sites and mountains. These lines can
be found at the Mounds built by the Ancient Mound Builders . . Bruce Cathie has even measured the strength of these coincidental lines, and created a world chart of
them. Sites such as Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Ancient Mounds  and the Eqyptian pyramids are all linked in a master convergence of a grand coincidence.
places as mentioned collect and emit energy that can be  used as an interdimensional portal by beings from either side.
The Toltec Mounds.
The Toltec Believed that the Mounds are Portals to Other Worlds by Mary Sutherland
Rods over the mounds and coming up through the ground
The Mound Builders of North America Part 7
Toltec Mounds
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"Thanks to the introduction of new state and Federal laws,
Wisconsin's remaining mounds have now been protected.
According to the Burial Site Protection Law of 1985, Wisconsin
progressively defined all Native American mounds as human burial
places. The law protects them from disturbance and destruction, as it
does for all cemeteries and family plots.