This Serpent lights up from head to tail just as the sun rises.  It is a ridge made of granite which  contains crystal quartz.   
The Serpent is swimming towards a
bottomless lake, which indicates that it represents the path to the 'Underworld'. On this ridge there is evidence of sacred
ceremonies by the Ancient ones...including Adena Rock Mounds and a sacred circle that has a large dimensional portal where one can shift into other
time/space dimensions.
For dimensional shifting see our photos.  

To understand more about the significance of this Serpent Ridge read my PDF

"Ride the Snake- Ride the Snake - To the Ancient Lake - He's Old and his Skin is Cold"-    Lyrics from the Doors
At the end of the Serpent's tail is a mound with an etherical
impression of a man's head

White hair , full mustache and trimmed beard with a series of stone
circles surrounding it.

We found another portal in the woods several years prior to this.
Brad actually found it and photographed it.  It is called a signature
face portal.
During the days of the Atlanteans, the magicians knew
how to create portals and used them for magical purposes and for
dimensional travel. Faces were put on the portals to signify the

These etheric impressions guard the hidden doorways and cannot
be seen using  third dimensional vision.
Before the waters receded this is how this area probably looked to the Ancient Ones The following photo shows the Great Serpent swimming
to a bottomless lake.
He looks quite similar to a "Nessie"  Today the water has receded and the blue areas are marsh
The Site that I am working on in Burlington is massive in size and may equal the Cahokia site which has been said to be the largest mound site in North America. Oddly
enough though, it seems the archeologist aren't very interested in documenting the sites of North America - so it is left up to the amateur archeologist, such as myself and
others to do the job. Although the discoveries to be made in Burlington would draw needed tourism revenue, the city does not seem to share my enthusiasm in this.
The following photo bears a striking resemblance to both the ancient pre-historic sites of Aztalan and Cahokia.  Although you cannot see it in this photo, just like Cahokia and
Aztalan, the Hillcrest Mounds faces a large lake known as Echo Lake which is fed by Honey Creek and the White River.
Photo on Left is Cahokia Stepped Mound Pyramid - east of St. Louis
Photo on the bottom is of Aztalan Stepped Mound Pyramid ...
both are identical to the construction of the Hill Crest Stepped  Mound Pyramid of
The local Indians stated that when they first arrived in the Burlington area, there were white people already living here that built great
mounds and cities. Their population was like  "the leaves on the trees"

Although it would be impossible for me to do a full investigation with my limited finances, I  can use  what earlier archaeologists theorized these ancient cities to have  looked like.
Following is an artist depiction of the ancient city of Cahokia .  Could Burlington have been as populated as Cahokia? According to the Native American Indians of this area , the
answer is 'yes'.  They called them the Ho-Kadesh and described them to be a Caucasian race of red haired people of gigantic proportions. Another name for them was  the "Allegwi or

Following is what I believe Burlington looked like in prehistoric times.
Old New York TImes Article on Earthen Mounds Finds around
Burlington Wisconsin
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Sacred Sites stimulate our consciousness and enable perception of realms normally not visible to humans

Electromagnetic waves of earth energy occur at frequencies just below the range of human hearing. These waves are called the Shuman resonance factor.
They occur between 3 and 6 hertz, which happens to be in the range of the "delta" waves of the human brain. Biofeedback instruments and medical EEG
tests demonstrate this frequency. This is amplified along "Ley lines," stimulating modifications of consciousness, enabling perception of realms usually
invisible to humans, but altogether real.

Many people go to the Earths Sacred  Sites  hoping that the energy will trigger a paranormal experience. These experiences include interdimensional
communication with spirits, and contact with 'Star Visitors'.  The vortex experience itself is a learning process, from which we can learn new ways of
perceiving reality. According to the Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castenada, Don Juan believed the world to be an illusion that forms itself to fit the belief
and expectations of the observer. Master ufologist Jacques Vallee, in Messengers of Deception posits similar belief, that ETs come to our reality through
portals and assume the shape that best suits the beliefs of the observer.

Alfred Watkins coined the term Ley lines, in an attempt to define a complex network of straight lines connecting ancient sacred sites and mountains. These
lines can be found at the Mounds built by the Ancient Mound Builders . . Bruce Cathie has even measured the strength of these coincidental lines, and
created a world chart of them. Sites such as Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Ancient Mounds  and the Eqyptian pyramids are all linked in a master
convergence of a grand coincidence.
Such places as mentioned collect and emit energy that can be  used as an interdimensional portal by beings from
either side.
Sacred Sites of Burlington
Ancient City of Burlington Wisconsin
The Giant Mound Builders of Burlington
Mary Sutherland
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The Mound Builders
Ancient Pyramids of Burlington Wisconsin
Unearthing the Secrets of Ancient America in Wisconsin  with Mary Sutherland
The Great Serpent Ridge of Burlington Wisconsin
Brad and Mary Sutherland Researching Ancient Sites
Signature Face
Portal found in
Woods of Burlington
Mound that marks the tail of The Serpent
Face on Mound with sacred rock circles
Ancient Burlington Mound Builders
by Mary Sutherland

Photographing and
Investigating the Invisible

Brad and Mary Sutherland
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Winslow, Illinois 61089
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Phase-shifting & Portals
Phase shifting Photos
Portals 2
Portals 3
Altered Realities
Altered Realities 2
Vortices 2
Vortices 3
Science no longer identifies reality with the physical
universe, for mind and consciousness belong to the
unseen world.
Sir Arthur Eddington
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